Women In Transition...Where Change Begins

Women In Transition...Where Change Begins
A Seminar On Womenhood

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Caring For Others

By Patricia McKinney 

Caring is an act of love that's displayed in many forms, and it's always felt and remembered by the person receiving it. People never forgot those that cared about them. Especially in this dog-eat-dog world that we live in. Unfortunately, people have become more "Me" centered instead of  "We" centered, meaning they've lost sight of  having the slightest bit of concern for others, and a "broader sense of community".  They've forgotten that when you care for others, someone will care for you in your own time of need.

To care means that you take interest in something or someone by being a contributor to meet a need. It means to display warmth or affection, and show concern and empathy for others. It doesn't always come in the form of money, but also in your time, support, a listening ear, and prayer for another's well being.  One thing I've learned in my line of work, is that people are "pro's" at hiding what they feel inside or they've learned to live life with pain, shame, rejection, and guilt and they'll use various outlets to suppress it. (drugs, alcohol, staying in unhealthy relationships etc.)  They choose to sweep their inner issues under a rug in order to save their self from any unwanted embarrassment, until someone comes along  with genuine concern that makes them feel safe enough to express it.

I believe that caring for others was given to human beings as a responsibility from God.  Of course you'll encounter those that won't appreciate what you have to offer, and you'll even get "burned at times" by those that take you for granted. But I've learned that it teaches you wisdom with safe boundaries so you'll know your limits. I know what it's like first hand to care for someone, and experience a lack of appreciation for it,  but I've always reaped the good from what I've sown.  God will never let your work go unnoticed and He'll reward you for the love that you've shown to others openly.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Be You

By Keesah Pelzer 

If you look around today, all you see is the same thing. The same clothes, the same shoes, and the same hair. The same thoughts, the same behavior and actions, and even the same consequences. The problem is, no one knows who they really are, so it seems easier to take on someone else's character, instead of discovering who we are as a person. We all see someone that's different or doing something differently, and we can receive inspiration from that, but to completely "copy and paste" someone else's trademark (so to speak), is beyond what they would call "swagger jacking".

In most cases we feel who we are as a person is not enough, so we take on this alter ego, in order to even out our inadequacies. Rarely do you find someone that's bold enough to let their uniqueness shine through, and not try to ride someone else's wave. We tend to shy away from displaying our true flavor, so we'll hold back on being creative, and diverse, all because we're not sure how its going to come out, or if others will respect it. We're scared that we'll be rejected and labeled as a "weirdo" or a "freak", or even for someone to tell us that they don't like our ideas.

Finding who you really are is anything but easy, because in all actuality, we're not the ones that's doing the uncovering. We have to allow God to strip us from the old, so He can reveal what's been hidden on the inside of us. In simpler terms, its kind of like a needle in the hay stack. The hay, being all the things we need to be purged of, which is surrounding the needle, who we really are (possessing the potential to be sharper). 

I have yet to find myself, and to be quite honest, I have a long way to go in order to tap into what  has been placed on the inside of me, but I have a better understanding that it doesn't come by picking up another major in school, or wearing designer clothes, because when all of those things are stripped from us, we still remain unidentified. Finding who you are comes from being refined, and purified by God, and to do away with everything that we have created ourselves to be. How else will you be able to be you?

Monday, May 25, 2015

Out Of The Rain

By Karen Ricketts
I was born into a world of sin
Innocent I was not knowing what was within
Gradually I came to see
That sin was growing up inside of me
Out In the world I’m flung
Doing everything under the sun

Hurt grew, pain grew, don’t forget lust and pride too
Struggling now to do what’s right
Growing tired and weary of the fight
Waiting for the moment I can exhale
But my strength was to no avail

Searched all the low places for a way out
Only digging myself deeper and deeper in dirt
Getting my palm read here and my fortune told there
But my money was their only care

Then one day He who sits in the High place
Decided to spare my life
Because He had deposited something in me that was right
He’s the door I was looking for all along
But his adversary had me in his grip stringing me along
Jesus called me in out of the rain
To a place of shelter and safety in Him and life once again

Friday, May 22, 2015

Your Best Revenge Is Not To Respond At All

By Patricia McKinney 

When I was young, I used to think that the best way to handle my battles was to attack them head on, with a fearless, in your-face-approach. I didn't know about choosing my battles wisely, or the best way to resolve issues, simply because I was young and inexperienced in finding the most effective solution to handling problems. I've learned that some things in life come with experience, maturity, and learning from history by discovering what works, and what does not. 

When a person joins the army and goes through boot camp, their experience helps to prepare them for battle. They develop a routine of rigorous physical activity to get in shape, and become early risers (if not already).They learn many skills, techniques and how to be strategic, and they become mentally sharp, able to think quick on their feet in any given situation. Their experience helps to prepare them for combat on the battlefield. 

It's the same way with handling the issues of life. I'm a firm believer that your own personal experience is one of the greatest teachers. Your past mistakes teach you how to be more effective and skillful when faced with obstacles on a day to day basis. I also believe if you already have come to the realization that everyone is not going to like you and "wave palm leaves" when you walk by, and everyone is not going to agree with what you do, it helps to make navigating through difficulties a little easier. The battlefield of life presents the unforeseen every day, and as long as you live, you can guarantee that there will be challenges. Besides, if life were a "bowl of cherries" and everything went smoothly all the time, you wouldn't learn anything, and you wouldn't be able to help anyone else out of their dilemma. 

People face many battles everyday, but it's how you respond to them that determines how your own livelihood will be affected. To handle them well means that you'll still be able to function and keep your sanity. You may be faced with problems in the workplace, at home with a spouse, your children, issues at school, health issues, finances, people that are jealous of you that desire to see your downfall, or just plain obnoxious people that you'll deal with in general.

One valuable lesson that I've learned is that things happen in life that are beyond our control, especially when it comes to dealing with people. You can't control how they feel about you, or how they act toward you, but you can control how you respond. As I matured, I learned how to choose my battles wisely. Meaning, what's worth my time that requires a resolution, and what's not worth my time at all that I choose not to respond to. I deal from a realistic point of view, and I know that in life there's people that can't rest unless they've caused someone else's demise. They do this because of their own inner issues that they refuse to resolve. They could be driven to hurt you simply because of the jealousy, envy, or hatred in their hearts. As a result, they'll push your buttons, and try to get you "hot under the collar", all with the strategic plan, to get you to respond so they can pour salt on your name and ruin your reputation. 

I know it's hard not to respond when people do things out of spite and operate against you, and it may seem like they're winning. It's easy to want to get revenge at that point. But when you grow gracefully, and become knowledgeable of human nature, and why people do what they do, you'll see that revenge is not the answer. 
Revenge is like a thief that robs you of your joy, time and energy. It gives your adversary room to plant negative thought in your mind, causing you to dwell on them, instead of living in the present moment. All the while you'll find yourself becoming like the person of ill will. I've learned to take my hands off of issues that are beyond my control, and leave them in the hands of God. His word says that "Vengeance Is Mine, and I Will Repay". I understand that there's a law of sowing and reaping, and he's shown me that he'll be my defense in every situation. 

I've chosen to take the high road, and learned that the best revenge sometime is not to respond at all. God will fight your battles as long as you continue to pursue peace, and seek to do good, he'll show you favor, and you'll have a peace of mind. Not only that, but God will give you the last laugh as he prospers you while your enemies watch, and he'll turn your mourning into dancing.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


By Karen Ricketts

Have you ever ran into someone from your past, or reconnected with them via social media or by phone and found out that in all those years they haven't changed one bit. Some people might view this as a good thing that someone has stayed the same, but it all depends on the area in their lives that remained constant and unchanged in all those years. 

Change happens when we pass from one state of mind to the next, in how we act and even in the things we like or dislike. Do you remember when you were a child and how you disliked certain foods, even looking at it made you feel sick, but as you grew older you decided to try it, and realized that you actually liked the taste?

I remember reconnecting with someone I hung out with as a teenager and young adult. We lost contact for many years, then one day we reconnected and after ten years had passed. My first conversation with her felt like we had continued a conversation from where we left off in the past, and it was not a good feeling. Some people can even be married with children, but somehow they manage to stay the same psychologically (their mental and behavioral state) and in their emotionally reactions. 

The memories of the fun times you had are just that, memories that should stay in the past. If your initial conversation with this person left you feeling like you went back in time by having the same type of discussions with no new insight, knowledge, or information about life, and you’re feeling like something’s wrong with this picture, then something is different. You’ve grown and changed and your friend hasn’t. 

There’s nothing wrong with outgrowing  relationships, because as individuals we mature and grow at different rates, but do you want to have that same type of relationship again? Will it benefit you in any way? Is reconnecting with this individual and renewing an old friendship going to help you, hinder you or drag you back five, ten, or fifteen years? 

Most times you have to decline renewing an old relationship and keep moving forward. It’s nothing personal against that individual, you’ve just outgrown them, the things you use to do, and the types of conversations you use to engage in. Hooking back up with them again would yield no beneficial results in your life. It’s not the quantity of people that surround you, but the quality of the character and substance that those around you contribute to your life. 

With all that’s going wrong in the world today, we can’t relive the good ole days by reconnecting with those from our past, they’re unable to fill the void in our lives. The truth is that void can only be filled by letting Christ into your life and heart . He promised to be a true and faithful friend to us.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Don't Believe Everything You See Or Hear

By Patricia McKinney 

Have you ever heard of the cliche, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?"  This cliche is a true statement in relation to people.  There's also another cliche that says, " You can't judge a book by its cover".  

Have you ever heard negative gossip about a person before you met them, but when you finally had a face-to-face encounter,  you discovered that they were not as bad as you thought?  

Many people make the mistake of "judging a book by it's cover"or judging a person before they get a chance to know them without being influenced by others. People are easily influenced when they lack self confidence and assurance within.  They think their own opinion is not worthy of expression,  therefore its much easier to go along with the majority ruling.   Some people are fearful of backlash or controversy because they fear rejection and confrontation by those that don't agree with them, especially if they're friends and family or an upstanding icon of the community.

As a result of giving ear to others without knowing the facts, we can miss out on a blessing. Just take a look around you and see the diversity of cultures and multitude of races. This will tell you that not one person was created by God to be the same.  This is the beauty of it all, you can experience someone totally opposite of you and stumble upon an undiscovered gemstone. The only way you can behold the beauty of someone else is through your own eye, and not that of another or go based on what you've heard. Besides, you may be entertaining an angel unaware.  That angel can be someone that encourages you, shows you love and mercy, uplifts your spirit and brings you joy, or even gives you tough love and stern advise.

So in the future, don't be so quick to make a rash decision based off of what you've heard or seen through the eyes of someone else's perception. Investigate the facts for yourself. Remember there's always two sides to every story and the story teller may not be sharing the complete truth.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Keep Striving

By Angela Cox

Not too long ago, I fell on hard times and ending up starting over again after losing my job, and the small pad (apartment) that I called home.

During that period of time in my life, everything seemed foggy and unclear. I couldn't put the puzzle pieces together even if I tried. At times, it seemed like a struggle just to "rub two nickels together". All I knew was that if I kept my hand in Gods hand, then eventually I'd see the light of day, and things would turn around for the better.

It was crucial during this time that I stayed uplifted, and in the right state of mind so that depression,  frustration and worry couldn't creep in to sap my joy.  I had to focus on good things, by being grateful for what I did have, while staying prayerful, and digesting things that would inspire me. I had to keep the wolves at bay, meaning those that breathe bad energy and constant negativity about my situation. I had to hold onto encouraging words that I received, and recall to mind the things that I had been taught from the example set before me by my Mentors. During troubling times, you'll always need someone else's example that demonstrates a pillar of strength, a strong will, zeal, and determination. Because in this world, there's many people that are "as weak as water" that succumb to their circumstances, and would love for you to join them in their misery and pity parties. Here's a prime example:

One day I was leaving the computer lab, after spending long hours seeking employment, when a few ladies I knew caught up to me while I was walking about 100 miles an hour in what felt like "10 degree" weather.

Although it was freezing outside, one of the ladies decided that its was a good time to kick up conversation with the motive to pry her way into my business. So she starts the conversation by asking how my job search was going and how things were going with finding an apartment. Even though at the present moment, I didn't see anything materializing, and there were times when I felt worry and fear, but I refused to let her know that because misery loves company. So I remained optimistic about the situation and told her that things were moving along quite well. I'm glad that I didn't reveal anything to her because she ending up being very negative about my situation and tried to compare my dilemma to hers. It was very clear that she lacked any kind of motivation, and determination in her own life, so of course she couldn't encourage me.
She had actually been homeless and moved from shelter to shelter and tried to say that I do the same if I didn't hurry up and secure employment. She made it seem like I'd become a victim of circumstance at the mercy of everyone else. The bad thing about that was how she spoke with such conviction as if what she was saying was absolutely true. But I quickly corrected her and said " What applies to you doesn't apply to me" and from that point on I'd keep her and others with that kind of attitude a the distance of a 10 foot pole.

But even though I tried to shield myself from bad energy, the words that she spoke and my present circumstance looked like she was right, but thank God she wasn't. I decided to keep on striving, regardless of what the situation looked like and the feelings of discouragement and doubt that made things look seem so grim, I continued to seek God in prayer and didn't give up. Eventually, things began to turn around for the better, I secured employment and got another place even better than before.  But when I did, guess what?  The lady with the bad advice, that compared me to her, was still in the same predicament.  Whenever I saw her, she was still complaining, still making excuses as to why she was in the same situation, and still giving everyone else bad advise, (hopefully that didn't listen too it). That's why it's important not lend your ear to just anything, because your outcome can be totally different than someone else's, even if it looks like the two of you are in the same boat at that present moment.

Although things don't happen overnight at times, God has a perfect timing when he will open doors if you acknowledge him, desire a relationship with him, and seek to please him. So whatever you go through, keep striving to move forward, to do better, to be different, because if God is in the equation, you can't go wrong, and your hardships will be lessons learned. Life wasn't designed to be easy all of the time, but the good thing is, you won't stay there forever. With God, things will eventually turn around for the better and you will see the light of day.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Crabs In A Bucket

By Keesah Pelzer 

I have often been on the receiving end of the, "crabs in a bucket" syndrome, but ever since I decided to start following Christ, it seems as though even more crabs have been added to the barrel. The numerous encounters that I've experienced,  mainly seem to be with friends and family. 

People will tolerate you while talking behind your back- as long as you are eye level with them, beneath them, or doing what they want you to do, but if there's a sign of anything good manifesting in your life, or any organic ideas that doesn't involve them, they'll try to kick the chair from under you, attempting to disable you from making it out so that you will potentially share the same fate as the rest of them. Those type of people are bona fide haters.

I've had so-called friends and family swear that they want to see me succeed and get on my feet so that I can support my children. They've even offered to lend a helping hand in any way that they could, but as soon as I was granted with the opportunity to step out, and could use a little help from them, they turned their backs on me. I've come to the conclusion they thought that nothing was going to go right for me anyway. 

People get so use to seeing you one way (down and out), that it almost kills them to imagine you any other way, especially if you've been taken from the pit and are well on your way to the palace. When things start to finally fall in place for you, they criticize your thoughts, and try to insult your intelligence because you don't desire to take the same road as them.

Being in that situation multiple times proves that we can only depend on God. After a while, I had to realize that rather people love us or hate us, both are in our favor, because if they love us, they'd  accept us for who we are and the path we chose to take.  They would respect what we're doing and the decisions that we make-even if we don't see eye to eye, but if they hate us, chances are, they're  going to help push us to the next level in God...and that's where we need to be. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Purpose And The Identity Crisis

By Patricia McKinney 

Just about every human being on earth that's old enough to reason beyond a child like state of mind has questioned their purpose in life, and the meaning of their existence. Some even search for deeper meaning in a spiritual place beyond what the human eye can see. Some look for it through public influences and opinion, and some even go off the "deep end" in their quest to discover their own individual identity and purpose. Do you remember the "Martin Lawrence Show?"  There was an episode when Martin went off the "deep end" and joined a cult, only to discover that he was in the wrong place, and that his new found religion wasn't all it was cracked up to be. (This episode was hilarious).  But to view his experience from another aspect, he tried to find himself by escaping from his problems (a break up with his girlfriend Gina) and ended up in a cult.

Most people don't feel complete unless they're wrapped up in another person, in a group, in their profession, or they feel the need to flood their time with extra curricular activities. They rarely make the effort to find their own true identity without the "green light" of validation given by someone else. It doesn't cross their mind that they were designed to be unique. They suffer from what I call an "Identity Crisis", because they try to find out who they are from external sources. Take a look at celebrities.  I believe many of them suffer from an identity crisis because as soon as their fans "go away," or they lose popularity and relevance, they go into hiding, abuse alcohol or drugs, or suffer from depression, all because they no longer feel accepted.  Their fame and fans give them their identity, and they try to live up to their expectations. They look at themselves through the eyes of others because they don't know who they are.

I often look at how the world is framed, and how every creature and human being is awesomely made. There's so much diversity, and no two individuals are identical.  Have you ever taken a good look at yourself in the mirror, and noticed that maybe one part of your face is smoother than the other, or your hair is not all the same texture?  Take a look at your finger prints.  If you look close enough, you'll see that no two are exactly alike.  They serve a purpose, signifying that you have your own identity, unlike any one else. You have your own set of qualities that can't be valued by another's opinion.

But people miss tapping into who they really are, and their purpose in life because they look at themselves through the eyes of others, or fill their time and itinerary with activities that won't allow them time to think or give them enough space to breathe! They let the quality of life whiz by in a shroud of emails, text messages, and business to where they're no longer in touch with their own issues or how to resolve them, and they no longer have their own opinion.  They'd rather allow everything and everyone to take up space so they can avoid spending quality time alone, which will cause them to look at themselves, and start the journey on the path of their own existence.

I marvel when people say they have a lot of friends.  To me, a lot of friends mean a lot of external influence, a lot of opinions, and requires that you make constant efforts to keep those friendships in tact, even if it includes compromising your own views. Now days, people have become like a nation of zombies because their whole existence consist of the being controlled by others (intentionally or unintentionally).

I've come to the conclusion that it's easier for people to go along with the status quo, and public opinion, instead of stealing away, to get in touch with who they really are.  It's easier for them to keep the flow of mediocrity instead of making waves, or going against the grain because of fear of rejection. Unfortunately, it's also a tragedy because they miss out on their own personal path to discovery and the beauty of their own individuality given to them by God.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Casting Your Pearls Before Swine

By Patricia McKinney 

How many times have you given good advise to people but it fell on deaf ears? When you have a caring heart and desire to see the good fortune of others, you can easily make the mistake of  spending hours on end soaking up sobs stories and giving advise to people that have no desire to change. I've heard old story lines that sound like a broken record. I've heard mother's say that they're  tired of taking care of grown children and want them to get out and get a job.  I've heard women complain about their boyfriend/husbands cheating on them (constantly) and mistreating them  (but then they go right back to have it done all over again). I've heard people say, I'm going to quit smoking, stop drinking, clubbing, associating with the same people that do me no good, I'm going cold turkey, I'm turning over a new leaf, I'm doing me now, and the list goes on. But then when I asked them, "what steps have you taking to make the change?" That's when I hear dead silence, you can hear a pin drop, or the crickets chirping in the background, with no response.  

Basically what this says is that people love to vent their frustrations, but make no efforts to change their situation. It says, they're really not as tired as they claim to be.  If you're not careful, people like this will use you as the "city dump", a place where they can come to dump their problems, drama, issues, concerns, and dead weight. I've learned that you can use your own valuable time and wisdom on people that will waist it and don't understand its value. In other words you'll be "casting your pearls before swine".  Think about it. What good is a pearl to a swine?  A swine has no use for a pearl. A swine is used to wallowing in the mud. It's the same with people. They'll continue to wallow in the "mud" of  their problems. They won't change their situation because they let their emotions get in the way, they've grown accustomed to negativity, or they're just afraid of losing people. 

When you have a caring heart, it's imperative that you guard it and learn the behavior patterns and motives of people. We must remember that people are different than we are,  and they don't share the same genuine motives, intents, and personal perspectives that we do.  Some are just seeking a sanctuary where they can find comfort. A place where they can be stroked, instead of hearing the truth. They're in search for a "city dumb" where they go to drop off their problems and get a release for the moment.  If you're not careful and know how to recognize that your "casting your pearls before swine, you'll continue to waist countless hours that you could have spent out dining with family, or soaking up sunshine at the beach instead of being the "city dump" for the day.  When you're a caring person, you have to set healthy boundaries or else you'll find yourself spending money that you don't have, taking unnecessary trips that you can't afford, using countless hours listening to depressing stories, and you'll wonder why you feel heavy and weighed down after its all over.  When you finally wake up from your slumber, you'll realize that you've taken on problems that's not your own and made them yours. 

Don't you think it's time to set yourself free?  You can start by taking a good look around you and ask yourself the question:  Am I casting my pearls before swine? (People that hear my advise but don't apply it) Have I become the city dump or taxi cab, or a place where people can go to  drop off their garbage?(drama, problems, but make no effort to change).  If so it's about time to make some changes.  Not to say that you should stop helping others, but do recognize those that keep coming back to you for help but make no efforts to change.  Stop casting your pearls before swine.  If you have to, stop making yourself available to those who constantly sap energy and time. Always point people in God's direction to cast their cares on him. We can't save people completely (play the part of the knight in shining armor). Sometimes we're only there to throw out a life line (give them another option to help them), but it's up to them to catch it and use it. If you set boundaries for yourself, those that sap away your time and energy will either find someone else to go to,(another "city dumb" to console them) and remain stifled, or they will have to make efforts to change.  Once you've freed yourself, you can put your pearl (advise, effort, time, and money) in the right setting where it will be valued. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Who You Claimin'

By Karen Ricketts

As individuals we all grow up believing in a myriad of things. Some of us were made to believe when we were small children, in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, only to eventually find out we were lied to. What we believe as individuals shape our everyday lives in how we think, what we give ear to and the things we take part in. 

Some live by a moral code and the code of their affiliations. For example, there's a street code, (eg. no snitching) jails have their own codes, gangs have their codes, organization and even companies have codes set in place for their employees. These codes serve to control and restrict your thoughts and behavior whether good or bad. You'll even find these codes spoken or unspoken in families as well. Observation and adherence to these codes denotes your allegiance, trustworthiness and loyalty to that person or organization. These same principles also apply to the Word of God and to the body of Christ. 

Believing in Christ is much more than lip service. Being a believer, a "true believer" requires everyday action in the individuals life. If you're proclaiming to be a vegetarian for example, people should see your lifestyle lined up with what you proclaim. Is it cruelty to animals, or the health benefits of a meat free diet you're defending. Whatever the case, if someone sees you eating a beef burger, they're gonna question your commitment, your integrity, and your seriousness about what you proclaim. 

This is also true for those of us who profess to be believers in Christ, even going to church faithfully, but then people see us saying and doing things that go against who we are claiming loyalty to. I've been guilty of this myself too many times to count. We know that God is forgiving and merciful, but God also holds us accountable, especially when we know the truth and even so when you're in a leadership position and a position of influence. 

A true believer to me, will always strive to do good in God and not just sit back and accept the status quo. When you stumble, you get back up and work your way back on track. To be a believer is an action word, where you have to work to commit yourself daily to the Lord and to do what is right in His sight. This is the hard part. Like the person claiming vegetarian and eating meat, you can't claim Christ and do everything under the sun. At some point you have to demonstrate your faith, allegiance and loyalty to Christ if He's who you're claiming, even in the small things. 

Being a "believer in Christ", are not words to be taken lightly. I've experienced in my life how easy it is to be a hypocrite and believer in Jesus. His moral code, his teachings and inspired words recorded in the Bible are tough to live by. It is the complete opposite of who we are used to being, even if society considers us "good people". Our flesh and the world are not his allies. That's why it takes his Spirit and strength working through us and us putting our faith and loyalty in practice to even make it day by day.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Success Begins In The Mind

By Dr. Dara Marie
Success begins in the mind.  Before there is any manifestation of what you are believing for, you have to think thoughts that will bring it into fruition.  Be conscious of the things you think about.  Focus on things that are edifying to your life.  You cannot believe and want to be successful in life, yet think self-defeating thoughts.  Guard your mind with all diligence.  Also, it is important to think about what you are thinking.  Do not allow any negative thoughts to take up residence in your mind.  
Focus on what is positive in your life, and allow that to propel you into achieving what you desire.  Remember, God has created you for a purpose.  We cannot think negatively, and expect a positive outcome.  This is why it is important to meditate and think on positive things.   God has a great plan for your life, and I truly believe it will come to pass when we come into alignment with the right thoughts.  “ Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things (Philippians 4:8).

Monday, May 11, 2015

Taking Drastic Measures

By Patricia McKinney 

Sometime when difficult situations arise or a crisis comes, we are placed in positions where we can choose to stay in it, or take drastic measures ( also known as) following the path of the unknown to ensure our survival. I find that usually people that have experienced hardship in life have innate survival techniques built within, which means, they can adapt to their surroundings because of the survival skills developed through hardship or lack, but fear is their setback to moving forward.  Sometime in life, a bad situation is God's way to tell us that some changes need to be made. Even if that means to let go of a home, business, familiar surroundings,or unhealthy relationships, it's all for the better, because he may replenish and rebuild what you've lost. Your return may not be in the same form as before, but it can come in the form of wisdom and knowledge to make better decisions or to help someone else, leading you to a much more fulfilling life in the long run.

Friday, May 8, 2015

True Happiness

By Keesah Pelzer 

Ever see someone that claims to be so happy that its utterly annoying? You know, the type of person that thinks the grass couldn't be greener anywhere else except for where they're located at. 
From what I've experienced, people try to convince others that they are happy when they're really not, and even if they are, its momentarily, and changes with the weather. They put up a front and hide behind social media and show others what they want them to see, which consists of all smiles, them being deeply in love, and them trying to convince the world that life for them is good.
These type of people flood your timeline with happy-go-lucky quotes all day, and really don't even believe the things they post themselves, because behind closed doors its a completely different story. They're stressed, crying, abused (mentally, physically, and emotionally), oppressed, and unable to let go of the past. 
Often we spend so much time trying to prove to others that we're doing just fine without them, that it becomes our main focus. I totally understand that type of behavior, of course, because I've done it, but I've learned quickly that there is no future in fronting. It is impossible to be truly happy when God is not the main source in your life and when you're not in right standards with him. He is the creator of all things, so it makes no sense what-so-ever to be able to obtain lasting happiness from anywhere else. Only he can fill those voids and gaps in our lives, we cant fill them ourselves with material things that are perishable. 
I've been on both sides of the fence, meaning, I've experienced a habitual unhappy life for a long time because of where I was located spiritually, but now I'm getting a significant amount of peace and joy which is only coming from above. Of course I have bad days, but I kid you not, I didn't find tranquility until I realized that laying up with men, and having a bunch of money and designer clothes wasn't getting the job done for me. 
You can take all the trips you want to tropical islands and resorts, purchase the latest gadgets, get the job you've always wanted, and marry your high school sweetheart right before you build your dream home, but if all of that isn't built on the foundation of God, and you don't have his blessings, then chances are you will never, ever experience true happiness. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Stop Looking Back

Patricia McKinney
How can we say that we have moved forward in life, demonstrating the love and power of God  but two to three years down the line we still playing the victim card. Can it be that our past is still our present and we can't escape it until we deal with what we have done to others  ?  I never knew anyone that's is so happy in their life and have been healed and delivered by the power of Jesus!! But keep reflecting and mentioning what a person has done to them over and over again  .. That's not a sign of moving forward and doing great exploits, that's a sign of being tormented of what's really deep in your heart..