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Women In Transition...Where Change Begins
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Thursday, October 23, 2014


By Karen Ricketts
I know I need to stand
Stand no matter the weather
Planting each foot firmly against the storms of life
Staying awake and alert no matter

Eyes, ears and heart open wide to you each day
Seeking a wind of change to blow my way
To stand when my tomorrow is uncertain
Knowing your love is steadfast and unchanging 

Stand I must on His Word and promises
Discarding disobedience and denial - hindrances
Truth is, the fight is internal as well
But always in faithfulness and truth, seek to excel
Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord
For by your strength I can do all things
Though I often stumble and waver
With just a mustard seed size of faith oh the wonders

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Spirit Of Excellence

By Patricia McKinney
In order to have anything worth value in life, whether it be a business, organization, group, etc., it not only takes hard work, but also a spirit of excellence to draw people.  As a business owner, CEO and President of my own Private Foundation and businesses, I can honestly say that it's both the professionalism and excellence spirit that draws people.  What is an excellent spirit?  It's good character, and professionalism in how you deal with people, and how you operate as a business.  One with an excellent spirit takes pride in what they do, and their presentation is at it's highest standard.  When a prospect, customer, or client comes to you, they'll know that they'll get good quality service and the best of care because of your level of expertise.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Be You

By Keesah Pelzer
If you look around today, all you see is the same thing. The same clothes, the same shoes, and the same hair. The same thoughts, the same behavior and actions, and even the same consequences. The problem is, no one knows who they really are, so it seems easier to take on someone else's character, instead of discovering who we are as a person. We all see someone that's different or doing something differently, and we can receive inspiration from that, but to completely "copy and paste" someone else's trademark (so to speak), is beyond what they would call "swagger jacking".

In most cases we feel who we are as a person is not enough, so we take on this alter ego, in order to even out our inadequacies. Rarely do you find someone that's bold enough to let their uniqueness shine through, and not try to ride someone else's wave. We tend to shy away from displaying our true flavor, so we'll hold back on being creative, and diverse, all because we're not sure how its going to come out, or if others will respect it. We're scared that we'll be rejected and labeled as a "weirdo" or a "freak", or even for someone to tell us that they don't like our ideas.

Finding who you really are is anything but easy, because in all actuality, we're not the ones that's doing the uncovering. We have to allow God to strip us from the old, so He can reveal what's been hidden on the inside of us. In simpler terms, its kind of like a needle in the hay stack. The hay, being all the things we need to be purged of, which is surrounding the needle, who we really are (possessing the potential to be sharper).
I have yet to find myself, and to be quite honest, I have a long way to go in order to tap into what  has been placed on the inside of me, but I have a better understanding that it doesn't come by picking up another major in school, or wearing designer clothes, because when all of those things are stripped from us, we still remain unidentified. Finding who you are comes from being refined, and purified by God, and to do away with everything that we have created ourselves to be. How else will you be able to be you?

Monday, October 20, 2014


By Karen Ricketts
Life as we know it is marked by time period of events, situations, and circumstances that all come together to form our experiences. We then categorize these experiences based on how much or how little we like it, whether it produced joy, anger, hurt, or pain. In other words we are measuring the impact these events and time periods have on our lives. The same is true of the people involved with these events as they can leave a lasting impact whether we liked and got along with them or not.
I can recall a store manager I had, working retail as a teenager. At the time I thought she was just plain mean and not a nice person at all, but looking back, if she was too friendly and let us slack off she wouldn't have been an effective store manager. As a teenager my work ethic was slack, I would have spent most of my time walking around to all the departments chatting it up with the other slackers, getting no work done.
On the opposite side of things, when I was around nine years old, me and my younger sister still an infant at the time had to go live with complete strangers. My mother had gotten the opportunity to migrate to the US, a dream come true for every poor Jamaican. The couple that took us in had a son around my age who's father was also my sister's father, her half brother. (pause). This sounds like a recipe for disaster, but actually this lady, a complete stranger, practically adopted me and my sister as her own. She treated us no different than her biologically son.
The magnitude of this didn't register with me until I was in my mid twenties. What a heart, what kindness. I reached out to her at that time and told her what she meant to me, but even today I'm even more grateful for the kindness she showed us. As an adult coming into the knowledge of God, I've learned that God will send you people you need and not necessarily those you want. In other words, it's sometimes the people that irritate you and get under your skin that he'll use to mold and shape you.
Don't always be too quick to run to the people, places and things that you're familiar with, that makes your flesh feel good. Often times, it's the ones we clash with or try to avoid that may have something to offer us. At the age of nine, I never expected that woman to be kind to me, but she was more than that. God is in the "good" as well as what we call the "bad", but we have to stand and allow him to use those around us as he sees fit.
I thank God also that he placed in my life another women (mentor and spiritual leader), who has the high standards and work ethic similar to that of the strick store manager, but also a big heart like the woman raising the kids of the other baby mother. She is effective in my life and in the lives of others by example and by giving us what we need in truth and love. This produces a positive and effective impact.

Friday, October 17, 2014

There Is Beauty In Being An Outcast

By Angela Cox
I had to learn that God allows those closest too us to cast us away, to reject us, disrespect us, and mistreat us, causing us to feel like a puzzle piece that doesn't fit into their ideal scheme of things. It's because our purpose in life is different from theirs, and even though it doesn't feel good at first, it's for our own benefit. He doesn't want His masterpiece to be destroyed by those that don't appreciate the beauty of a masterpiece, and He wants us to discover our own worth and purpose in life that will shine like the morning sun, for all to see. Once you allow him to change the way you think, and give you a new heart. Once this happens, He will cause the very ones that cast you away, that didn't value the masterpiece to question, "who is this that appears like the dawn, as fair as the moon, as bright as the sun, and majestic as the stars in procession" (Song of Solomon). God will shine his light on you for others to see the miracle that he performed in your life, because you "the outcast" is a masterpiece in His eyes, rejected by man and accepted by Him.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Children Are Being Forced Into Adulthood Before Their Time

By Patricia McKinney
One of the most beautiful things in God's creation is the miracle of child birth. Our former generation would celebrate it. Grandparents would anticipate the new borns arrival, they'd even brag once they were born. For new parents, it's a once and a lifetime experience, and they'll spend months preparing. Once the child is born, they'll do everything in their power to ensure it's safety and provision, searching high and low for the best caregiver in their absence. They'd spend hours teaching the child and setting limits to guard them from negative influences so they can keep their innocence for as long as possible.

But in today's society, the celebration of life has lost its popularity and it's evident not only in the rate of abortions we see, but also the tragic loss of our children's innocence, and how they're being forced into adulthood before their time. The needs of children have been neglected, their innocence rejected and overlooked like a holiday that comes around once a year, celebrated every now and then.

Many of today's children are born victims to society, and seeds doomed for destruction before they even have a chance. They're born opened prey to sexual predators, victims of violence, and uncovered, unshielded from negative elements, because of a complete absence of good parenting. Many children were born from parents that were teens, or young adults that gave birth as a result of a fly by night relationship, a one night stand, or someone they had "fun" with, or did drugs/alcohol with, which means they weren't ready to be a parent/s at all. Some adults even use pregnancy as a tool to trap a man into staying in a relationship, or for financial means, and use their children as pawns. Others use their children as a money tool, or a vehicle to live out their own dreams because of their own insecurities, forcing them to grow up like the children of "Toddlers & Tiara's", while others look for love in all the wrong places and end up with a child before their time.

Many small children are born to parents that live the fast life, and are very promiscuous. They'll even dress their child in seductive clothing, promoting adult behavior, leaving them opened to pedophiles, while the child acts out and draws negative attention. Others are victims of broken homes, where the father is incarcerated, and they live impoverished in a single parent home, or both parents are absent and they're being raised by a relative who's incapable. They experience and witness abuse and neglect of all kinds, parents that have habits and addictions, or irresponsible adults that want to have their "fun", and aren't mentally ready to settle down. Some are totally neglectful, exposing their children to negative elements, leaving the children to think for themselves, make adult decisions too soon, and raise themselves.

They'll argue and fight in front of the children, have sex around their children (sometimes with various partners), have adult parties with their children in attendance, allow them to participate in adult conversations, leave their children unattended for hours to watch themselves, or expose them to  whatever they as parents, watch on television, or leave them to their own devices on social media. I've witnessed how some parents even put their five and six year old child (some even younger) on YouTube, in the presence of millions of viewers to shake, grind, and gyrate while being prompted,cheered on, congratulated, and laughed at by who? Adults!

I've also witnessed children on YouTube, cursing at each other, calling each other's *B's, to kiss my %#, and later when the child grows up and disrespects the parents as well as other adults, we wonder why?! Need I say more? Many parents and their poor parenting are to blame for children being forced into adulthood, as well as many issues that plague our young ones today. Unfortunately, many blame society when things go wrong, or their child is reprimanded for the behavior that their own parents promoted.

Even though there's still parents that work hard and raise their children to the best of their ability, and their child might grow up and venture down the wrong path, at least they don't have to bare the scares of neglect ,or that fact that they didn't do their job. We as parents hold the responsibility to do the best we can, and have been given the responsibility by God to love our children,and care for them as long as we can.
To see our children acting like adults before their time, is a sure sign that many parents have failed along the way and we can't blame everything on society and the influences that be. We are first partakers of the responsibility.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


By Keesah Pelzer

A pathological liar is someone who lies with ease and finds comfort in doing so. Even after being presented with hard core, stone cold facts, the person still will try to convince you that what they said is the truth. Though a lie is a lie, there are still many levels to the severity of this contagious habit.
Seeking attention by pretending to be the victim of the crime, when in all actuality, you're the one who has violated someone, is one of the most common traits of a liar. When we know someone is lying, it's in our nature to try to collect evidence to prove that person wrong. In most cases, we know when the other party is being dishonest, because they start stuttering, their stories have holes (missing pieces), it's inconsistent, and the things that are being said just doesn't seem to add up to the visual, but their are times when we fall victim to these stories, because they sound so believable, (Take the government for example). 
Of course we all tell little white lies here and there, but it should never be to the point where someone else's livelihood is at stake. When people lie (especially about important things), they don't realize the type of impact that they can have on another persons life. Depending on the circumstances, they can cause someone to lose everything that they've worked for, including their health, and their right state of mind, especially if the lie has been carried on for years.
I've seen people lie to their own children about who their real fathers are, who they are as a parent, and things as simple as their achievements in life.  Lies tear up families, and bonds between mothers and children, that can only take the power of God to mend the trust that was broken, because it's impossible to pick up where you've left off when you find out that the life you were living was all a lie.

While their are people who only lie to protect someone else from getting hurt, there are also the ones who just aren't satisfied until they have distributed their daily dosage of deceit, and if we're not careful, we can find ourselves borderline crazy from trying to convince ourselves and them, (as well as others) that they're wrong.
Through personal experiences and let down's, I found that there are a lot of people who are just natural born liars, and to try to prove them wrong, will be a waste of time, and energy. They fib so much that it has become primary nature, kind of like breathing and blinking. They do it with out giving much thought to what it is that they're saying, which is extremely scary and dangerous. I definitely fell in that category once in my life, but when I came into the understanding of God, he showed me that lies wont be tolerated with him. That would be a contradiction, because he stands for truth, and it's impossible to receive the truth if you are a liar.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Pursuit Of Happiness

By Karen Ricketts
Happiness is defined individually in today's society where it seems like every and any type of behavior is tolerated or accepted. In other words, to each his own as long as it makes you happy.

Most of society see's happiness as being tangible, something you can hold, touch or attain, including people. Some chase material possessions and the finer things in life. Happiness to them comes in owning the newest, sleekest, hippest and shinny-est version of anything put out on the market. They are in hot pursuit of anyone and anything that can contribute to their thirst. It's like a happiness pill they hunt, scratch and scrape for, but once swallowed wears off with a quickness that leaves them wanting more.

It is so easy to get tangled up in things that seem to satisfy your craving for happiness and fulfillment. Some fixate on having and finding a partner, because not having a man or woman attached to them leads to sadness. Others seek happiness in a certain car, job, house, or anything conceived in their mind as happiness.

The pursuit of happiness in this manner is like a dog chasing after its own tail, going around and around in circles, getting tired and dizzy but still somehow believing. Once in a blue moon he might catch it, but only momentarily as he loses grip and has to start all over again, tired and unfulfilled. That's because real happiness is intangible, related to your mental and psychological state and is not acquired and measured by your possessions, status, or who you know.

You can start by changing your definition and view of happiness from the tangible to the intangible. The roadway or path to real happiness starts when we begin to address the internal hurt, pain, rejection, and failures we endured in life. I've been one of those women chasing practically all of the above mentioned, only to end up winded with added hurt and pain along the way.

Getting older slowed me down, but age didn't change the intangible or physical things I held up as my idea of happiness. The Light that came to show me the error of my ways and thinking was Christ. The attainment of things will only bring you temporary gladness. Christ can lead you to that roadway to heal all your wounds. The healing process does take time, but in the mist of it you can experience real joy, contentment and satisfaction as well.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Women In Transition

    CEO & President Patricia McKinney
       Assistant Angela Cox
          Saturday 11th 2014 At Our Headquarters  

Friday, October 10, 2014

Don't Cast Your Pearls Before Swine

By Patricia McKinney
How many times have you given good advise to people but it fell on deaf ears? When you have a caring heart and desire to see the good fortune of others, you can easily make the mistake of  spending hours on end soaking up sobs stories and giving advise to people that have no desire to change. I've heard old story lines that sound like a broken record. I've heard mother's say that they're  tired of taking care of grown children and want them to get out and get a job.  I've heard women complain about their boyfriend/husbands cheating on them (constantly) and mistreating them  (but then they go right back to have it done all over again). I've heard people say, I'm going to quit smoking, stop drinking, clubbing, associating with the same people that do me no good, I'm going cold turkey, I'm turning over a new leaf, I'm doing me now, and the list goes on. But then when I asked them, "what steps have you taking to make the change?" That's when I hear dead silence, you can hear a pin drop, or the crickets chirping in the background, with no response. 

Basically what this says is that people love to vent their frustrations, but make no efforts to change their situation. It says, they're really not as tired as they claim to be.  If you're not careful, people like this will use you as the "city dump", a place where they can come to dump their problems, drama, issues, concerns, and dead weight. I've learned that you can use your own valuable time and wisdom on people that will waist it and don't understand its value. In other words you'll be "casting your pearls before swine".  Think about it. What good is a pearl to a swine?  A swine has no use for a pearl. A swine is used to wallowing in the mud. It's the same with people. They'll continue to wallow in the "mud" of  their problems. They won't change their situation because they let their emotions get in the way, they've grown accustomed to negativity, or they're just afraid of losing people.

When you have a caring heart, it's imperative that you guard it and learn the behavior patterns and motives of people. We must remember that people are different than we are,  and they don't share the same genuine motives, intents, and personal perspectives that we do.  Some are just seeking a sanctuary where they can find comfort. A place where they can be stroked, instead of hearing the truth. They're in search for a "city dumb" where they go to drop off their problems and get a release for the moment.  If you're not careful and know how to recognize that your "casting your pearls before swine, you'll continue to waist countless hours that you could have spent out dining with family, or soaking up sunshine at the beach instead of being the "city dump" for the day.  When you're a caring person, you have to set healthy boundaries or else you'll find yourself spending money that you don't have, taking unnecessary trips that you can't afford, using countless hours listening to depressing stories, and you'll wonder why you feel heavy and weighed down after its all over.  When you finally wake up from your slumber, you'll realize that you've taken on problems that's not your own and made them yours.
Don't you think it's time to set yourself free?  You can start by taking a good look around you and ask yourself the question:  Am I casting my pearls before swine? (People that hear my advise but don't apply it) Have I become the city dump or taxi cab, or a place where people can go to  drop off their garbage?(drama, problems, but make no effort to change).  If so it's about time to make some changes.  Not to say that you should stop helping others, but do recognize those that keep coming back to you for help but make no efforts to change.  Stop casting your pearls before swine.  If you have to, stop making yourself available to those who constantly sap energy and time. Always point people in God's direction to cast their cares on him. We can't save people completely (play the part of the knight in shining armor). Sometimes we're only there to throw out a life line (give them another option to help them), but it's up to them to catch it and use it. If you set boundaries for yourself, those that sap away your time and energy will either find someone else to go to,(another "city dumb" to console them) and remain stifled, or they will have to make efforts to change.  Once you've freed yourself, you can put your pearl (advise, effort, time, and money) in the right setting where it will be valued. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Why Ther Is No Unity Among African American Women

By Angela Cox
Unity represents the state of harmony among people, the state of being one, whole, and unification.  In simpler terms, unity is a representation of respect for each others differences, class, race, age, opinions as long as it's within the bounds of morality, and allows the other parties views not to be violated.  To be able to come together with others and appreciate our differences and respect them.

When speaking of unity, I've noticed that the lack there of exist the most among the African american race, especially our women.  The lack of unity among women is usually stemmed from an inner hatred or dislike of oneself (a.k.a. low self esteem).  When a woman does not like herself, she lives with a mirror of comparison to other women, and this self hatred is expressed in words through a constant view of negativity for other females.  Likewise when a women loves herself, she can appreciate the differences of other women around her and that is also expressed through compliments and a more positive outlook.  Women from other races may not unite with women of another ethnic group because of her upbringing or usually a stereotype

I grew up in the mid-west in 1972.  Only 10 years prior to that time, Martin Luther King Jr. was still alive, which meant there was still a lot of racial tension that reared it's ugly head.   Some African american people still had the mindset that the Caucasian people were first class citizens and in some ways, they were still to take the backseat in a progressive society. This was stemmed from the expression of hatred inflicted and demonstrated by many heinous acts. Even though some of them did not have their spirits broken, many African american's did, and it's sad to say, some could not recognized that we were equal to them. As a result of enduring a broken spirit, some began to inflict pain upon their own kind. They expressed their negative outlook, by their own words and behavior, and by how they'd treat each other.  

As a young girl, I witnessed older black women gossiping, ridiculing backstabbing, and mistreating women of their own race.They had lost a sense of "unity, and set a negative example for the younger generation. Their behavior spoke volume of how they saw themselves, and in turn,  many of the younger generation grew up with the same mindset. Back then, I felt like I was caught in the crossfire of my own race and the Caucasians. I also experienced the tension that existed between my light skinned and dark skinned peers, which was foolishness, an atrocity, and a huge waist of time. Because we were the same race, and we already had enough obstacles to conquer. This is an example of the unfortunate events that took place then, but it still exist now.  Which raises the question, "what's our excuse now that this divide still exist? We don't live in that era anymore, so what is our reason?  I believe it exist because  we took our eyes off of God and what he desired, and we didn't allow him to heal us from within and live according to how he desired.  We continued to make mistakes of our own, with no other races to blame, and we took on the mindset that we couldn't do better, or have better and with that mindset, we don't even try.  If we don't try for ourselves there's no way we'll go outside ourselves to be unified with anyone else.  We need God to bring us to a place of healthy self worth and then we can dwell in unity with our own and others.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

True Beauty

By Karen Ricketts

 If beauty can only be seen through the eyes
Then when does a good heart win the prize?

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder they tell me
Then my internal beauty that beholder will never see

Looked down on because of beauty you couldn't see
Unable to perceive the beauty that exist inside me

Beauty is not superficial, it penetrates deep beyond the skin
Though it's cautious, discriminate it won't and all are welcome in

My beauty you will see, if you can get pass the physical me
Though observed as plain and not much to see, the beauty I posses is extraordinary

You seek only for outward beauty and attractiveness to adorn me
But awesome and wonderfully I was made by Him who created me

To behold true beauty requires more than sight
It's a quality found deep inside, my Light

A gift from God, a piece of Him to treasure
More valuable than anything your eyes will ever measure


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

You Can't Do That!

By Keesah Pelzer
I'm currently trying to touch up on my cooking skills, and I've been mentally putting together dishes that I wouldn't normally cook, and that's also outside of my families tradition. I happened to run some ideas by my mom- being that all her dishes are fantastic- and the first thing she told me was, "You can't do that! You can't mix those ingredients together, it won't taste right!" I asked her has she ever tried it, and she told me no, but she's been cooking long enough to know that it won't come out right.
I felt discouraged, but I didn't take no for an answer, and after talking to a few of my sisters, I figured that I'd give it a shot, and if I failed, its only food, it can be thrown away! I wasted no time getting right to it. I even noticed while I was cooking, she was watching me to see if I'd falter, but I didn't! I kept going even though at times I wasn't sure, and to everyone's surprise (including mine), my new dish came out spectacular! In that, I learned a lot of the time people tell you that you can't, or shouldn't do something because they can't do it themselves, and their minds have not been expanded.

I've been told all-my-life, "YOU CANT DO THAT!" "You can't wear this and you can't say that". "You're going to offend someone" or the most common one, " You're not going to succeed!" And guess what? I went through most of my life thinking that I couldn't, until I met God! People will put boundaries and guidelines on your life because of what's on the inside of them. We often expect more from our loved ones, but sometimes we forget that though we may be related, we're still all cut from different cloth's.
I know firsthand how disheartening that can be. You expect support and encouragement from people you consider close to you, only to be completely rejected, criticized, or worse, laughed at. That incident was simply a reminder of why we shouldn't allow others to deter us, but needless to say, that wasn't the only situation where a family member has scrutinized my beliefs, and I'm sure it won't be the last.
It can be really hard to swallow all the "noise" around you, and quite frankly, I was taken by surprise by some of the things I heard from friends and family; some of the comments were particularly hurtful. I asked God for his help in that area of my life, and prayed that he'll continue to give me strength and help me keep a strong mind so that I wont be influenced nor give in to doubt and fear, and allow it to stop me from stepping out into something new.
Thinking that you're incapable of achieving higher because someone else has set the bar, or standards is somewhat of a disease. I truly believe that there is no limit in what we can do in God. I had to learn the hard way that sometimes when people don’t support you’re ideas, it may be more about them than you. It could be plain ignorance or even jealousy, but either way you put it, we can't allow someone to stop us and tell us it can't be done, because we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Monday, October 6, 2014

A Beautiful Thing

                                    By Patricia McKinney                               

By God's strength I have conquered it all, and endured the scorn of shame. I had to pay a hefty price tag to get where I am today, so I could lend a helping hand to others with the right heart. Everything was not laid out for me and placed within an arms reach, and nothing came free of charge. In fact, most of the time I had to stretch my faith when the odds were against me, stretch when I didn't feel well, and stretch out of my own pocket book, to see to it that my goals were accomplished. But in all these things, I've learned that anything of high value, comes with a price. Sometime the price can be mental, physical, financial, or emotional, so that in the end you will have your own testimony, made of high value, that will help someone else.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Free Thinkers

By Patricia McKinney
Have you ever desired to try something out of the ordinary, like take a trip to an exotic place, go to an unusual restaurant, or try a new style, but because someone bashed it before you tried it, you changed your mind and didn't do it? Maybe your dream didn't seem popular with a large group of people, which made you feel like an odd-ball, and to save face from being rejected, you changed your mind about the situation all together?

Better yet, have you ever wanted to voice your opinion on an issue, or vote for someone that wasn't an ideal candidate or popular in the eyes of others, but you held back because you feared what someone else might think about it? So you went along with the opinion of the masses, but later, you lived to regret it?  

I find in today's society, people lack the ability to think for themselves and be who they are, which means many are being influences or even controlled by others, be it friends, family, or majority ruling.  They feel the need to get the approval of others in order to make decisions even in small things, because they feel their opinion or thoughts are not important.  
Why, because they haven't been taught to think for themselves, or have been given the liberty to make decisions, which is the perfect recipe for abuse, control, and manipulation, and they'll never step into the fullness of who they were meant to be.

My own experiences in life taught me to think for myself and be who I am.  Reason being, I discovered by spending time with people, they don't always have all of the answers, which means they'll give you the wrong answer in a dire situation, which will lead you astray. I also discovered they're not always 100% honest about who they are as a person, and the type of lifestyle they live behind closed doors. (They say one thing, but live another)

During the course of my own transition from the street life to walking a straight and narrow path, I myself had several mentors that I met along the way, all in a leadership role or position. By spending time with them, it gave me the opportunity to get to know who they were on a more personal level.  I had a chance to see the type of character they possessed outside of the public (behind the curtain) and compared it to the image that they portrayed while in the public eye.  I noticed they'd dressed up their external and covered up their internal. 

While they were in the public, they were portrayed as well respected, "images of perfection".  Some were good spokesmen/women, very articulate, well dressed, authoritative, organized, and seemed to have it all together. While on the other hand, they held back the fact that they had flaws, internal injuries, and habits that they had to overcome (or still struggling with). So they opted out of realism to become a hypocrite, out of fear that it would ruin the plastic image they set up to save themselves any shame or embarrassment.

I noticed down the line, they were not as effective in dealing with people they tried to impact, because the very ones that they were "hiding from" needed help from someone that was less than perfect that could identify with them.  Eventually, certain things about them became a turn off to me as well, because I was a "real person" and loved truth and honesty, which is a very effective tool in dealing with people that cross my path today.

I believe that a person's greatest story is their own life experience, all wrapped up in the good, the bad and the ugly.  I always teach those that I mentor, to "never be a hypocrite" by hiding who you are. Be yourself, think for yourself.  You never know, that by telling your story and expressing who you are, how effective you can be by touching the life of another.
Besides, if all people were perfect, they would have no need for God and his loving mercy. If they were perfect, they'd have no need for compassion, and they would not be able to help anyone else because they'd be too judgmental.