Women In Transition...Where Change Begins

Women In Transition...Where Change Begins
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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Freedom In Being Yourself

By Patricia McKinney 

What does it mean to be authentic? It means to be real or genuine, not copied or false, true and accurate. To be authentic means to be free, the freedom to be who you really are as a person.  It means to express yourself without the influence of another's opinion, and judge according to your own point of view.  To be free means that you have your own style, and finesse, to discover your purpose in life without trying to mimic another.

In all my experience, I found that people live imprisoned in their minds because they sadly spend too much time trying to be someone they're not. They aim for aspirations that they'll never reach, because it wasn't designed for them,  and waist countless hours trying to follow a blueprint not their own.  It's like trying to turn a lion into an eagle. A lion is designed by God to be the king of the jungle, too walk fearlessly, to own it's territory, and not back down for any, while an eagle was created to soar for long periods of time, they're sharp-eyed, and they dive to capture and kill their prey.  What you see here is two totally different creatures, designed for the opposite habitat.  One is made to spend the majority of  it's time on earth, while the other spends a great deal of it's time in the air.  For either one to act outside of their inborn design would be suicide, and to be forced to be someone else is robbery.  They couldn't function, feed, or protect themselves outside of their own natural born instincts. 

Unfortunately, people try to defy natural and biological laws to follow a map belonging to someone else. Why? Because it's much easier to focus on others than it is to deal with yourself. It's simpler to look elsewhere than to accept the good, bad and ugly that lies within, and make efforts to change.  But to focus on someone else keeps you in bondage. While you spin your wheels in competition, and waist precious moments coveting to keep up with someone outside of your league, (all to reach an image that's not your own), life will pass you by.

For example, many amateur boxers want to be like Floyd Mayweather. They want his money, cars, house, women and fame. Think about it, there's only one Floyd Mayweather, just like there's only one of you! People would rather take a short cut,  have an easy way out, a microwave fix, fast money, and chase what someone else has, instead of grinding on their own. Most people have this mindset. They feel it's just easier to pop in a TV dinner and eat, than fix and eat a home cooked meal. Just the same, people want fast results instead of working to develop their true self that's produced in authenticity, originality, and genuineness.

Because I spent time with God, and got to know who I was as a person, while accepting my flaws, and making efforts to change with God's help, I'm free today. Think about it, do you want to go to your grave having mimicked someone else, or would you rather go in peace, being free, an original and authentic, being yourself?

Monday, July 27, 2015

When A Parent Dies

By Angela Cox 

No one ever anticipates or is prepared for the death of a parent, unless that person has really matured in age, or they've been very ill for a long period of time.

In 1994, the death of my mother came unexpectedly, and was a shock  to me and the rest of my  family. It came as a surprise because she never had any physical signs that revealed her illness.  She was always on the move, and never complained of pain. Her appearance deceived us all. She was a 50 year old stout, tall statuesque, high yellow black woman, very attractive in her younger years, yet still possessing her natural beauty as she got older, with a few extra pounds.  I witnessed her character change with age, and she became a woman that would not bite her tongue for anyone, and everyone knew her for being "real" (raw in her expression).  Sometime my siblings and I wished she held back the "realness"  a little to save us the embarrassment, but it gave us memories to laugh about.

As an adult, I'm grateful that I had a chance to spend time with her before she passed away.  I say this because my siblings and I were taken from her during child hood, and didn't have the privilege to experience the fullness that came with being with her fulltime.  But we knew she loved us, and we loved her, yet there were questions unanswered when she passed away. I was 22 years old when she died and I  already had three small children, still needing direction as a parent. A lot of things I learned on my own after failing tremendously. 

This led me to believe that every child should have a window into their parents lives, and it's healthy for your child to know about the experiences of their parent(s), to see if they have common ground with them, and get to know them, and even gain wisdom of what and what not to do.  Silence is never a remedy or shield for your child.  Many people think that by keeping secrets,  they protect their children. But there's always a wealth of teacher's outside the home that are ready and willing to give bad advise in place of the advise they you won't give.  In my case I learned a lot about my mother from what I witnessed myself, because there was a lot of hearsay growing up that stemmed from having her children taken from her. But I discovered that time tells all things, and as a child get's older, they can formulate their own opinion without influence and truth will be revealed.  

My mother's lifestyles provided me with a window into her personal life, because she didn't share a lot of things about the past.  As I got older, her life demonstrated what she had been through,  and she'd provide a few pebbles of wisdom that she expressed,  allowing me a window into the core of her beliefs about life and her own experiences.  One thing that I noticed is that she didn't waist time complaining about people and how she was mistreated, or much about her past failures.  Even though I witnessed that she incurred a lot of disrespect and abuse from her own peers and family, even us at times (being disrespectful) because of the turmoil during our childhood and the negative influence.  But even still she spent her day's in our company enjoying the time she spent with us.

One thing I learned when she passed away was that you only get one of each parent. I can't speak for anyone else's experience but my own. I also learned that if your relationship is good or even okay with your parent and it is not toxic (because everyone does not have a good relationship with their parent), take some time to get to know things about them and try to enjoy even the littlest bit of time that you can with them, because when they're gone, they are gone for good, and no one, no matter how good or even if there's striking similarities, can ever replace them. Don't spend your time arguing with them, sometime if they're impossible to deal with for long periods of time, love at a distance is much better.  That way you don't have the deal with guilt of disrespect when they're gone.  I also learned that my mother's flaw's also helps me to look at my own, because we can possess the same character flaw's as our parents do, but it takes God to help us change it. By learning about their life it can help you to avoid going down the same road, or it can even provide you with answers to questions that arise within your own children and put things into practice even though they are not near by, to share my own experience with them and give them the pebbles of wisdom that I've learned in my own lifetime, that way they have an open window into my life.  To know what I've experienced, and too see what they have in common with me. I also learned that my mother's flaw's also helps me to look at my own, because we can possess the same character flaw's as our parents do, but it takes God to help us change it. By learning about their life it can help you to avoid going down the same road, or it can even provide you with answers to questions that arise with the unexpected turns that come  in life.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Free Thinkers

By Patricia McKinney

Have you ever desired to try something out of the ordinary, like take a trip to an exotic place, go to an unusual restaurant, or try a new style, but because someone bashed it before you tried it, you changed your mind and didn't do it? Maybe your dream didn't seem popular with a large group of people, which made you feel like an odd-ball, and to save face from being rejected, you changed your mind about the situation all together?

Better yet, have you ever wanted to voice your opinion on an issue, or vote for someone that wasn't an ideal candidate or popular in the eyes of others, but you held back because you feared what someone else might think about it? So you went along with the opinion of the masses, but later, you lived to regret it?  

I find in today's society, people lack the ability to think for themselves and be who they are, which means many are being influences or even controlled by others, be it friends, family, or majority ruling.  They feel the need to get the approval of others in order to make decisions even in small things, because they feel their opinion or thoughts are not important.  

Why, because they haven't been taught to think for themselves, or have been given the liberty to make decisions, which is the perfect recipe for abuse, control, and manipulation, and they'll never step into the fullness of who they were meant to be.

My own experiences in life taught me to think for myself and be who I am.  Reason being, I discovered by spending time with people, they don't always have all of the answers, which means they'll give you the wrong answer in a dire situation, which will lead you astray. I also discovered they're not always 100% honest about who they are as a person, and the type of lifestyle they live behind closed doors. (They say one thing, but live another)

During the course of my own transition from the street life to walking a straight and narrow path, I myself had several mentors that I met along the way, all in a leadership role or position. By spending time with them, it gave me the opportunity to get to know who they were on a more personal level.  I had a chance to see the type of character they possessed outside of the public (behind the curtain) and compared it to the image that they portrayed while in the public eye.  I noticed they'd dressed up their external and covered up their internal. 

While they were in the public, they were portrayed as well respected, "images of perfection".  Some were good spokesmen/women, very articulate, well dressed, authoritative, organized, and seemed to have it all together. While on the other hand, they held back the fact that they had flaws, internal injuries, and habits that they had to overcome (or still struggling with). So they opted out of realism to become a hypocrite, out of fear that it would ruin the plastic image they set up to save themselves any shame or embarrassment.

I noticed down the line, they were not as effective in dealing with people they tried to impact, because the very ones that they were "hiding from" needed help from someone that was less than perfect that could identify with them.  Eventually, certain things about them became a turn off to me as well, because I was a "real person" and loved truth and honesty, which is a very effective tool in dealing with people that cross my path today.

I believe that a person's greatest story is their own life experience, all wrapped up in the good, the bad and the ugly.  I always teach those that I mentor, to "never be a hypocrite" by hiding who you are. Be yourself, think for yourself.  You never know, that by telling your story and expressing who you are, how effective you can be by touching the life of another.
Besides, if all people were perfect, they would have no need for God and his loving mercy. If they were perfect, they'd have no need for compassion, and they would not be able to help anyone else because they'd be too judgmental.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Standing Under Correction

By Keesah Pelzer 

Millions of people walk around everyday thinking that being corrected is completely unacceptable. People will go through all kinds of depths just to avoid admitting their mistakes, and some even go as far as covering things up. Some find fault in one another, while others blame someone else or deny that the event has ever taken place. Although being mistaken can be a bad thing, who is to say that it doesn't have its benefits? 

Believe it or not, I used to be extremely embarrassed of being wrong, and most of the time, I still have my days, but all in all, there's actually nothing wrong with being inaccurate, as long as we don't make a habit out of it, or keep repeating the same mistakes. How else are we supposed to learn if we never get corrected, and never open up to the possibilities of what may really be? 

One of the most awesome things about not being right is that it can somewhat be liberating. It gives us a chance to stop and re-evaluate our situation through the help of God, so that we can actually move towards a more beneficial direction in life, or our next opportunity to get it right. 

There are tons of things that I'm just now learning after being in error or without understanding for almost three decades. A lot of things I thought I knew the answers to, but I soon found out through my own personal experience's, that I was completely off. 

In no way am I glorifying a habitual case of falsehood, because there's a difference between a person who stays stuck repeating the same error over and over because they never fix the underlying cause, and the person who is able to move past it and grow from it, because they acknowledged their mistakes and want to get it right if granted with a second opportunity. You get to choose whether being wrong holds you back , or if it helps you grow and succeed. 

Though standing under correction can be tough at times, and even frustrating, and frightening, we cant allow that to stop us, because God corrects those that he loves. If he didn't love us, he would just continue to allow us to walk around in error, leaving us wit no chance at all to beat the odds that are against us.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Take The First Step

By Angela Cox 

People that are more open to change tend to have a richer more fulfilling life.  They are like a Chameleon that can adjust with the climate and scenery of their setting.  They are more open minded to the differences of other people and usually have bigger hearts, with more experiences and more stories to tell which makes them more exciting to be around.  Change is also good because you discover things about yourself that you didn't know was possible had you not taken the risk.  I found that the biggest problem in the fear of making a mistake, or fear of embarrassment is that you'll never move. Not only will you avoid making a mistake, but you can also miss out on a blessing that God has in store for you. I'm learning that sometimes we are in need of God's guidance to make some moves in life but there are also times when God wants us to open up to change. You never know what blessings lie in store for you when you take the first step.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

It's An Opportunity

By Karen Ricketts 

As individuals we go through ups and downs in life. The ups we’re OK with, but it’s the downs that stress us out, give us headaches, sleepless nights and leave us feeling embarrassed. 

Embarrassment comes because you can’t dress like you use to, or do the things you use to do, it puts a huge cramp in your life style. Your identity was based on how you looked, the type of job you had, what you drove, and the things you owned. Your usefulness and self worth were measured by a fickle and unstable rod that came with no guarantees.

This became normal everyday, without even a conscious thought given or an awareness of how you define who you are. It’s not until the "downs" hit home base when you find yourself unable to be who you were, because you can’t afford that lifestyle anymore.

When your situation and circumstances in life change, it can be an opportunity for personal growth. The Lord’s ways are not our ways and his thoughts are higher than our thoughts, so we might never completely understand the "whys" in life. Why did this have to happen to me or why didn’t that happen for me? Jesus can use the adversity and situations in our lives to demonstrate his realness, power and strength, and to highlight our faults and failures in order to give us the opportunity to come in closer to him.
We are much more than the material things we own and possess. While they’re good to have, the type of person you are, those qualities that make you unique are much more important to cultivate, prune and grow than any material possession. It’s an on-going process that requires honesty, commitment and dedication, if you are able to recognize and seize the opportunity.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Starving Artists

By Patricia McKinney 

A starving artist can be classified as a person with a lot of talent but no money to show for their success. I've come in contact with many women that could receive an academy award when it comes to marketing themselves and their product, insomuch that a naive person would think that they are the CEO of  a major corporation with a six figure income. But the best way to find out if a person "Ballin" like they claim to be, do a little research and you'll find that the biggest talent that they possess is the gift of gab and their success is a hoax.  Don't be deceived, a lot of people out here that claim they're successful, are actually broke, A.K.A, a starving artist. They either have a lot of talent with nothing to show for it, or they're out dated, and already had their time to shine (and it has come and gone with the switch of the new era).  There are many deceivers that fall into this category, but when they're in the public eye, they have to portray an image of success, even if it means driving a rental, or photo-shopping the hell out of their pictures on social media, renting garments, or even copying someone else's ideas to appeal to the viewers.

A starving artist will go through strenuous efforts to appeal to people using deception, because they're trying to attract those that are actually successful or those with a big name in business. The problem with using deception to market yourself is the unwanted unveiling that eventually comes through the utilization of social media. Once a person does their research, they'll find out through Facebook, twitter, Linked in, word of mouth and the company that you keep to determine where you, "the starving artist" is located financially.

A word to the wise, when your humble and can admit that you don't have much, and that you are making efforts to move up the ladder, then you can find help.  But when you are an actor/actress, portraying to be someone you're not, you will be exposed, and you will be the next pin up on the "wall of shame".  So save yourself the embarrassment. The key to success is humility, and people are more willing to give advise and tools to someone that has an ear to hear, but pride and arrogance only leads to a downfall.  It's hard to become successful when people feel that you already know everything and don't need their help.  The main key to success is putting God first and acknowledging that without his help, you can do nothing.   Besides, no one is ever really, a self made millionaire (or billionaire), it takes  help  along the way, even if it's someone that's interested in your product to make a purchase or give a contribution. No one does it alone and it takes God and the help of other's to be successful.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

CEO & Founder Patricia McKinney

             Women In Transition CEO & Founder Patricia McKinney is 50 years old, a "Fresh Face" on the scene bringing Style, Class, Motivation and Jesus to all women young and old in this 21st Century.. Follow her @prophetess4 on Twitter and Instagram  
"Watch out Oprah"

Friday, July 17, 2015

Controlling Your Own Destiny

By Keesah Pelzer

One of the most trending topics of conversation in this day and age is being in control of our own destiny. Some people are convinced that ultimately, they have some sort of imaginary remote to their future, as to where they can cultivate all the buttons of life and produce this epic future of positivity, but contrary to the beliefs and feedback that's been circulating on social media, it is impossible to do so. 

Yes, for every action there is a reaction, or as some may call it, the law of cause and effect. Like for instance, if you touch a hot iron, you're destined get burned, or if you've caused someone harm, harm in return, will eventually be your portion, if you disturb a beehive, you're going to be stung. Those are all examples of the types of things that we have choice over that could bring forth effect. Sure we all want things to go our way, but realistically, to be able to manifest all of those desires on our own, is totally not up to us. 

We as mere humans cannot predict the outcome of what's to happen to us in the future, we do have choice of what we want and do not want to do, but we don't have control over what others want and do not want to do, and that alone can cause situations and circumstances that are inevitable, leaving us without any sort leverage on life's outcome.

So, say we were actually granted the opportunity to able to be in control of all things that happens to us, what our futures holds and how it would play out. How many of us would chose the path we need in life vs the path we want? Look back at your life, and all the decisions you've made since you were old enough to rationally think for yourself. Look at the mistakes we've made all because we wanted to be in "control". Look at all the bad relationships we were in and heart break we've experienced, because we thought we knew what was right for us. I know for myself, when I was trying to take control of my own destiny, I was a wreck. I didn't know right from wrong, meaning the real way to live, so I was making all the wrong decisions. It takes God to show us right from wrong, and up from down, because without His directions,  we'd be in ruins.

Indeed each one of us has our own destiny, and God does in fact give us free will and choice, but those choices are solely not enough for us to manifest and prevent things from happening in our future with our own powers, and to be honest, God knows what we're going to do before it even comes to us as a thought. We may have some sort of control over what we do individually, but what about everything and everyone else around us? Those things effects us as well. So with that being said, God is the only one that's in control over everything, not us.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Decline Of The Black Community

By Patricia McKinney 

In the 1960's and 1970's, black people represented a model of strength, unity, and empowerment. They were community based, and were advocates for their own people.   Although many blacks were of mixed social status, they possessed moral principles, and an ethics system within their families and in their daily lives. Blacks were major contributors in America, the place that their ancestors built with their own blood, sweat, and tears.  In the 1970's era, it was the norm  to see black teachers and doctors with their own private practices, and many black business owners.  From subdivisions and well manicured neighborhoods, to government projects, black people were more conscious of the positive image that they had to uphold, after being misrepresented and scorn for so long. They had to fight for what they had to obtain the freedoms that other races already possessed.  They carried a sense of pride about themselves, while rising to new heights in society and were becoming more established economically.   They were more goal oriented and worked hard to achieve success, in pursuit of living the American dream.  

Young black men and women graduating from High School would further their education by going to college or technical school to get a trade, so they could enter into the workforce well equipped for their tasks. Others would pursue entrepreneurial opportunities and desired their own businesses, while many young black men enlisted in the military.  They possessed a mindset that demonstrated foresight and responsibility.

Most blacks operated from the principle of sowing and reaping, and knew that if you wanted anything in life, you had to put your best foot forward, and plant in order to reap a harvest.   Government assistance was not glorified back then among the working class, it was deemed as low-grade or to be used in case of a temporary setbacks, not a lifestyle. Elders were held in high esteem and were not easily disrespected by the youth in that day.  You were reprimanded by them as well as your parents, and would earn a negative reputation if you stepped out of line.  

But with each decade, there's has been a decline in morals, ethics, and standards, and most have lost their goal oriented mindset and foresight to prepare for tomorrow. Black parents have gotten lazy, while condoning foolishness from their young, because they don't want them to suffer as they did.  They've taken a backseat in society, and are living for the "here and now," becoming more impulsive, and pursuing self gratification instead of substance, and are more concerned with pop culture and fashion.  The young black male have lost their value, lacking the father figure in the home, and they glorify the rap game, possessing a gangster thug mentality with no regard for life. They view black women as Bitches and Hoe's, while women accept being called out of their name, accepting being de-valued and disrespected.  Women have become a quick fix for the black mans sexual desires.  Many black men both young and old have become animalistic and are on the verge of extinction, with a taste for the blood for their own kind, hating and killing one another.  They've lost their zest for life and are no longer a productive part of society but are contributing to it's ill's.  

With all of the corruption that has become a part of the black community, there is still a small remnant of black people, both men and women that have not strayed from their positive an productive mentality.  They still uphold traditional values, and are an active, contributing factor in society.  I encourage those of you that are striving for excellence to continue to press toward greatness, but also strengthen what remains, meaning those that are young in need of direction and substance.  Also remember that God is the foundation of your success and your sustainer, and He give's you the inner strength in a time when corruption is so prevalent.  Continue to love on your children and encourage others to pursue greatness, because strong people strengthen the community.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Pursuit Of Happiness

Karen Ricketts 

Happiness is defined individually in today's society where it seems like every and any type of behavior is tolerated or accepted. In other words, to each his own as long as it makes you happy. 

Most of society see's happiness as being tangible, something you can hold, touch or attain, including people. Some chase material possessions and the finer things in life. Happiness to them comes in owning the newest, sleekest, hippest and shinny-est version of anything put out on the market. They are in hot pursuit of anyone and anything that can contribute to their thirst. It's like a happiness pill they hunt, scratch and scrape for, but once swallowed wears off with a quickness that leaves them wanting more. 

It is so easy to get tangled up in things that seem to satisfy your craving for happiness and fulfillment. Some fixate on having and finding a partner, because not having a man or woman attached to them leads to sadness. Others seek happiness in a certain car, job, house, or anything conceived in their mind as happiness. 

The pursuit of happiness in this manner is like a dog chasing after it's own tail, going around and around in circles, getting tired and dizzy but still somehow believing. Once in a blue moon he might catch it, but only momentarily as he loses his grip and has to start all over again, tired and unfulfilled. That's because real happiness is intangible, related to your mental and psychological state and is not acquired and measured by your possessions, status, or who you know. 

You can start by changing your definition and view of happiness from the tangible to the intangible. The roadway or path to real happiness starts when we begin to address the internal hurt, pain, rejection, and failures we endured in life. I've been one of those women chasing practically all of the above mentioned, only to end up winded with added hurt and pain along the way. 

Getting older slowed me down, but age didn't change the intangible or physical things I held up as my idea of happiness. The Light that came to show me the error of my ways and thinking was Christ. The attainment of things will only bring you temporary gladness. Christ can lead you to that roadway to heal all your wounds. The healing process does take time, but in the mist of it you can experience real joy, contentment and satisfaction as well.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Be Careful How You Treat Other On Your Way Up The Ladder

By Patricia McKinney 

I recently read a Proverb of wisdom written by King Solomon in the bible.  He spoke of how fast wealth disappears and compared it with the flight of an eagle. It reads: "In the blink of an eye wealth disappears, for it will sprout wings and fly away like an eagle", meaning how fast you can lose wealth. After reading this proverb, I pondered on the wealthy lifestyles of influential people, and how they've acquired wealth from humble beginnings. Some started off at the bottom, meaning, they lived impoverished in the ghetto, where high crime was the norm and roaches were their landlord. They hustled to survive from day to day, and to struggle was their way of life.

After living a life of struggle, many rise from poverty to prestige, and do not want to be reminded of the hardships of their former days.  Not realizing that the reminder of hardship, is the tool that teaches others that you too, can rise from the bottom to the top. Hardship is also used as a humbling factor to keep kindness in our hearts, and helps us deal with people without partiality. But many forget where they came from and  they lose the quality of humility, and become filled with pride and arrogance.  As a result, they make the mistake of disrespecting those that stood by them during their quest to prestige.  I witnessed this a lot among the influential upper crust of society, how they leave those that stick by them through thick and thin, during the days when they were broke, and couldn't make a dollar out of fifteen cents.

What really captures my eye in this present day, is the amount of prestigious people that are  falling from their peak of success at rapid speed, only to be headed back to humble beginnings, or worse, rock bottom.  I asked the myself the question "how did they fall so far from success? Was it due to frivolous spending and bad investments? On some occasions, that was the case and some were not disciplined with what they had.  But I examined their plight further and considered their character flaws that were made public, which lead me to consider another question. How did they treat other's on their way up the ladder to success?

I found that many did not attain wealth by being upstanding citizens of society, or by spending long days and nights perfecting their own talent and skill, but  by stepping on the backs of others, using talents and idea's that were not their own to acquire wealth.  It reminded me of  slave descendant's that discovered witty inventions, only to have it stolen by the slave master or those in control.  Some got to the top by using those that loved them and helped motivated them  along the way. They even used their own spouse as a means to an end! So I considered it well, and came to the conclusion, that many are reaping what they've sown, but most have forgotten God and how to be kind to others.  Being humbled is a life lesson that teaches you to be careful how you treat others on your way up the ladder, and don't forget your Maker, God Almighty that allows you to get wealth. 

Monday, July 13, 2015

The Glory Stays

By Keesah Pelzer

Have you ever been in a relationship where the other party you were dating would buy you all types of gifts, but when the relationship was over, everything that they purchased (in the name of love), they suddenly wanted it back? The jewelry, the phone, the car, and yes, even the house keys. Not for nothing, but that's exactly what happens when we about-face, and march right out of the presence of the Lord.

For some strange reason, we tend to think that when we turn our backs on God, that everything he blessed us with, stays with us. We want to keep the peace that He has given us, the purity, the relevance, and most importantly, the glory, but needless to say, all of those things return back to its rightful owner. When God blesses us with both spiritual, and tangible things, it's a known fact that upon leaving his presence, those things we no longer have access to, leaving us in a worse off condition than we were in when He first accepted us with open arms.

A lot of the time, we as humans cannot comprehend how the Lord does business, but its much like signing a prenuptial agreement before you inter into marriage, (but verbally), so if for any given reason we decide to up and leave, He has the right to protect His assets. In other words we leave with what we came with, which is more than likely a slue of issues, and the clothes on our backs. Rather we want to admit it or not, The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, and divorcing Him would be against our better judgment, not just because He gives us things, but because what he gives can only be attained through His Holy Spirit. You can't buy peace and joy, and you can't fake the anointing. If that was case, He wouldn't be God, because He has already warned us of what would happen if we decided to go astray.

God doesn't just hand out His glory to anyone, but when he grants us those rights and we walk away from Him knowing the consequences, he will take everything that we worked so hard to get and allow someone else to enjoy the fruit of our labor... at our own expense.  So that way its an even exchange, and you're free to leave, but the glory stays.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Keep It A Secret Until It Comes To Pass

By Patricia McKinney

In the 1960's and 1970's people had a better system of values and morals unlike that of modern society. They would take interest in the welfare of their neighbors and keep a watchful on their property as well as their children. They'd even go to the extent of scolding or lecturing a child if they were wrong, or saw they were going down the wrong path of decision and this was approved by parents.  They had better sense of community back then and if something happened in the neighborhood out of the ordinary everyone knew about it.  They'd also share what they had and invite friends or family to dinner.  But most of all they would share pebbles of wisdom with the young.

I will never forget the pebble of wisdom passed down to me from the father of my childhood friend.  He took me under his wing as if he were my own father.  One day he and my best friend came to visit after several years had past, and like the days of old he still had an interest in me as if I were a child.  He asked me what my goals were and I began to share them.  Then he opened his mouth with a pebble of wisdom and said, " Whatever you do in life, unless someone is helping you reach your goals, don't tell anybody what your doing until you get there. Keep it a secret until it come to pass. 

He told me these things because he had gained wealth after a long struggle of hard work and hardship taking care of his wife and five children. He also shared how things changed when he became successful, and in a prosperous place in life, and how people wanted a piece of the pie (his financial assets). One of the important things he mentioned was that people that had no involvement in his climb  to success were the ones wanting to share it and know all of the details of his personal life.

His words still ring true until this day.  As an adult, I've learned over the years that people are still the same. As a pebble of wisdom I will say to you, if you have goals you desire to fulfill, or you'd like to start a business, or venture that will bring fulfillment and long-term success. Remember this, unless someone is helping you arrive at your destination with a good heart,  "keep it a secret until it comes to pass".  Not everyone one will share in your happiness or success and there are plenty of people who are naysayers that help destroy dreams.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Following The Path Of The Unknown

By Patricia McKinney

"Sometime when difficult situations arise or a crisis comes, we are placed in positions where we can choose to stay in it, or take drastic measures ( also known as) following the path of the unknown to ensure our survival. I find that usually people that have experienced hardship in life have innate survival techniques built within, which means, they can adapt to their surroundings because of the survival skills developed through hardship or lack, but fear is their setback to moving forward.  Sometime in life, a bad situation is God's way to tell us that some changes need to be made. Even if that means to let go of a home, business, familiar surroundings,or unhealthy relationships, it's all for the better, because he may replenish and rebuild what you've lost. Your return may not be in the same form as before, but it can come in the form of wisdom and knowledge to make better decisions or to help someone else, leading you to a much more fulfilling life in the long run."