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Women In Transition...Where Change Begins
A Seminar On Womenhood

Friday, July 3, 2015


By Patricia McKinney 

What is convenience?  Convenience is defined as fitness or suitability for performing an action or fulfilling a requirement,  something conducive to comfort or ease, a suitable or convenient time (at your convenience) freedom from discomfort : ease, accommodation.

Remember the cliche that says "one hand washes the other?"  Do you recall the late music artist, Teddy Pendergrass that made the old school song titled, "When Somebody Loves You Back?" I love the part of the song that said, "not 70/30, not 60/40,  I'm talkin' bout' 50/50 love, yeah!  Now we live in a world that knows nothing about either of these percentage brackets. If your in the 60/40 bracket of love now days, your doing pretty good and that's sad.  The percentage bracket does not just apply to relationships only, but also friendships and family.  I've discovered that many people settle for unhealthy imbalances when dealing with people ,and if one party has a giving heart, they don't really expect anything  in return.  Not to say that you should give to want something back, but if your always the one giving in a relationship, to a friend, or family member, but you don't get anything in return, that's what you call "CONVENIENCE".  In this case scenario, it means it's convenient for that person (or persons) to be in a relationship with you because it's accommodating them.  It's comfortable, and suitable for them because they're receiving all the goods, whether it be love, respect, time, money, sex, trips and vacations, the good life etc, without having to contribute.

Many men and women go for the "okey doke" just because they love somebody.  I learned that if you keep it up, you'll end up broke and highly disappointed in the long run.  I challenge you to take a look at those around you, and keep in mind that every marriage and relationship is not always "fitly joined together", some need to be put asunder! You may just be a victim of "CONVENIENCE" and accommodating someone else at your own expense.

Thursday, July 2, 2015


By Patricia McKinney 

Most of us at some time in our life have experienced rejection on one occasion or another, but it usually doesn't have a long lasting effect unless it's continual and inflicted by those that play an important role in our lives. Usually when someone we're close to rejects us, it leaves scars that require internal healing.

Rejection comes in many forms, and it's best described as being shunned or pushed away, excluded, denied, or refused. Sometimes it's expressed through cold hearted treatment towards someone, or even acts of spitefulness. People usually reject someone because they lack understanding for the other party, or they don't feel good about themselves. People experience rejection for various reasons including their race, sex, complexion (light skinned/dark skinned), size (too fat/too skinny), facial features, their class status (rich or poor). I've even witnessed parents that reject their own child because they're a "spitting image" (have a strong resemblance) of an absent parent that caused them pain.  The damage that rejection has can last a lifetime, depending on the severity of it, and it normally causes a person to have a negative outlook on how they feel about themselves or their own self worth. Unfortunately it's inflicted in the early developmental stages of a persons life, and it leaves long term scars that can only be dismantled by the love of  God, and those around us that accept us for who we are.

Many women that experience rejection  seek love in all the wrong places because they want to feel love and acceptance, even if it means receiving negative attention. They'll compromise their core beliefs just to fill the void, or do things within a relationship that's humiliating just to please the other party, only to have their wounds deepened by them. I've learned that people that don't have a healthy measure of self love or acceptance (good/bad/or indifferent) allow others to overstep boundaries that should be adhered to.  They'll either become a "doormat" for people to walk on, or a "terror" that prey's on the weak, seeking to inflict the same pain that they've endured. Some even turn to drugs and alcohol, partying, and unhealthy associations just to fill the emptiness.

But I've learned through my own experience, that you don't have to live with this internal issue for the rest of your life, and the cure is not found in people, or a temporary fix  used as a substitute to numb the pain.  The cure comes by seeking the face of God through prayer, and by finding out through his word the love and approval that He has for you as your creator. His word says " Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore with loving-kindness have I drawn you and continued My faithfulness to you". Jeremiah 31:3

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Strength & The Spirit

"To be a believer is an action word, where you have to work to commit yourself daily to the Lord and to do what is right in His sight. This is the hard part. Like the person claiming vegetarian and eating meat, you can't claim Christ and do everything under the sun. At some point you have to demonstrate your faith, allegiance and loyalty to Christ if He's who you're claiming, even in the small things. His moral code, his teachings and inspired words recorded in the Bible are tough to live by. It is the complete opposite of who we are used to being, even if society considers us "good people". Our flesh and the world are not his allies. That's why it takes his Spirit and strength working through us and us putting our faith and loyalty in practice to even make it day by day".- Karen Ricketts

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Everything Is Not Good For The Soul

By Patricia McKinney 

One of the most important things that I teach all the time (which is also based in the scriptures), is that in order to change, it starts with your mind set being renewed. Which means you have to learn something new that promotes integrity, good moral standards, and productive living that all comes from a blueprint designed by God.

You have to seek God and ask for help to change old habits that are naturally hard to break, and strength to separate from those things, or people that prevent you from arriving at your purpose. You also have to watch, and be cautious of those you allow in your personal space, because everyone that we're so comfortable with, may not have the right motives and intentions concerning you, or be a positive influence in your life.

You also have to be mindful of what you intake, or the things that you watch or listen to. Everything is not good for the soul, sometime we can be feeding ourselves things that promote "the bad habits within us" that are hard to break. What you allow around you and what you take in , plays a huge part that results in where you arrive. Remember this, "Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life"(Proverbs 15:23). Also, "He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.(Proverbs 13:20)

Monday, June 29, 2015

Young & Free

By Keesah Pelzer 

In todays world, God has become the trending topic, especially among young adults. What I've noticed is that it's cool to talk about God, but live the complete opposite, and it's considered corny or old-fashioned for us young ones to really live according to His will. People think that you have to be old in age to give your life to the Lord and really submit to Him, but that's one of the most common misconceptions about God. 

I remember six years ago when I first started going to Manifested Glory Ministries. I was sitting in my chair during bible study, and listening to the teaching from my spiritual mom Patricia McKinney. She was talking about the things we had to give up in order to follow Christ and to be effective. As I was sitting there, I remember thinking, "Oh my gosh! This is waaayyy too hard! I have to give up this, and that, and stop going here and there, and cut off this person, and THAT person? If this doesn't work out, I'll just come back when I'm older and ready to give all of these things up, because I'm still young, and I want to have fun!" In an instant, God showed me that if I were to wait that long, by then it'll be too late for me, because the times that we're living in now are crucial. It's hard to survive without God in today's world, and me, nor anyone else for that matter, isn't promised to make it until we're old in age. 

True, I did have to give up things that I didn't want to, but in return for that, he's giving me balance, structure, healing, understanding, protection and peace. Those things are far more valuable than what the world can offer us. 

People tend to think you can't have fun in God, but that's not true. I'm having more fun now than I've ever had in my life, but the only difference is that it's good and clean, mature fun this time around. When you get closer to God, it makes you want to do what's right in his eyes. Not just because you're supposed to do it, but because you want to do it. 

As I continue to follow His lead, with the help of my leaders, things are starting to become more clear to me. Don't ever let anyone tell you that with age comes wisdom, because that only applies in certain areas. It's totally possible to be an old fool, and a young one too. It takes God to reveal to us right from wrong. Yes, He does love us in spite of our iniquities and short comings, but we can't use that as an excuse in our youthful years to do everything under the sun. I know nothing happens over night, because it took me a long time and few falls to get where I'm at today. Although I have an EXTREMELY long way to go, I'm reminded that He died for our sins so that we can have an abundance of life through Him, young and old, and so that He can show us how we really ought to live, not for us to bring a whole bunch of excuses before Him as to why we're way to young to live right and serve Him. 

Looking back, I thought I was liberated because I was of age, and I had my own apartment, and all the cliché things that come with being a young adult. But now I know that true freedom comes from God, and you're never too young to be free in Him, because "Who the son sets free is FREE INDEED!"

Friday, June 26, 2015

Put God First

"'Getting got' (being taken advantage of ) does not always come in the form of money.  A man or women could be a dream killer, by keeping you captive because of his/her own insecurities, or a man can make you a baby machine, so now no one else will want used goods. Better yet, someone could be using you as a place to lay their head, pay their bills, or live the lavish life off of your back breaking work.  The bottom line here is to put God first, spend some time being single, look in the mirror so you can recognize where your weak points are, and ask for God's help to make you strong, so that you will stop being on the receiving end of the moocher or blood sucking leeches that never get tired of sucking life, money, and happiness from"- Angela Cox 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Celebrating Celibacy

By Karen Ricketts 

Celibacy, to abstain from sexual activity
A difficult feat to accomplish given today's society
No sex , that's crazy
And nothing's wrong with you, that's insanity
But be proud of your virgin status
Stay strong even if its your second time around

 I celebrate my celibacy
Years and years maintaining my purity
It is not all the way easy
But the strength of God keeps me
Day by day I ask Him to preserve me
And He has yet to fail 

Celibacy is freeing mind, body, spirit and soul
Disease, abuse, betrayal, and pain oh what a toll!
Celibacy, quality time and a relationship with me
Lord, show me the error of my ways and heal me 
He will fill every void in your life
And help you in maintaining your purity.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Truth Be Told

By Keesah Pelzer 

If you had a chance to catch a glimpse of all the ways you were living in error, would you believe what you see, or would you continue to go on with life as usual? What if you found out that just about everything you were doing was wrong, from the things you eat, down to the way you see? Would you seek more of the truth, or would you stay comfortably in your old ways? 

How often are we presented with the truth, but do to the fact that it doesn't make since to us, we sweep it under the rug, and go on about our business, or we deny it because we're used to things being done one way. Sad to say, these are the type of things that go on every single day. 

Just like those who refrain from Dr. visits In fear of finding something wrong with their health, I've noticed that people are the same when it comes to receiving the truth about themselves. Some don't want to know the reality or the condition that they're really living in, because reality is always a "high killer". We don't want anyone or anything to kill our high, and high meaning the state of being numb. We don't want to have to deal with the mess of emotions that comes behind factualism. 

I myself can totally identify, because I was one of those people that would receive a lie better than the truth, and I thought that other people in return, would expect the same thing from me. So if you flat out told me what it really was, I would classify you as being rude or mean, because I felt as though my feelings weren't being considered. Sounds foolish, but when you're so used to hearing lies all the time, it takes a while for you to get used to receiving honesty, especially if its about yourself. Its a hard pill to swallow. You don't just wake up, and all of a sudden absolutely love the truth, because the truth is going to hurt first, but it will also bring out the ugliness on the inside of us that we A) had no idea about, or B) chose to ignore, but ultimately, that's a good thing.

What I had to understand about God was that he does not lie. He tells us the truth so that possibly we can see things for what its worth. I had to learn how to accept the truth, even in its raw and ugly state, but truth be told, when you start to see the manifestation and peace that the truth brings, You'll start to understand and appreciate its importance.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Open Your Mind

By Karen Ricketts 

Coming to Christ means you have to be willing to put to the side almost everything You were taught and be open minded to learning God's way. It's not an easy thing to unlearn a behavior or a way of thinking, but Christ in your life will lead you, guide you and give you the strength you need. 

It's a process in Christ. We get practical lessons where we're tested and challenged in the areas in our heart and life, because the Lord wants to bring change, healing and deliverance. Just like learning to tie my shoelaces, I have failed lessons, tests and challenges over and over again. But I refuse to give up and have asked the Lord to take away the shame and embarrassment I felt. Like a toddler you have to grow and be able to do certain task on your own, and so it is in Christ as well. 

The saying, "Growing up is hard to do" comes to mind, but it is essential. The Bible tells me that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13). "Through Christ" is the key, and as I continue to learn from God, I also hope to advance in my development.

Monday, June 22, 2015

God Sees No Color

By Patricia McKinney 

With all the hatred and division going on in this world today, it's understandable why one wouldn't want any parts of this chaos and confusion. Every time I log onto the internet, all I see is innocent people being murdered, violence, hate crimes, and an increase in racism.

I myself am not a racist, and I refuse to pull the, "black victim syndrome" race card every time there's a white on black crime, or black on white crime. I know a lot of black people are upset with me because first, I didn't vote for Obama (the first black president), and secondly, I love white people, and I don't think its necessary to chose a side.

I find it odd that we are content with a black person killing another black person, but as soon as a white person kills someone who is black, here comes Al Sharpton and the rest of the bandwagon jumpers marching, protesting, and causing a seen, but why not raise awareness about the fact that we kill our own everyday? Walking around with signs and megaphones isn't bringing forth the peace that is required.

I also have been studying the history of my kind and my own personal experiences as a black woman, wife and mother. I know firsthand about the mentality that certain blacks have. I Lived in the hood, I know how we act, what we expose our children to, and what we think is due to us because of the Jim Crow era. We think that white people owe us for the time our ancestors served in slavery, but if we studied our history, we'd see that they were not the only reason our ancestors were slaves, it goes so much deeper than what we were taught.

When I got married to my wonderful husband of eighteen years and had two beautiful children, I decided to change the way I lived. I wanted better for my children, but in order for me to do so, I had to change my mindset and raise my children in a home of love, morals and discipline. I taught them how to see no color when they look at others, and how to coexist in a world of diversity.

I have a pure heart when dealing with people, and I don't judge them based off of what color their skin is, or how others feel about them. In my book, right is right, and wrong is wrong. I don't get caught up in all the heated race debates circulating on the internet, and I'm not siding with anything that's contrary to what my beliefs are.

When the Lord looks at us, he see's no color, but instead looks at the heart, and the problem with society today is that they do the complete opposite, yielding decades and decades worth of mayhem. Those that look to the system for understanding, refuge and truth in the time of need are being hoodwinked. In order for us to find true and everlasting peace, and all the solutions to all our problems, we must first seek the face of God.

Friday, June 19, 2015

A Needle In A Haystack

 By Patricia McKinney 

Good people are hard to come by, and they present themselves very few and far in between.  It's like "finding a needle in a haystack" (it seems impossible).  Some people don't understand that it takes hard work to reap the fruit of their labor. They may think that my statement is extreme because they've either been born with the silver spoon in their mouth, or they've never had to run their own business, and strive to keep it running smoothly, while re-vamping until they find the right people and meaningful connections.

I know this first hand after sifting through a hay stack of people in search of the right connections. I discovered in all my labor and "grinding at the mill", that there's very few people willing to share their own knowledge, wisdom, business expertise or even their own connections in order to help further you along with your own endeavors.  But I also found that those who are willing to share, have more in abundance. I learned this principle, and now I'm experiencing an abundance in many area's of my life because of what I've sown.

Not long ago I had the privilege of sitting among many awesome women at an honorary reception, and I noticed that each had several qualities in common.  Many of which I met for the first time, were "self-less" in sharing their wealth of expertise and knowledge with me to further along a good cause. They understood that it takes the help of others to accomplish goals.  They were like that "needle in a haystack" that sews things together, and makes things happen by being unified to accomplish a goal.  The proof that they were doing a good work was shown by the impact made in the lives of the young women that were honored at this event. 

I'm sharing my experience with you as proof that even though it may be hard to connect with the right people, and it may seem like you're on a mission to "find a needle in a haystack", it can be done.  I've found my "needle" because I was persistent and didn't give up when things didn't happen overnight. I continued to sow (time, a listening ear, monetary gifts, counsel, etc.) into the lives of others,  and I didn't give up when things seemed grim. I held to my faith in God and continued to work until I saw results. So I encourage you today, to keep striving, and don't give up. You never know when you'll stumble upon your needle (people that will help you along the way) that will propel you to accomplish things that your heart desires. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Continue To Stand

By Karen Ricketts

know I need to stand
Stand no matter the weather
Planting each foot firmly against the storms of life
Staying awake and alert no matter

Eyes, ears and heart open wide to you each day
Seeking a wind of change to blow my way
To stand when my tomorrow is uncertain
Knowing your love is steadfast and unchanging 

Stand I must on His Word and promises
Discarding disobedience and denial - hindrances
Truth is, the fight is internal as well
But always in faithfulness and truth, seek to excel

Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord
For by your strength I can do all things
Though I often stumble and waver

With just a mustard seed size of faith oh the wonders

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Exploring New Possibilities

By Keesah Pelzer 

Everyday is filled with new possibilities as long as you're open to receive them, and while venturing out into the unknown may be a little frightening, it also can be very exciting. I'm one of many who loves to meet new people, and I'm willing to give things a try even if I already feel as though I'm not going to like it, but that's the beauty of adventures! 

When you're scared to step out, and do things you've never done before, it can hinder all the possibilities of what's to come. In God, there is so much to learn, and so many things to do (when the time comes) but most of us never get there because we surround ourselves with the same group of people sticking to the, "never forget where you came from" mentality. 

Those imaginary rules were designed to keep everyone at eye level. Do you think birds say they can't go too high or too far out because they have to remember the nest they came from? No way! Once they leave the nest that they were birthed in, they fly without restraints, and that's how we should be.

You see, it's not about forgetting where you came from, but more so about wanting to explore new channels, and there's nothing wrong with that!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Imaginary Security Blanket

By Patricia McKinney 

We've all watched the news at one point or another, and listened to the person being interviewed responding in shock to a tragedy that they never thought would happen in their community.  Especially if the victim or culprit of the crime was their next door neighbor.  They'd respond to the occurrence like Shakespeare in love, and say,  "Wherefore has such a thing happened? Such an occurrence shalt never be named within this community! Thou hast never heard of such an atrocity! God forbid if the person that committed the crime was an upstanding pillar of the community. They'd think the guilty party was being blackmailed.

Just think about it.  It would be a little difficult to believe an elderly couple living next door for the past thirty years, would be presumed guilty after being brought up on charges for money laundering, racketeering, and tax fraud. Most people would be blind sighted because of their age and innocent appearance. In fact, something like that would seem absurd right?  There's been numerous accounts of people being arrested that are "up in age" because they've gotten away with mischief for years, but it finally caught up with them.  The only ones fooled are those deceived by their age and appearance.
My life experience provided me with a realistic perception of people, places, and things. It taught me to  "never say never". I learned to stop looking through rose colored glasses especially when it comes to people, and I became a realist.  It's not that I dismiss good qualities in people, or refuse to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I also recognize that times have changed, and people have changed as well. The world as we know it, has done a 360 degree turn.  There used to be a time when you were able leave your doors opened and fall asleep, or run an errand, and come back and everything was still in tact. But try that now, and you'll be in for a rude awakening, after your home has been ransacked by a menacing kleptomaniac.

It's normal for people to get caught up in a person's status, their appearance, the comfort of a familiar work place, a school system and its high academic ranking, a governing system, familiar faces and friends, a well manicured neighborhood, and never think that the real life character from Americas Most Wanted could be living in the area.   We create (with the help of human nature) an imaginary security blanket, (also know as a false sense of security) because of what we see and hear.  Sometimes its easy to get hooked on a charismatic demeanor and the emotionally moving words of someone with social or governing status, until something happens to ruffle our feathers. We forget that all human nature has limits. If you pay close attention to what's going on in our world in comparison to what it used to be, you'll notice that things have drastically changed. You'll see that people are experiencing more hardship, and stress that they didn't have before.

Our nation has gotten in over it's head, and the affects on the people are taking it's toll. In these times when our own imaginary security blanket has been torn, and no longer provides the warmth and comfort that it used to, we have to stop and think.  We have to look around and consider the things that were made without human hands and intellect.  We have to take a close look at the one that gave us our mere existence and the breath of life, the movement of our limbs, the sight of the eyes and the hearing of the ears.  The one that gave us the ability to feel, to think, to love and hate. The one that cannot be compared to human nature.  That's when we have to find a place of solace, an assuring factor made without human hands.  The only one to totally rely on, in troubled times, and uncertainty, is the one that created us all, and that is God.  He's the only one that can provide a security blanket, made without the limits of human ability, that can give inner peace, love, protection and provision when our own imaginary security blanket no longer provides comfort.  

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Outcast

By Angela Cox

We've all heard of the saying, "Beauty is In The Eye of The Beholder", which means every one's perception of beauty is not the same. For example, a work of art from Picasso or Michael Angelo may be beautiful to one person, but if it's beheld by someone that has no appreciation for a masterpiece, it may not be considered beautiful at all. Therefore, it's cast aside, and it's value is not considered.

It's the same way with those that are an "outcast". An outcast is best described as someone that doesn't fit into their own familiar social group, family setting, peers, or those they desire acceptance from. Until God shines His light on them, and causes them to rise like the morning sun.

I for one was born an outcast among some of my own family as well as many peers. I was born in the 70's era when you were only cute if you had the right complexion, and meat on your bones, or were more of the voluptuous type. You were considered acceptable if your were privilege not to be born from illegitimacy, or to be born into a lower class, or one with a million and one flaws. I was one that never fit the bill of perfection in the eyes of those I desired acceptance from, and even dealt with hatred and jealousy from some I was close to. This can take a toll on you because of the rejection that goes along with the territory, and it's heightened by those you desire to please. Especially when you're young, or don't know your own worth and how highly valued you are in the eyes of the Master Builder that created a masterpiece, and that's God himself.

But as time passed, I had to learn that God allows those closest too us to cast us away, to reject us, disrespect us, and mistreat us, causing us to feel like a puzzle piece that doesn't fit into their ideal scheme of things. It's because our purpose in life is different from theirs, and even though it doesn't feel good at first, it's for our own benefit. He doesn't want His masterpiece to be destroyed by those that don't appreciate the beauty of a masterpiece, and He wants us to discover our own worth and purpose in life that will shine like the morning sun, for all to see. Once you allow him to change the way you think, and give you a new heart.

Once this happens, He will cause the very ones that cast you away, that didn't value the masterpiece to question, "who is this that appears like the dawn, as fair as the moon, as Bright as the sun, and majestic as the stars in procession" (Song of Solomon). God will shine his light on you for others to see miracle that he performed in your life, because you "the outcast" is a masterpiece in His eyes, rejected by man and accepted by Him.