Women In Transition...Where Change Begins

Women In Transition...Where Change Begins

Friday, January 30, 2015

Broken Vessel

By Karen Ricketts

Nowadays, we live in what they call a "throw away" society. If something you buy breaks or stops working, you just throw it out and buy a new one. Unless it's really expensive, and has some value then you might get it fixed. As vessels of Christ we go through so much in life that causes cracks and breaks in us, in our hearts, mind, body, soul and spirit.

A broken vessel, let's say a clay vessel made to hold water is unable to be used for that purpose as designed by the potter because it has been compromised. It is broken either through misuse, overuse, or mishandling. You can be broken from what you go through and endure in life like pain, heartache, failures, rejection, abuse, and all the ills that life has to offer. These will compromise and cause breaks in your vessel. My vessel in this case is me and your vessel is you.

Wounds and defects can sometimes go so deep and be so traumatic that you'd rather forget it and move on. But it's always going to be there either festering or laying dormant. One thing I do know is that Jesus came for the broken vessels, the sick, the broken hearted and the wounded. His desire is to heal us from everything that was done wrong to us and from every wrong that we did to ourselves and to others. He's the Potter, but first I have to get on the Potter's wheel and allow him to heal and fix me up.

I'm of more value to him, just because I am broken. He'd rather I come to him to get healed and delivered as only he knows the wrongs to make right in my life. I have to tell you getting healed or fixed up is not a pain free process. Emphasis on process. It is daunting when you have to come face to face with those traumatic, buried, sinful or dirty part of you but it's a process that's worth it.

I have a long way to go, and will continually need to be on the Potter's wheel as long as there's breath in me. But you know what, there's no place else I'd rather be. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Concrete Rose

By Keesah Pelzer

A concrete rose is a woman who grows through the trials that life brings us that sometimes may seem unfair. She rises above the odds that were planted against her, and instead of her using her testimony to cry "victim" she uses it as a stepping stone to inspire, and empower others that have been faced with the same oppositions. With Gods help she is strong, she is healed, she is rare, and ever so beautiful. One would think how could something so unique and delicate come from something so hard, but sometimes some of the most beautiful things grow from the roughest places in life.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


By Angela Cox

Many people fear the word "change" because of the unexpected things that come with this word, and it requires them to move beyond their comfort level. One of the reasons people avoid change, is the fear of failure or making a big mistake that will set them back for life.  I find that most people including myself have been, or still are guilty of catastrophysizing some unforeseen event that usually never happens.  We've already thought out the outcome before it occurs and get sweaty palms at the thought of failure, so to prevent and protect ourselves from any imaginary harm, we'd rather not take the risk. 

Many people won't make any moves in life because they fear change.  Let's give them a name, "Fearmongers".  Have you ever met a person that never traveled or never been outside of their own family group or familiar friends.

About sixteen years ago, I moved from the mid-west to the east coast.  I came from a large city in the Midwest where it was the norm to see different faces all of the time.  Many people in this region, were down to earth in nature, because of the large population  of people. It was normal to get a simple "hello" from someone or have them strike up a quick conversation with a slim chance of ever seeing that person again.  They were more easily accepting of newness in the sense of meeting new people.  But when I moved to a small town in the east coast, I noticed the culture was completely different.  A lot of the people that I met kept the same friends in their circle that they knew from child hood. In order to be accepted by someone was like running for the Presidential election.  Their circle of friends, had to vote you in.  In other words you had to be approved by this whole gamut of childhood friends that are now adults.   This was a tragedy because it spoke volume, that these people were afraid change.  Who continues to hang around friends that they knew from childhood?  Can you say fearmonger? Can you say stagnated?  So I chose not to run for the Presidential election and could care less if my name was taken off of the ballot, I moved on.  But guess what? After a long period of time I discovered that the same people continued to cling to the same friends which means, no change.

People that are more open to change tend to have a richer more fulfilling life.  They are like a Chameleon that can adjust with the climate and scenery of their setting.  They are more open minded to the differences of other people and usually have bigger hearts, with more experiences and more stories to tell which makes them more exciting to be around.  Change is also good because you discover things about yourself that you didn't know was possible had you not taken the risk.  I found that the biggest problem in the fear of making a mistake, or fear of embarrassment is that you'll never move. Not only will you avoid making a mistake, but you can also miss out on a blessing that God has in store for you. I'm learning that sometimes we are in need of God's guidance to make some moves in life but there are also times when God wants us to open up to change. You never know what blessings lie in store for you when you take the first step.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


By Patricia McKinney

Just as God created gravity to bring order to the physical world, there's also a thing called "karma" that some say is a divine system of justice that is self-governing and infinitely fair and to every action, there is a reaction.

Karma is also known as the universal law of sowing and reaping, in other words, what ever you put out will surely come back to you.  I believe that if more people realized that they would be rewarded for their actions both good and bad, then they'd be more mindful of how they treat others, and how they conduct themselves. 

Sometimes it seems that those inflicting pain, heart ache or grief never get in turn what we feel they deserve, that they've gotten away with "murder" or some heinous act, or it takes forever for them to reap. Or when we witness unfair treatment or injustices occurring in the lives of others,  it seems that justice is never served, or the sentence is heartbreaking and so minimal that it seems that they aren't even being punished at all. 

Sometimes it seem like the wicked are prolonging their days, living it up, enjoying life while they hurt or disrespect others, and the innocent suffer at their relentless hands.  But just like the earth turns at rapid speed, so fast that the physical eye is unable to see its movement, people are beginning to reap the things that they've sown at rapid speed. 

People that were once wealthy are losing their homes, wealth, and livelihood. Those that were once living on top of the world, including the celebrity world, the corporate world, the sharks pool (you name it) are watching what they've worked so hard for, slip through their fingers. Those that repaid love with disrespect and hateful acts are reaping the "coldness of winter" from the personalities of people, and finding it hard to feel the warmth of love to cover them in hard times. High school class mates and the most popular, and attractive, that lived the fast life, partied all the time, consumed alcohol, drugs, and mistreated their bodies, are reaping the error of their ways. Now they look old and worn down, their once beautiful shine has faded,and what used to be a sculpted body has lost it's shape and has succumb to a "gravitational pull", and they're no longer that attractive man or woman that they used to be.

What used to take forever to unfold, or be exposed is now happening much more quickly because of the times that we live in. I personally believe that God created life and all life forms to live in harmony with each other, and human beings have lost their way in a sense of morality, love for one another, the appreciation for human life,  the beauty that God has created, and respect for Him overall. 

God has given us all the responsibility as human beings, to be good stewards (care takers) of what he's given us. Sometimes we tend to forget that God set these laws in place as a governing factor to help us human beings live among one another to the best of our ability and as peaceably as we know how. This universal law was set in place as a reminder that "what we do unto others will also be done unto us".  It was given to us as a preventive measure, so we can avoid unnecessary problems that "we"  ourselves create. This law was created so that we can take others into consideration, and not just think of ourselves.

But now because people have sown "bad seeds" in the lives of others through immorality, greed, lust for power and control, cheating, manipulation, mistreating others, the disregard for innocent life, and they call "evil"good, they're being made as examples that a harvest comes around in its due season, whether good or bad in the form of "Karma".

Monday, January 26, 2015


By Keesah Pelzer

In this day in age people are out to get whatever it is they want from you, by any means necessary, even if it means to prey on an innocent soul. These type of people are classified as A-1 opportunists.

An opportunists is a person who sees a chance to gain advantage from a situation. They couldn't care less about the persons feelings that they're using and will always put the quality of convenience over morals and consequences, seizing and maximizing on every opportunity to improve their situation.

Though being an opportunist has no specified or preferred gender, I've mostly seen us women fall prey to these type of men time and time again, and here's why. Ninety nine percent of the time we want to be loved, which is a natural trait of being a women. We want someone who will make us laugh, someone who will cook for us once in a while, someone to cuddle and watch a movie with, and someone who will accept us and all of our attachments, (flaws, children and all). So when someone who displays even an ounce of these characteristics come along, we fall right into the arms of their agenda, not taking into consideration the reasons they may be around to begin with.

In the times we're living in, it doesn't take much for us to become a target of advantage, especially if you're a women who has her own car, a decent job, and an apartment. Moochers will look at that as a window of opportunity, so that they can get their foot in the door, and before you know it, they're setting up shop in your house, driving your car, and spending your money, and with our eyes "wide shut", we think that's love, but really the relationship is based off of the other party needing a stable place to stay and someone to put up with their nonsense.

I've been in that situation far too many times, and If it wasn't for God filling those voids in my life, I'd still be falling for every trick in the book, lying as a doormat for someone who doesn't have my best interest at heart. I too wanted to be innocently loved, but giving myself away for someone to just use me for their convenience and for what I can bring to the table, caused nothing but stress and brokenness. Opportunists always start off sweet and seemingly sincere, but once they get what they set out for, we're no longer of any value to them. We become disposable, and just like that, they're off to the next person to prey on.

Through trial and error, I've learned that these type of people will do whatever it takes for them to get what they want, be it a place to stay, a trophy girlfriend that they can show off to social media (to make themselves look better), or even to gain citizenship in the states. Opportunists will even go as far as impregnating you just to make their fabricated scheme or blueprints seem realistic and genuine.

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Power Of Words

By Patricia McKinney

There's an elementary school saying that goes, "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me". I'm not sure who invented such a saying, but the reality of this phrase is as far from the truth as the east is from the west.
The fact of the matter is, words have power, and they can steer the way we think, perceive, and comprehend our world around us. They have the power to encourage or discourage, strike up a nerve, brew anger, soothe the soul, belittle, build confidence, wound, and heal. Depending on the kind of words that's been planted into the core of our being over a period of time, will determine how they take shape, and act as a driving force in how we function in life. The more we hear things repetitiously, the more it's implanted into the mind, and it becomes easier to remember. It's like remembering words for a spelling bee and storing words into a memory bank. After constant repetition, it's easier to recall, and it can become a part of our vocabulary, which can extend into conversation.
What we've learned through constant repetition and what we've been conditioned to believe will work it's way through our daily functions, whether it be positive or negative. Words are like seeds planted in a garden. The more they're nourished, the more they grow and become rooted, stronger, and harder to break.
Have you ever met a person that was superstitious, or set in their ways? I've met people that had absurd beliefs that were passed down from generation to generation. I've also met people that were afraid to drive, or leave their home town because they've developed a belief that they were not capable, or they feared that something bad would occur before they ever tried. Why? Because of seeds planted in them, possibly someone else's fearful words, that they've adopted as their own. As a result, they convinced themselves that the words were true. They don't know and may never know that they are just as capable as any one else, until they undo their learned belief system. I've heard the saying that it's harder to undo what we've learned than it is to learn something new, but it is definitely possible, with time, effort and God.
Our minds are very power tools, that's why it's important to take in good positive nourishment in order to undo negative words that were implanted. I've found that there's so many talented, well, able bodied people in this world that have such a negative view of themselves and life because of words that were planted, that took root as their own core belief. There's so many people incarcerated physically and mentally, in abusive relationships, in dead end jobs, tolerating, compromising and living life beneath their own potential because of what they believe about themselves, stemming from a foundation words that were laid in a bed of fear, doubt, or negativity.
Are you living beneath who you are because of what you believe? Are you a by-product of someone else's words that laid the foundation at the core of your belief system, steering you in the wrong direction? As I said before, you can undo what you've learned through a power that's Greater than words, the power of God, and the power of prayer. You can learn something new, and go against the grain by telling yourself something different. You are what you eat, whatever you take in becomes a part of you. So be cautious when giving ear to words from others that plant self doubt and fear. You can also surround yourself with those that will build you up, and push you to your potential. You can take a risk yourself, and discover the good in you that you've never tapped into. You can plant new seeds, and water the garden of your soul with good.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


By Angela cox

Womanhood is not in the curves, or how sexy you are, it's where your mindset is and how you conduct yourself.  Womanhood is how you face reality and mistakes that you've made. It means to take responsibility for your own actions and learn to live with it, while moving toward making changes for the better. It's coming out of denial, and accepting that you have flaws.
Womanhood is being mature enough to accept constructive criticism, while having your own mind (not allowing everyone to think for you), and being who you are and not trying to mimic someone else.  It's conducting yourself to the best of your ability, and ridding yourself from "ratchetness" and child's play. (hating on your female counterparts, backstabbing, putting others down to make yourself look good). It's respect for yourself and others, and thinking for yourself without being influenced by the "crowd". God desires both male and female to come into a place of maturity, so that we will not only have a good reputation, but set an example for our peers and youth to be inspired by and follow. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Famine & Drought

By Karen Ricketts

There is a famine in the land
The drought has overcome so many
And is at the door of many more
Where is the nourishing rain
The rain sent from God above
The land is parched and dry
People are succumbing from lack
Their storehouses are depleted
His people need to drink and be fed
Heavenly food for the spirit and body
They need clean water cleansing to the soul
Yes they eat but remain hungry
Yes they drink but are still thirsty
Famine and drought are overtaking His people


By Keesah Pelzer

A few moths ago, I read a post on social media that said something along the lines of, if you have two or more fathers for your kids, you need to do some self evaluating. While this rule doesn't just apply to women only, but to men as well, It also holds a lot of truth, and as I read the string of comments attached to the status, I saw that a lot of women were enraged and justified why they had x-amount of baby fathers, and how their children are A-OK. 

Just because your child is well taken care of, it still doesn't make it okay to keep repeating the same behavior, because look at the struggle we have to do in order to stay afloat. We have to bust our behinds to make sure that our children have just the basics; food, clothing, and shelter.

Nevertheless, what the person said wasn't wrong at all, but because everyone was guilty of it, it caused their emotions to be stirred up.

I myself have two different fathers for my three children, and I know at some point, I needed intervention, because if it wasn't for God, Heaven only knows how many kids, and different fathers I would have for them. God had to stop me, open my eyes and show me that we weren't designed to have a bunch of kids by a bunch of different people, because if it were designed to be like that, why does it cause so many problems?

Even if you only have one kid, Think about it. We have to deal with the lack of stability and support from the other parent, going to court for child support, arguing about who's going to have them on what holidays and weekends, who's going to pick them up and most commonly, we have to accept the fact that our children may have other siblings, and may even be around another women or man. Those are only some of the things that we have to deal with, but what about what the kids have to go through, and how they're left emotionally scarred from the "on again off again parent"? Its an extremely messy situation and its never easy to go along with, and these types of problems don't just go away even if you are a sinner turned saint, because for every action, there are consequences.

I know for myself, It became a habit to move on and start another family with someone else because my old one didn't work out, and unsurprisingly, that one didn't work out either, and its even sadder that this type of  behavior is endorsed world wide.

No, we can't undo what's already been done, but we can certainly learn from our mistakes, allow God to change our patterns, and allow him to reconstruct us from the inside out so that we wont continue to go around the same mountain expecting to reap different results.

Monday, January 19, 2015

True Leadership

By Patricia McKinney

I’ve met many women in this day and time that claim they are leaders. Some have even placed themselves in a leadership role, but they’ve dismissed the "giving side", also known as self sacrifice.  The majority of them don’t know what it is to give. They’ve sadly mistaken the act of “ being seen and heard” with the true meaning of leading, and they’ve dismissed humility in exchange for notoriety.  They fail to realize that a huge part of leading involves genuine concern for others. Leadership is broad and wide.  It involves social influence, setting an example for others to follow, aiding and supporting others to accomplish a goal, giving people vision and insight, and being a catalyst for change.  Leadership is not a selfish act, but many people have misconstrued its meaning, and they believe that it means to be at the center of attention. There’s always evidence that a true leader is fulfilling their role because others will be impacted by their influence for the better. A true leader has vision that extends outside of them,  and they leave a legacy for others to follow.

Friday, January 16, 2015

"You'll Find Out Who Your Friends are When You Start Flossing"

By Patricia McKinney

It's amazing how people love you more when you're beneath their social and economic status, and not on their playing field. Usually insecure people prefer to deal with those of lower degree.  When your struggling, they're just as friendly as can be, like Lionel Richie said, "easy like Sunday morning".

There was a time in my life when I struggled and hustled for everything that I received.  Life was most definitely not a bowl of cherries, and there we're many days that seemed hopeless, to the point that I could not see the light of day.  At my lowest points, a few friends and family would lend a helping hand here and there to get me through.  They seemed to be such caring individuals at my lowest point, that I assumed that they'd be excited to see me succeed. I made every effort to visit and repay them in any way I could for being there when I needed them most, and made sure that I returned the favor.  I held them in high esteem. But to my surprise the same individuals that I deemed to be so extraordinary and kind, did a switch-a-roo as soon as my mourning turned to dancing, and my penny pinching turned to shopping spree's.  The very ones that I loved so much raised their heel against me because I was no longer down in the dumps.  Talk about the epitome of jealousy, this was it!

Low and behold, their smiles turned to jeers and frowns at the very sight of my presence, with plenty of gossip to follow.  Instead of celebrating my success, they'd say "she thinks she better than everybody else", and "she forgot where she came from." Are you kidding?  What happened to all the love?  What was their motive for helping in the first place? I thought when you give that you're suppose to do it from your heart.   I came to the conclusion that some people like you better when your broke and considered a charity case.  People love to feel important when they're looking down on you to make themselves feel better.  I discovered when you start flossing and rising from the bottom of the barrel, some will hate on you, others will want a piece of the pie,  and some will actually feel entitled to your wealth because they are relatives (even if they didn't contribute).  I can't imagine how the billionaire's feel when they've reach their peak, everybody wants a piece of them, and they'll meet relatives that they've never seen a day in their life.   In my opinion, they need to go into seclusion before they end up broke, from all of the moochers that readily make themselves available to help them spend their money.   Well, this proves that you will find out who your friends are when you start flossing, and everything that's lending a "helping hand" will not always celebrate your success.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


By Karen Ricketts

Fulfillment is one of those intangible things that money can't buy. It cannot be attained by acquiring materialistic things or through plastic surgery to change what you look like. There is no substitute for self love and self acceptance no matter your lot in live. While ideally we would prefer to be tall, rich and handsome, there's nothing wrong with being short, striving for success and average looking.
Change starts on the inside, including self acceptance and self love. This type of change though it takes time, when it occurs it's lasting and fulfilling. You will want to thrive and work hard to be the best you, you can be. While this change is still on-going in my life, I thank God that I now realize that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sucker For Love

By Angela Cox

There's nothing like the spice that comes with a new relationship.  We love the element of surprise, the discovery of our new found love, and the thrill of the spontaneous.  This is the best way to describe a new relationship after ending one that caused much pain and grief. 

But sometimes we make the mistake of jumping into a new one without accessing what caused the previous one to fail.  It's like jumping into a pool of alcohol with open wounds, bound to be hurt all over again.  We don't take the time to re-access where we lack interpersonally, or give ourselves time to recover and learn from the first.  Usually people don't recover because they blame shift and place every fault on the other person and never look in the mirror.  News flash, that's a set-up to fall into the same trap as before.  Seeing the wrongs in other's is not enough. It's vital to see our own, because then, and only then will you see how much of an easy target you are for the next candidate, and see the flaws you need to work on yourself!

Have you ever asked yourself the question, how come people always treat me a certain way or get over on me?  If you noticed that history is repeating itself, it's not so much that the other person is at fault, you are.  I  know your asking, "how is that?" To answer your question you have to learn where your own weak point's lie and the only way to do this is by spending time with God and being single for a while.  Your behaviors with people in generally pour over into relationships with the opposite sex.  If you're a "yes man" with friends, that same "yes man" is going into that relationship.

One of my older sisters once told me with a straight face saying, "you have to set precedence with people up front or else they'll run over you."  I was also told that "after setting precedence, to stick to your guns, that way people will know not to cross the boundary line".  I didn't know then, that my sister, which was only in her twenties at the time, provided me with a key to life, that I can use now.  If I had applied it then, I could have avoided much heartache. But you live and learn.

The late rap artist, Tupac Shakur once made a song called "Do for love".  In this song he describes a person that's a "sucker for love".  I used to love that song because it spoke truth, aside from the rhythm of the music, the lyrics spoke volume. A "sucker" is what we become when we don't set precedence with people, and we continue to "get got" (used, trick, bamboozled, hoodwinked, and lead astray) in relationships, because of our "need" to be with somebody.  

This song described me from head to toe at one point in my life.  I was a "sucker" because I put all my card's on the table before getting to know who I was dealing with. Aside from giving to much too soon, I didn't realize that I was giving to a leech, that was never tired of taking,  until it was too late. Their was nothing that I wouldn't "do for love", even to the point of blatant stupidity.  When we're so called "in love" we dismiss things that are detrimental to our own well being that will effect us in the future.  We throw foresight out the window, and settle for the here and now. We get caught up in emotion, while dismissing the financial state of our "teddy bear" (man).    

A lot of people go into things with their eyes closed, like love is going to "pay the rent".  When I fell in "love",  I was as blind as a bat.  I was blind to the pool of debt that my teddy bear (man) was swimming in.  Because I was a giver, and did not know the extent his debt, and didn't to do my homework, I thought his debt wouldn't   effect me. I assumed he was a responsible person, because he seemed to be upstanding and intelligent, and had a job to take care of his previous obligations.  He never mentioned the debt he had until after we were married. I went into our marriage with a fresh credit line, almost completely spotless. I didn't realize that this "Teddy Bear"  man was making plans off of my good credit. 

He began to maximize on the "bacon" that I was bringing home  and made excuses as to why he couldn't contribute or give as much. His reason was he had other bills, (debt that he accrued before I knew he  existed).  He also requested that we take out loans (from my credit) to go toward the maintenance of our home  (that I purchased with my downpayment and credit line).  I lived and most definitely learned. I know some reading this would say, "Yes, you were a sucker", and yes I was.  But this letter is not written for me because I no longer live in this place in my life. It's written to help some "old fools", women/or even men that think because a someone is smooching up them, that they won't take everything you've got. 

"Getting got" (being taken advantage of ) does not always come in the form of money.  A man or women could be a dream killer, by keeping you captive because of his/her own insecurities, or a man can make you a baby machine, so now no one else will want used goods. Better yet, someone could be using you as a place to lay their head, pay their bills, or live the lavish life off of your back breaking work.  The bottom line here is to put God first, spend some time being single, look in the mirror so you can recognize where your weak points are, and ask for God's help to make you strong, so that you will stop being on the receiving end of the moocher or blood sucking leeches that never get tired of sucking life, money, and happiness from you.  

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Freedom Of Being Yourself

By Patricia McKinney

What does it mean to be authentic? It means to be real or genuine, not copied or false, true and accurate.
To be authentic means to be free, the freedom to be who you really are as a person.  It means to express yourself without the influence of another's opinion, and judge according to your own point of view.  To be free means that you have your own style, and finesse, to discover your purpose in life without trying to mimic another.
In all my experience, I found that people live imprisoned in their minds because they sadly spend too much time trying to be someone they're not. They aim for aspirations that they'll never reach, because it wasn't designed for them,  and waist countless hours trying to follow a blueprint not their own.  It's like trying to turn a lion into an eagle. A lion is designed by God to be the king of the jungle, too walk fearlessly, to own it's territory, and not back down for any, while an eagle was created to soar for long periods of time, they're sharp-eyed, and they dive to capture and kill their prey.  What you see here is two totally different creatures, designed for the opposite habitat.  One is made to spend the majority of  it's time on earth, while the other spends a great deal of it's time in the air.  For either one to act outside of their inborn design would be suicide, and to be forced to be someone else is robbery.  They couldn't function, feed, or protect themselves outside of their own natural born instincts.
Unfortunately, people try to defy natural and biological laws to follow a map belonging to someone else. Why? Because it's much easier to focus on others than it is to deal with yourself. It's simpler to look elsewhere than to accept the good, bad and ugly that lies within, and make efforts to change.  But to focus on someone else keeps you in bondage. While you spin your wheels in competition, and waist precious moments coveting to keep up with someone outside of your league, (all to reach an image that's not your own), life will pass you by.  
For example, many amateur boxers want to be like Floyd Mayweather. They want his money, cars, house, women and fame. Think about it, there's only one Floyd Mayweather, just like there's only one of you! People would rather take a short cut,  have an easy way out, a microwave fix, fast money, and chase what someone else has, instead of grinding on their own. Most people have this mindset. They feel it's just easier to pop in a TV dinner and eat, than fix and eat a home cooked meal. Just the same, people want fast results instead of working to develop their true self that's produced in authenticity, originality, and genuineness.
Because I spent time with God, and got to know who I was as a person, while accepting my flaws, and making efforts to change with God's help, I'm free today. Think about it, do you want to go to your grave having mimicked someone else, or would you rather go in peace, being free, an original and authentic, being yourself?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Experience Is The Best Teacher

By Keesah Pelzer

It's become a cliché to say, "If I could do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing", but how many of us would really take the same path knowing the not so favorable lessons we would have to go through again?

There are a bunch of things in my life that I didn't make good decisions on, and if granted with another chance, I'd probably consider tweaking it, but none the less in some way I've learned valuable lessons in most of my era.

What I've found is that a lot of the lessons that we go through are painful, and my spiritual mom said it the best, "You won't learn anything from feeling good!" And the more thought I gave to what she said, it made all the sense in the world! I reflected on all the things that felt good to me, and how I learned absolutely nothing from them except to do it again. It wasn't until the outcome changed when I realized, "Whoa! I've done something wrong, and I need to not make this a habit!"

Remember when we used to steal? The more we got away with it, the more we'd continue to do it, in hopes that we wouldn't get caught. After getting away with doing wrong for so long, you start to kind of feel invincible, like you can't be touched, but its not until we're stopped dead in our tracks, and hit with a penalty, then we're forced to realize how serious the offence was.

God has definitely taught me many lessons through out the years about playing with fire, or dangerous situations. I've learned that even the smallest of fires can get out of control if we don't use caution. I also learned that sometimes we have to fall and bump our heads for us to realize that perhaps what we've done wasn't the best idea in the world, and sometimes we need that in order for us to really grasp the concept.

We all make mistakes, and being in God is definitely not a form of exemption from falling short, but its all about how we bounce back and learn from the things we've done wrong, and with that being said, experience is in fact the best teacher!