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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


By Karen Ricketts
One of my daughters' favorite Disney movie is Mulan, and it's become one of my favorite as well. Mulan, the heroine in the movie, dressed up as a boy in order to take her injured father's place in the King's army.
I remember hearing the song "Reflection" for the first time and how it struck a chord with me, especially the verse that says "when will my reflection show who I am inside". In the most recent months this particular verse of the song has played back to me while looking in the mirror or at certain times during my interaction with others.
I'm beginning to really see the family resemblance and attitude of my mother especially, but also of my aunts and cousins. The scientific community calls this your DNA, family traits and habits. While I love my family, I can guarantee you that at this very moment you'll find mother and son/daughter not speaking to each other, aunt P and aunt T had another falling out, brother and sister or cousin and cousin refusing to even be in the same room with each other and on and on.
There's always drama, division, bitterness, unforgiveness, jealousy, you name it. During the holidays, the ones that are speaking to each other get together and talk dirt about the ones not there. This only breeds more animosity and division. Growing up and even today, I never wanted to be like my mother, any of her sisters or like any of my cousins because of the things I witnessed. However, because of my DNA and bloodline I have to face the facts that I look and act similar to them. There is definitely no denying that fact. We know that when we look in the mirror we see a natural reflection, but not immediately seen are our psychological and emotional states as well.
Today, I desire to be a reflection of Christ and the person he's calling me to be. I know he desires to make me over in his image in every way shape and form and that's why that song had such an impact on me. I'm still a reflection, of my parents, which seems to be more pronounced lately, but this only serves as a reminder that I need to continue to seek the Lord even the more so I can eventually be transformed in his likeness and image. I need my DNA changed. 


By Keesah Pelzer
To truly get to know someone could be like peeling back the layers of an onion, and it could take a while for you to get to the central, most important and inner parts of that person, and really understand who they are. That's why its always good to get to know people for yourself instead of going based off of what someone else says.
I remember this lady I used to go to church with had a fall out with the pastor, and she said to me, "The longer you stick around, the more you'll see how she really is", and she was right! I took it upon myself to stick around, and I found out that she was the complete opposite of what the lady tried to place in my head.
The problem was that because the pastor didn't go about doing things the way the lady thought she should, she was sketched to be the devils advocate, and had I went with the masses and followed behind her, I would have been in the same state of mind that she is in today, missing all the great things that God has in store for me. The outcome of their relationship had nothing to do with me, and I would have been utterly wrong if I were to go solely off of what the angry lady said about the pastor.
Her whole objective was to make me come into an agreement with the things she was doing wrong, and to keep me from moving higher in God. I've learned that people give ear to the wrong individuals, and somehow we fail to comprehend that the people trying to detour us from our destiny in Christ can't help us, and can barely help themselves.
 In the times we're living in now, having a strong mind is essential, because without it, you'll practically fall for anything, allowing people and their fabricated stories to lead you straight to the slaughter house.
In life, there are always going to be roadblocks (which can also be people) that try to stop us from succeeding, but if we want to make it bad enough, we'll push pass the, "DO NOT GO" sign and keep moving and pressing forward, no matter what people say, and who tries to stop us.
We cant let someone else's opinion stop us from getting what we need in order to survive, because they can say those things out of jealousy, envy, or just out of the plain wickedness in their hearts.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Peek a Boo We See You!!!!!!!!!

    People will always have an Opinion about you
      But live your life for God not people.
Patricia McKinney


                                            Exclusive! By Patricia McKinney

In a politically correct society we're told not to offend, talk or whisper anything that will expose the true hatred or evil that's in a person's heart, especially when it comes down to distant relatives, siblings or our very own parents. We were told that whatever happened in the home when we were children that caused discord, fighting, sexual, mental and physical abuse, we were to sweep it under the rug and never mention it again BECAUSE IT CAN RUIN our families reputation, but the whole time we are really destroying ourselves while living in constant pain of being neglected and rejected. 
A lot of people, especially family members believe that just because we are related, friends, or a child of God that they can just disrespect us and say whatever they want, whenever they want, and we just have to sit back and take it.  NOT SO!!!!  So on yesterday after staying quiet for 5 years and receiving vicious attacks and disrespect from afar (LOL!), all stemming from jealousy, my Christian walk, and my different opinions, I had to finally put to rest and address  my sibling brother a, religious nutcase!! A sibling that knew the Bible but never really applied it to his life, but used the Bible to try to belittle me because of his current state. He criticizes my lifestyle (which isn't mega) and my opinions because they're different from what he believes. The sad part about this fool is that EVEN THOUGH HE'S MY OLDEST SIBLING he doesn't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of!! I have always opened my home to him, fed him, bought him a few things here and there, and gave to him financially, though he would STEAL anything of value.   
My biological brother is a  52 year old Black American, a high school drop out, like myself, but unlike him I got my life back together. I got my GED, now married,  had 3 children, the CEO over a private foundation, a pastor, radio host, chaplain and leader. But he has never, ever had a real job, he steals for a living and has been in and out of jail for the last 36 years, and now at 52 years old he still  hasn't changed. He's still smoking crack, running the streets and selling a handful of drugs to feed his 36 year old drug addiction. Not to mention, he's sleeping on our mother's (which is senior citizen) couch still trying to teach, prophesy, manipulate and intimidate others in their Christian walk on social media. What a master deceiver!
While he's persecuting me on everything from me being a black conservative and making it out of that poverty mindset, he's eating up all of our mother's food, stealing her money and spitting hatred towards white people that gave him opportunities, but also stole from them because of the hatred that he has towards successful people that work hard for what they have. What a Jerk!!!! Anybody that doesn't believe in his "Distorted Bible Philosophy" are evil, and just because my opinions are different from his, he continues to attack my character and calls me a "Conservative Freak" while the whole time he's a "Racist  Liberal"... with no place to live.
Unfortunately, many people go through life, stumbling, repeating the past, and blame shifting so they don't have to change. They use this as a ticket to point the finger elsewhere, while excusing themselves from taking personal responsibility for their own actions. And just because it's a person that you grew up with (like a sibling) doesn't give them the right to disrespect you or disqualify you because you moved on with your life and you share different opinions. If you can relate to my personal story, you stand strong and never let those family members or anyone persuade you away from what you feel and know is MORALLY right.
Jesus said "You will know them by their fruit", and the only fruit that he has been producing for the last 36 years are rotten ones...


                                                       By Patricia McKinney

We've all been in situations where we've felt victimized or treated unfairly in one way or another, whether it was from a stranger, a co-worker, superior, friend or family member. Though some experiences are harder to "let go of" than others, I know it can be done. I chose to be a "Conqueror", and not let my past experiences, flaws, or failures get the best of me, and prevent me from moving forward.
Unfortunately, many people go through life, stumbling, repeating the past, and blame shifting so they don't have to change. They use this as a ticket to point the finger elsewhere, while excusing themselves from taking personal responsibility for their own actions.  It's much easier to "play the victim," that way you don't have to apply yourself by making efforts, it excuses you from looking in the mirror to see your own flaws, faults, and failures. It prevents you from ever analyzing what is fact or fiction, true or false.
Meaning, sometimes when we have multiple inner issues, and festering wounds, it's much easier to throw every incident, and every person into "one pot" and identify them all the same. When we throw everything into one pot, we live in "imbalance" by convicting those that are innocent, and acquitting those that are guilty, but never getting to the root of what's ailing us as a person. In turn, we ruin or prevent new relationships from ever budding, and miss out on the beauty that lye's in the details of life because we're blinded by unforgiveness or roots of bitterness, that's coddled and held closely to our hearts.
As a result, we destroy our own selves and continue to live in pain, while we watch the world pass us by. Those that play the victim, also look for others to victimize, so they too can share in their misery. They choose to live life handicapped and maimed, instead of growing to personal maturity, while living a vicious cycle that can only be stopped by themselves and God alone.
There's so many people that live in guilt because they try to please people that will never be satisfied. They try to appease those that refuse to change, and suffer at the hands of those that "play the victim," while they live beneath life's simple pleasures and the fulfillment that God intended.
But I say to you today, that once you recognize those in your life that play the victim leaving you feeling guilty, no matter how hard you try, leave them in the hands of God. Only he can pierce the hearts of mankind, and bring clarity to any situation, while making every crooked path straight.

Monday, July 21, 2014


                                                         By Karen Ricketts

There is a famine in the land
The drought has overcome so many
And is at the door of many more
Where is the nourishing rain
The rain sent from God above
The land is parched and dry
People are succumbing from lack
Their storehouses are depleted
His people need to drink and be fed
Heavenly food for the spirit and body
They need clean water cleansing to the soul
Yes they eat but remain hungry
Yes they drink but are still thirsty
Famine and drought are overtaking His people

Friday, July 18, 2014


                                                         By Keesah Pelzer

Have you ever done something that yielded horrible results or consequences, like playing around a hot iron, and accidentally brushing your skin against it causing a small, but painful burn. Or maybe you tried to experiment with your own hair, and cut your bang way too short? Whatever the case maybe, I bet you learned the next time around to be more cautious and not to do it again.
Often it takes a good falling, and bumping of the head for us to realize that something was just not a good idea at all. Majority of the time we take offence when people that have already been down the road we're traveling on can see where we're headed, and tells us that what we're doing is going to cause us some heartache and problems, but being that we're hard headed and stubborn individuals, we decide to test the waters and go anyways, reaping a crop filled with "I should have listened".
A few years back, I was in a "serious" relationship and I already had a three year old prior to that. You know how most of us women do when we feel like he's the one, we go against common sense and decide to have a baby! I remember breaking the news to my spiritual mom was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but I couldn't hide it, so I had to muster up the courage to just do it! After I managed to spill the beans, she flat out told me, "Don't you have another baby! No more kids, shut it down, because its going to be hard for you!" And I listened to her...for a few weeks, and after that about three months postpartum, I got pregnant yet again! So I was twenty five with three kids.
That story is just one of many incidents that I definitely should have listened, but nonetheless, I've totally learned my lesson, because she was right! Being a single mom is not a joke. Although I love my girls, if I could do it all over again I would take the consequences more seriously, and I would go down the more sensible road. We get caught up on the name picking, the cute baby clothes, the idea of starting the family that we've been longing for, and having a child that'll look identical to the person that we're madly in "love" with at that point of time, and we sweep away our logical thinking.
God always sends a warning before destruction, and I had several...dreams and all, and sometimes we think we know what's best for ourselves, when we really have the slightest idea about what we want vs. what we need. From what I've experienced (and still am) sometimes he will allow us to have or catch a glimpse of the rawness that's lye's behind what we're in search of, just so that we can see that what we thought we wanted, we really don't want at all.
So when God tells you not to do something, or he sends someone in your path to warn you, take heed! He's not just telling us these things because he wants to be the fun police and stop us from enjoying our lives, its that he's trying to prevent us from making inerasable decisions that can ultimately cause us a lifetime of struggle and pain.
Experience is in fact the best teacher, but there are just some things that we should not be willing to experience, especially if it goes against common sense.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


By Angela Cox
When you're stuck between a rock and a hard place, it's easy to reason away all common sense and make rash decisions that will cost you later down the line. Especially if that rock or hard place presents discomfort, or you've allowed your emotions to take over the situation in so much that you'll try to put together pieces to a puzzle that just don't fit.
Have you ever bought a vehicle that you knew you couldn't afford, or a big ticket item that was way above your financial means without having the right amount of income to maintain it? I mean the income not just to meet the car note or pay the bill on time, but the insurance, regular maintenance, and maybe a little extra set aside for emergencies? The fact that you're tired of walking, busing, taking the train, or going without, plays a huge part as to why you'd make a rash decision and jump the gun (move before you're ready) in the first place, but if you're pay check doesn't add up, eventually you'll end up losing the very thing you purchased, and make an even bigger mess than you had before.
Even though irrational decisions like the one presented before, might cost you a good credit score, or put you in debt, there are others that can change the course of life all together, and not just affect your life, but those around you. For example: you can jump the gun to get married to the wrong person because you feel you're getting old, you're lonely or you're just driven from lust. You can jump the gun in a custody battle, or jump the gun to quit a job because your boss made you mad.  You can speak out of turn at the wrong time because emotions are so high and jeopardize an opportunity or  a good relationship.
In this life, everyone's prone to making moves too soon , but with God's help and wise counsel, some things can be avoided.  I've also learned that what seems to be the "easier road" to take is not always the right one to take, regardless to what your emotions say. Sometime you have to go through difficulty before you experience "day break". 
I recently received wise counsel from My Mentor & Spiritual Mother, and I feel so blessed because she gave me advise right at a nick of time, before I jumped the gun, and made a rash decision that would not just cost me my peace of mind, but could also jeopardize my livelihood, my job & my son's contentment. 
It's important in this life to have a teachable spirit, and learn to listen to those that God has placed in our lives that are presented as a voice of reason. Sometimes God can give you a simple word of wisdom from a total stranger, and we'll know when it's right, because it will also make logical sense, and bring peace within, causing you too look at things from a clear perspective, and not your emotions.  They'll tell you to slow down, and pace yourself even if it means that you have to face life's difficulties. I believe it's best that way, so you don't find yourself pulling out your hair later.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


By Patricia McKinney

I remember my childhood like it was yesterday.  How my brother and I used to pretend that we were going up in space, playing hopscotch, jumping double dutch, playing hide and go seek with friends, and watching my favorite cartoons.  Of course everyday was not a bowl of cherries, but we were allowed to be children.  In those days, the word "respect" still existed, and parents would reprimand their children when they were wrong.  We were taught to play together, to share with one another, and we didn't see color, all we knew was the pureness of genuine friendship.

It was still the norm for teenagers to have caring parents that would  hunt them down if they were not  home on time, and the neighbors were sure to tell your parents if they caught you in any mischievous act.  To see a teenagers mouthing off and disrespecting an adult was an atrocity.  If your name was on the list of unruly, rebellious culprits, your  reputation would spread like wildfire among the neighbors, and they'd want their child to avoid you like a plague, out of fear that you'd taint their babies.

It was still normal to see the family unit, and children being loved by their parents. Parent took an interest in their children, it was evident, because children were not hateful, vicious and cruel like they are today.  Good morals and values were still important, but there's been a plummeting decline in good moral ethics, and our children are the evidence that parents have lost their way. Children always act out of their own experience.  If they receive a lot of love, they'll tend to be more calm, settled or inviting.  If they are abused, or their environment is filled with fighting, abusive behavior, condoning perversion and sexual acts, drugs, alcohol, and adult parties (where the child is present), that child is prone to repeat the same behavior of their environment. 

When I was growing up, we didn't have "Toddlers in Tiara's", and Honey Boo Boo's, but now it's normal to see parents prostituting their children to make money.  We didn't see Youtube video's where teens are caught on tape beating each other to a pulp. There were no IPhones, IPads, texting, or sexting on social media.  Our parents and schools made us active, we didn't have the leisure of being couch potatoes, while we sat back thinking the world owed us something.  You didn't hear of childhood sicknesses, cancers and diabetes like you do today. Our children's well being or the lack thereof speaks volume about our parenting and societal influence.

Now its become the norm to see black teenagers killing one another, acting out in hatred, malicious acts of violence and racism.  They've become wicked, with no regard for their lives or anyone else's.  I recently witnessed two teens that murdered a white teenager, because they said, "they were bored"!  This clearly says that parents have utterly failed, but they're also being taught to hate.  Children are not born hating other races, they're taught to do so. It used to be the norm to see the adult expressing racism, not the children! Now they are like animals in the wild, committing heinous crimes, without remorse.  I never imagined the day that we'd see teens acting out like monsters.  This is a sign that there is no love or healthy boundaries in the home, their parents or caregivers are not doing their job.   Not to say that you don't have instances when children go astray, but for children to beat another child or teen without mercy, speaks volume that they witnessed, encountered and have been taught in one way or another to be abusive and are filled with hatred.

Now we witness children that have not even reached adolescence fighting on Youtube.  I witness two five year old black children beating up on a three year old caucasian child and it was promoted by the twelve year old brother, while he filmed it on youtube.  No parents were present on either side.  This was not only abusive but also racist. This child had no one to defend her, and it spoke volume of what goes on in the home. This is also where parents fail, they allow all of their unresolved inner issues, left unchecked to boil over into their child. It's not the responsibility of society or state and governmental leadership to raise our children. Speaking of leadership, our own black leadership has failed and they've also been guilty of using black issues to keep them in leadership, while they show that they are racially imbalanced because they won't speak out about black on black crimes, or crimes committed by blacks against whites.  

I see that adult racism, their hatred, and unchecked issues are flowing down to the children, and it's not among just one race of people, but blacks are teaching there children these behaviors also.  If it were not so, you would not see such acts. Parents have it all wrong and have lost the meaning of what it is to be a parent. Children were given to us to love and care for. They were given to us to be a blessing, to carry on our family heritage, and be contributors to the future of our nation, not to abuse or use as pawns in our own selfish schemes, or to dump our problems on.

Parent's, you have got to wake up, and deal with your own issues. You have got to recognize your own flaws and work to correct them. The only way to really do this is by seeking God in prayer as well as getting counsel, and work to correct yourself first.  You must realize that whatever you do, has a direct impact on your children. You're not only harming them, but you leave the lives of innocent bystanders in harms way also, and people in society are entitled to protect themselves against this kind of behavior.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


                                                        By Keesah Pelzer

How many times do we wake up, and roll out of the bed feeling discouraged and defeated? We feel like things are never going to get done when it comes to our personal lives, it feels like we just don't have the strength to hang in there, and sometimes it even feels like our prayers are being discarded. There are countless times that these feelings have surfaced in my life, and I'm sure I'm not alone. At times it gets hard to look at things on the bright side and see past the microscopic issues that we're dealing with, even though they sometimes seem as big as a mountain.
You hear people all the time telling you "its going to be ok, you're strong, and the Lord gives the toughest battles to his strongest soldiers. Gods got you!" Don't get me wrong, its awesome to hear inspiration from elsewhere, and those words may even hold some truth, but the reality of it is that we feel the complete opposite sometimes. There's nothing wrong with someone else giving words of encouragement to us, but what I found is that we become dependent on others to lift us up when we're feeling down. We look to others in hopes that perhaps they'd give us a divine message from above, or will pray for us when we can pray for ourselves. We rely on and find comfort in their words instead of the words from the Almighty.
Everyone needs to be uplifted from time to time, but it has gotten to a point where we cant just wait for others to encourage us, we have to encourage ourselves as well. We have to remember that we're not going to get set up so we can fall, no matter what the case is. We have to remember how far we came, and how much of a struggle it was, whether it was from losing weight, battling addiction, leaving someone that you thought you couldn't live without, or entering into a different phase in life, but nonetheless it can be done. We didn't make it this far by the grace of God to give up, and go back to the dyer circumstances that we were in before we met him. All of these things should be a form of ammunition to keep us going when life gets hard and we don't have the strength to go on ourselves. After all its not our strength that we're relying on, its God's strength.
Life is always going to be a battle and its like every man for themselves, but through the mental, physical, emotional, natural, and spiritual struggle, remember why we're fighting, and not to always wait for someone else to reassure us and tell us things are going to be ok. We have to continue to fight daily, especially when we reach a place where we're strong enough to do so on our own.

We have to keep contending...even when it feels like we're being defeated.

Monday, July 14, 2014


By Patricia McKinney
When you never truly tap into who you are in God, its easy to become a counterfeit, but its not until you allow him to cleanse you and place his glory upon your life then you, as well as others will be able to distinguish the counterfeit from authenticity. When you're authentic you don't have to try to duplicate someone that you wish to become, it'll just flow. You wont have to pretend that you're happy, and live a successful life just to prove to others that you are a somebody.
When people look at you, they have to be able to identify that God is within you. Your walk has match who you are; you cant contradict yourself. God is always evolving, as we shall also evolve, but continuing to do what you've done in the past is also a sign of being fraudulent. There has to be evidence of newness in your life. You cant continue to operate from the past, and live the remainder of your life off of your glory days. There needs to be some sort of sign that you're moving forward.
When you're a fake, its easy to bluff, and hide behind the image that you've hijacked from someone else, persuading innocent people that have the slightest idea as to who you really are, and leading them down your own constructed path of destruction. These type of people are eminently dangerous, because their minds have been distorted, and they truly believe that they're not in the wrong. They have somehow along the way become accustomed to their repulsive state of mind.
Being credible is a way of living. You cant buy, nor paint on legitimacy. It doesn't come through a new hairstyle, a new outfit, or the alluring of words. When you're the real deal, you don't have to explain yourself or your lifestyle, and nor will your actions be questionable.
The fictitious will always be among you, but you have to be able to differentiate the real from the counterfeit. 


By Patricia McKinney
As long as you live, you'll have your share of ups and downs, highs and lows, and some of the lows will be caused by people that will try to get the best of you.  You will (if you haven't already) experience being disrespected, embarrassed, treated unfairly, falsely accused, cheated on, lied too, and down right abused, insomuch that you would want to seek revenge, and repay evil for evil.
Do you remember the movie called "The Four Brothers?" In the movie these "four brothers sought revenge on the culprits that gunned down their adoptive mother. What seemed like a random shooting was actually a hit placed on the mother, because of some previous issues that occurred prior involving one of the brothers. So instead of the brothers allowing the police and detectives to handle the matter by seeking justice for their mother, they decide that they'd repay evil for evil, and take matters into their own hands by hunting down the life of those that killed their mother.
This is a prime example (though it is an extreme case of paying someone back for wrong doing) with a fictitious outcome, realistically as human beings sometime we'd rather take matters into our own hands, instead of waiting for God to repay our offenders through the law of sowing and reaping (also called Karma). Quite honestly, it gives us a sense of relief and power to know that we were able to hurt someone for hurting us, so we don't feel cheated.  But does that make it the right way to handle things? 
Spending valuable time seeking revenge takes away from your own quality of life, and it gives your enemy power over you, because they're able to push your emotional buttons and pull you like a puppet on a string.  Have you ever thought to stop and evaluate what your enemy was actually doing and why they were doing it?  Could it be because they're filled with inner hatred, or they want you to stoop to their level because of what you have, or the fact that you've surpassed them in area's of their life so they want to cause distractions to hinder you from moving forward? Are they pushing buttons to see what's actually in you so they can ruin your reputation? Sometimes they want to prove that you are just as evil as they are and seek to get a reaction from you so they can say that you're not worth two cent!
Sometimes it's best for you to take your hands off of certain situations all together before you find that you've gotten yourself in way too deep.  There's millions of people incarcerated that wished they could turn back the hands of time, and now their "would have, should have's, and could have's" don't mean a thing.
I've learned from experience that if you take time to seek God for his helping hand in a bad situation that he will give you the strength to keep you from getting yourself in trouble, and hold you back from making a mess.  He'll give you peace and power over your enemies, while he'll cause them to reap what they've sown in time, then you can continue to move on with your life while operating out of maturity and love instead of evil.

Friday, July 11, 2014


By Angela Cox

Many people fear the word "change" because of the unexpected things that come with this word, and it requires them to move beyond their comfort level. One of the reasons people avoid change, is the fear of failure or making a big mistake that will set them back for life.  I find that most people including myself have been, or still are guilty of catastrophysizing some unforeseen event that usually never happens.  We've already thought out the outcome before it occurs and get sweaty palms at the thought of failure, so to prevent and protect ourselves from any imaginary harm, we'd rather not take the risk. 
Many people won't make any moves in life because they fear change.  Let's give them a name, "Fearmongers".  Have you ever met a person that never traveled or never been outside of their own family group or familiar friends?
About sixteen years ago, I moved from the mid-west to the east coast.  I came from a large city in the Midwest where it was the norm to see different faces all of the time.  Many people in this region, were down to earth in nature, because of the large population  of people. It was normal to get a simple "hello" from someone or have them strike up a quick conversation with a slim chance of ever seeing that person again.  They were more easily accepting of newness in the sense of meeting new people.  But when I moved to a small town in the east coast, I noticed the culture was completely different.  A lot of the people that I met kept the same friends in their circle that they knew from child hood. In order to be accepted by someone was like running for the Presidential election.  Their circle of friends, had to vote you in.  In other words you had to be approved by this whole gamut of childhood friends that are now adults.   This was a tragedy because it spoke volume, that these people were afraid of change.  Who continues to hang around friends that they knew from childhood?  Can you say fearmonger? Can you say stagnated?  So I chose not to run for the Presidential election and could care less if my name was taken off of the ballot, I moved on.  But guess what? After a long period of time I discovered that the same people continued to cling to the same friends which means, no change.
People that are more open to change tend to have a richer more fulfilling life.  They are like a Chameleon that can adjust with the climate and scenery of their setting.  They are more open minded to the differences of other people and usually have bigger hearts, with more experiences and more stories to tell which makes them more exciting to be around.  Change is also good because you discover things about yourself that you didn't know was possible had you not taken the risk.  I found that the biggest problem in the fear of making a mistake, or fear of embarrassment is that you'll never move. Not only will you avoid making a mistake, but you can also miss out on a blessing that God has in store for you. I'm learning that sometimes we are in need of God's guidance to make some moves in life but there are also times when God wants us to open up to change. You never know what blessings lie in store for you when you take. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014


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                                                        By Keesah Pelzer

Have you noticed how fast the time seems to be going? We wake up, do whatever it is that needs to be done, and then we're right back in the bed again all in a matter of what seems to be a few hours. Its like we're constantly trying to catch up with time, and trying our hardest to meet the deadline for the end of the day. A week turns into a month, and a month turns into a year, and before you know it, we're another year older. The days when we used to get away with things are far gone, and how we used to prolong and put things off for later, have now become a state of emergency.
I can recall when I was younger, I used to say, "when I get older, I'll settle down, and give my life to the Lord", but it wasn't until I had a dream a few years ago, that I had left God in my younger years, and tried to come back to where I was (at an older age) thinking that I was going to get right back into the swing of things and pick up where I left off, and needless to say, it was too late for me. Things changed just that fast. That dream that I had was crystal clear, because most of the time (and this totally applies to me) we think that we have time to play, or room to wiggle. We have this "it can be done later" mentality, when now is really the time to do it, there might not ever be a later.
Not only do we have to keep up with the time, we also have to keep up with the era that we're living in. We have to understand the times that we're in, and how the world and everything of it, and in it are changing right before our very eyes. The laws, the morals, the climate, our mindsets, and even the hearts of others has changed as well. Everything is going by so fast, that if we're not in tune with God, we'll miss what he's doing just-like-that. My mom always tells me "we're now living in the days where we cannot afford to take our time to do anything", and she's right! If the saying "time is of the essence" never held as much meaning before, it sure does now. 
God is forever evolving, and things are moving as fast as a New York minute. We all get the same twenty four hours in a day to keep up, and to keep up, means to keep going in God. There's a proverb that says, "Time and tide wait for no man", or in simpler terms, if you don't make use of a favorable opportunity, you may never get the same chance again. The clock will never stop for us, so how you chose to spend your time is really up to you.