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Monday, September 1, 2014

The Friend Zone

By Keesah Pelzer

Parenting children in the times we're living in are totally different from when I was coming up, which was honestly not that long ago.
Today I see more parents being a friend to their children, as apposed to being a real mother or father.They're in the clubs with them, fighting with them, selling drugs, stealing, drinking, smoking, and even introducing them to the dark side. These kids have no respect for their parents, let alone any other adult for that matter, and the parents wonder why they can't get through to them.
Some may say that its an awesome thing for a parent to indulge in those type of activities with their child, but to me that's a dangerous move. How can we be taken seriously if we display juvenile characteristics? And what type of morals would we be teaching them by trying to prove that we're the cool parent?

I myself can't imagine doing those type of things with my own children, because there is a level of respect that I request from my girls, even as a young mother, and even as them being small kids. We don't have to be in the "friend zone" in order for our children to like us. They need us to be parents, raise them the right way, and teach them right from wrong, but its impossible to do so if we're on the same level as them mentally. Someone has to be the adult.

When it comes to my spiritual parents, the same rules apply, and those rules were established at the gate, from the very second I got to the ministry. It was made clear by Mrs. McKinney that she is not our "home girl". We're not best buds, and we can't approach her any type of way, and the same with Mr. McKinney, he is our spiritual father, and anything else that is deemed disorderly, is not permissible.

Before I really understood what it meant to be an effective parent, I used to always say that when I have children, where going to be best friends and we're going to do everything under the sun together! But when I became one, God had to show me exactly what my girls needed from me. They needed structure, stability, and guidance. At first, I didn't have that myself to give, so I had to be taught in order for me to pass it down to them, and I'm still learning. All children need love, not someone to amp them up when they hear a song by Drake on the radio, or for us to engage in inappropriate conversations with them.
We all want our children to be able to come to us and talk about anything, and there's nothing wrong with hanging out with your children, and even goofing off with them, but in order for us to be effective, we must be taught the right way to raise our children, and establishing parental boundaries is at the top of the list.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Price Tag

By Patricia McKinney
By God's strength I have conquered it all, and endured the scorn of shame. I had to pay a hefty price tag to get where I am today, so I could lend a helping hand to others with the right heart. Everything was not laid out for me and placed within an arms reach, and nothing came free of charge. In fact, most of the time I had to stretch my faith when the odds were against me, stretch when I didn't feel well, and stretch out of my own pocket book, to see to it that my goals were accomplished. But in all these things, I've learned that anything of high value, comes with a price. Sometime the price can be mental, physical, financial, or emotional, so that in the end you will have your own testimony, made of high value, that will help someone else.

Friday, August 29, 2014


By Patricia McKinney

Most of us at some time in our life have experienced rejection on one occasion or another, but it usually doesn't have a long lasting effect unless it's continual and inflicted by those that play an important role in our lives. Usually when someone we're close to rejects us, it leaves scars that require internal healing.  

Rejection comes in many forms, and it's best described as being shunned or pushed away, excluded, denied, or refused. Sometimes it's expressed through cold hearted treatment towards someone, or even acts of spitefulness. People usually reject someone because they lack understanding for the other party, or they don't feel good about themselves. People experience rejection for various reasons including their race, sex, complexion (light skinned/dark skinned), size (too fat/too skinny), facial features, their class status (rich or poor). I've even witnessed parents that reject their own child because they're a "spitting image" (have a strong resemblance) of an absent parent that caused them pain.  The damage that rejection has can last a lifetime, depending on the severity of it, and it normally causes a person to have a negative outlook on how they feel about themselves or their own self worth. Unfortunately it's inflicted in the early developmental stages of a persons life, and it leaves long term scars that can only be dismantled by the love of  God, and those around us that accept us for who we are

Many women that experience rejection  seek love in all the wrong places because they want to feel love and acceptance, even if it means receiving negative attention. They'll compromise their core beliefs just to fill the void, or do things within a relationship that's humiliating just to please the other party, only to have their wounds deepened by them. I've learned that people that don't have a healthy measure of self love or acceptance (good/bad/or indifferent) allow others to overstep boundaries that should be adhered to.  They'll either become a "doormat" for people to walk on, or a "terror" that prey's on the weak, seeking to inflict the same pain that they've endured. Some even turn to drugs and alcohol, partying, and unhealthy associations just to fill the emptiness.  

But I've learned through my own experience, that you don't have to live with this internal issue for the rest of your life, and the cure is not found in people, or a temporary fix  used as a substitute to numb the pain.  The cure comes by seeking the face of God through prayer, and by finding out through his word the love and approval that He has for you as your creator. His word says " Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore with loving-kindness have I drawn you and continued My faithfulness to you". Jeremiah 31:3

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Called Out Of Darkness

By Karen Ricketts
Shame, guilt, fear and pain to bear
Reaped from what this world had to share   
Desires of the flesh and mind led the way
A path further into darkness deeper in decay
Only the hand of God did save
Christ His son already sent for redemption sake 
Made alive saved by his grace
Holding tight to his promise opting out of the "rat race"
Longing to be redressed in his image by seeking his face
Called Out of Darkness
And into His marvelous Light
What made me worthy?
Nothing - it was by his rich grace and mercy
How magnificent a love this must be
That he truly died for someone like me
His precious blood my sins will cleanse
By faith if I just believe he called me friend 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Afraid Of Flying...

By Keesah Pelzer

Most of our wings have been clipped for so long that the thought of us flying on our own can be quite scary or even seemingly impossible

Think about a baby taking it's first steps. The child isn't sure if he or she is going to fall, so it looks for something or someone to catch them just in case they lose their balance, but in our case, the one that's going to catch us is God.
So don't be afraid of flying, and don't be scared of change, because evolving in newness is an awesome feeling, even if you don't fully understand it. Yes, there will be set backs, and  at times you might even feel that you're not capable of succeeding, but with God all things are possible!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

You Will Know

By Angela Cox
I remember in my early 20's, I still felt very young and fragile at this stage of my life. I was wild and free, still pipe dreaming, trying to escape reality. I felt like I still lacked much knowledge and wisdom, and that I was still quite vulnerable.  Growing up without parents played a huge part with regard to how I'd navigated through life, and it made a huge impact on the decisions that I made. At times, it kind of felt like walking through the wilderness without a map, learning mostly everything through trial and error. 

At the time, I wasn't the type that would ask for everyone's opinion, because I felt they wouldn't be completely honest, especially because I would come wanting a real honest response. But I do recall asking one of my co-workers, an older lady in her late 40's to early 50's, (that was both kind and mature in character) "When do you actually come into womanhood? She told me, "You will know". I never quite understood what she meant by her short but sweet answer until over 20 years later.  It didn't register right then,  because she didn't really provide me with the details.   Even though I had already experience much for my age, and since I started off early raising myself, living independently, making my own money & my own decisions, and having three children of my own,  I still knew within that I still had a long way to go.

My father always told me that you never stop learning, no matter how old you are, and that's a fact. It wasn't until I learned to face myself, and take a good look in the mirror, to see that I that I was coming into Womanhood. In this, I learned that Womanhood is not in the curves, or how sexy you are, it's where your mindset is and how you conduct yourself.  Womanhood is how you face reality and mistakes that you've made. It means to take responsibility for your own actions and learn to live with it, while moving toward making changes for the better. It's coming out of denial, and accepting that you have flaws.

Womanhood is being mature enough to accept constructive criticism, while having your own mind (not allowing everyone to think for you), and being who you are and not trying to mimic someone else.  It's conducting yourself to the best of your ability, and ridding yourself from "ratchetness" and child's play. (hating on your female counterparts, backstabbing, putting others down to make yourself look good). It's respect for yourself and others, and thinking for yourself without being influenced by the "crowd".

Now I can finally understand what my co-worker was saying years ago.  I didn't know that the  words "You Will Know" encompassed so much, and carried such depth in meaning. In a nutshell, she spoke of good character, being realistic, facing yourself (both good and bad) and making changes, while understanding that you don't know everything, and keeping an open mind to learn.  It took having an opened and willing mind to change when God sent spiritual mentors and teachers my way to tell me the truth about myself, and my situation.

At the root of what she said embodied the character that God desires for us, and it applies to both men and women alike as they mature.  This type of character is important in order to have a good reputation, even if there's people in this world that don't like you,  they can't deny a real man or woman when they see one. 

"A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, and favor is better than silver and gold" (Proverbs 22:1)

God desires both male and female to come into a place of maturity, so that we will not only have a good reputation, but set an example for our peers and youth to be inspired by and follow. 


Monday, August 25, 2014

The Love Of God Is A Healing Balm

By Patricia McKinney

Forgiving yourself and Forgiving others is Key...... 

It has been two years since I have encountered the worst betrayal and hurt that any human being can imagine. Though I was completely drained, naturally weak and broken in my spirit at that time, it sharpened me in every area of my life. Last night I was talking to my daughters Angela Cox and Regina Watford, and I said to them that I'm completely healed now  I can finally forgive and still love that person just like I did from the beginning though, we can never be in each other lives ever again.

During the time of my infliction, I had a bunch of emotions going on. I was angry and sad at the same time. All of what I felt had me on a  NATURAL AND SPIRITUAL ROLLERCOASTER. I couldn't grasp my mind around what had happened, it was like I was walking in a fog. I remember crying out to God, and I did that a lot, because I tried to think back to see what it was that I did wrong. What could I have done to stop this from happening? I couldn't fathom it at the time, so I sat and cried as a wounded soldier.

As Months passed, I started to feel a little better, but as I looked around me, everything was dried up. Once a booming Ministry and Organization began to look unrecognizable. There was no provision, or anything else for that matter, and it felt like the only thing I had was my faith in God. As time passed, my prayers were not  just for God to restore and replenish everything back to me, but to not allow bitterness and hatred to ease into my heart. Because of what I went through and my current situations, my flesh wanted revenge but my spirit was saying something else. That's when I knew God had started to heal my broken heart.

I must admit I'm not perfect, and I've had my share of mistakes. I talked about others and I can be hard to understand at times, but one thing I know for sure is that I don't walk around intentionally stirring up trouble and causing others harm because of how I feel on the inside; That's not my Spirit.

About 5 months after my whole life had changed, I seen a sign of Hope! God had started to replenish and restore things around me. He opened a door for brand new facility for my organization and ministry way up in the suburbs, and he began to give me back my strength and he also strengthened those that were connected to me, because when I took a hit, so did they. My family started to come back together my children were happy again, my marriage became stronger and I was well on my way.

In august of 2013, God had opened up another door for me to participate in one of the biggest networking events in mid town Manhattan called the Times Square Bonanza, where I introduced Women In Transition to the Big Apple. I started meeting some awesome people, and I found myself in the city every week (sometimes twice a week). My husband and I had the privilege and opportunity to attend the Elite Red Carpet Affair at the Copa Cabana in New York City where I met Rita Crosby, a journalist from NBC news, among so many other celebrities. I also met some awesome and successful business women,  people that began to invest into my Organization because they believed in what I was doing. In September 2013 I finally became a 501c3 Private foundation, recognized by the IRS. I was so happy I was getting my Mojo back and there was no stopping me as the beat went on!

What felt bad to me, ended up being a blessing in disguise. God allowed me to go through turmoil as a life lesson and to sharpen and prepare me for something greater. I'm walking in the Perfection of God with no hatred and bitterness in my heart towards anyone. What happened to me 2 years ago didn't make me bitter, but it made me stronger.

I don't want to wish anyone's down fall, which wasn't the case 2 years ago, but now I'm free and in a much different place in my life where I can now sit down and talk to the one that I've had conflict with, not to pick up where we left off because that time has come and gone, but to reconcile our differences. To tell her that I love her and I forgive her and hope she forgives me for whatever pain I caused her. Then we can go our separate ways, because the life that we once shared is just a memory that was once described as pain.
 1 Peter 2
Therefore, rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind. Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good.

 Psalms 30 :2
O Lord my God, I cried to you for help, and you have healed me.

Psalms 147:3 

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds

Children Birthed From Adultery...Consequences & Repercussions

By Angela Cox

Society has always painted the perfect picture of the mistress in an adulterous affair with someone else's husband. They treat the subject as taboo or the latest gossip.  It's always been the gossip and whispers among the elders at  family reunions and holiday gatherings. The elders will always mention the unusual child that doesn't resemble their siblings. There's always someone in the midst whispering, "Child, you know that 's the mail mans baby"!  Adultery has been portrayed in soap opera's and movies for ages by adding extra spice to keep the viewers in anticipation of the next episode.  It's just like the cigarette advertisements that paint the illusion of sophistication and coolness when you "light up" to take a smoke, but they never tell you the harmful side effects of addiction and health risks that smoking can cause. They don't tell you that you're inhaling "death-in-a-stick!" It's the same for adulterous relationships.  The consequences and repercussions can be disastrous and sometimes even deadly.  There's many cold case files where people have been caught in adultery but didn't live to tell about it.  Adultery breaks down the family unit and destroys marriages.  It's even worse when children are birthed from the relationship.  

Children born from adulterous relationships always get the raw end of the deal because they're innocent, and did not choose their birth parents.  They miss out on the privilege of the family unit and the security that two parents can bring to the household.  Many times they're left as opened prey to unnecessary ridicule by immature gossiping grown up's within the family that don't have better things to do with their time.  At times, they're even judged inadvertently by others  based off of their parents mistakes. Many children are the secret of parental errors and often rejected by their own fathers, because they're married men that have  families of their own to care for.  These children get short changed, which means no money or child support, no time spent bonding, no special outings, no parent-teacher meetings,no calls in case of an emergency, and no attention. This is especially difficult for boys that grow up without a father, because they're left to become their own man and end up as a statistic among societies men that fail.  Very seldom do you witness a man caring for a child that he's birthed from an adulterous relationship and if he does, there's hell to pay at home, because he's cheated his wife out of the love and commitment that's rightfully hers.  (if the marriage doesn't end in divorce)

I witnessed first hand from my own experience, that parental errors to this magnitude, always leave children suffering in the shadows. I was a child born from an adulterous relationship.  During the course of my childhood throughout my teens, I had to endure many struggles as a result of my parents relationship.  At the age of five, my siblings and I were taken away from our mother by (DCF) or what was known then as children services.  This was a very devastating time in my life as well as my siblings, because we were split up and sent to different foster homes and later to live with different family members. The most devastating part of it all was that my father, which was a married man, never got involved or came to the rescue. My mother was left to fight legal battles with DCF, in the attempt to regain custody but she never did. We'd have court runs and meetings with public defenders, while enduring the drama that came with being in foster care. There was never any security, and you were always on someone else's property when you lived with them. As I got older, I'd go out with friends and I'd spot my father out in the public but we were like strangers, and he'd keep walking as if he didn't know me, but I still remembered him.   That's just a few examples among many. At this time in my life I also learned how immature and verbally abusive adults can be in situations like this and from over hearing conversations among family members.  It was difficult then for my mother to tell us why our dad was not around because he already had a wife and family, so it was swept under a rug only to be told by others.  As an adult, I've come to a new level of understanding, and have forgiven them for their mistakes and made many of my own. I also established a relationship with my father after I turned twenty-one and I still have a relationship with him until this day.  He explained to me why he was not involved in our lives, and he also had to suffer the consequences and repercussions of having children from adultery. This was a lesson for me among many that I learned on my own. It taught me that children always reap what their parents sow, both good and bad.

Friday, August 22, 2014


By Karen Ricketts
When your situation and circumstances in life change, it can be an opportunity for personal growth. The Lord’s ways are not our ways and his thoughts are higher than our thoughts, so we might never completely understand the "whys" in life. Why did this have to happen to me or why didn’t that happen for me? Jesus can use the adversity and situations in our lives to demonstrate his realness, power and strength, and to give us the opportunity to come in closer to him.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

God Sees No Color

By Patricia McKinney

With all the hatred and division going on in this world today, it's understandable why one wouldn't want any parts of this chaos and confusion. Every time I log onto the internet, all I see is innocent people being murdered, violence, hate crimes, and an increase in racism.
I myself am not a racist, and I refuse to pull the, "black victim syndrome" race card every time there's a white on black crime, or black on white crime. I know a lot of black people are upset with me because first, I didn't vote for Obama (the first black president), and secondly, I love white people, and I don't think its necessary to chose a side.
I find it odd that we are content with a black person killing another black person, but as soon as a white person kills someone who is black, here comes Al Sharpton and the rest of the bandwagon jumpers marching, protesting, and causing a seen, but why not raise awareness about the fact that we kill our own everyday? Walking around with signs and megaphones isn't bringing forth the peace that is required.
I also have been studying the history of my kind and my own personal experiences as a black woman, wife and mother. I know firsthand about the mentality that certain blacks have. I Lived in the hood, I know how we act, what we expose our children to, and what we think is due to us because of the Jim Crow era. We think that white people owe us for the time our ancestors served in slavery, but if we studied our history, we'd see that they were not the only reason our ancestors were slaves, it goes so much deeper than what we were taught.
When I got married to my wonderful husband of eighteen years and had two beautiful children, I decided to change the way I lived. I wanted better for my children, but in order for me to do so, I had to change my mindset and raise my children in a home of love, morals and discipline. I taught them how to see no color when they look at others, and how to coexist in a world of diversity.
I have a pure heart when dealing with people, and I don't judge them based off of what color their skin is, or how others feel about them. In my book, right is right, and wrong is wrong. I don't get caught up in all the heated race debates circulating on the internet, and I'm not siding with anything that's contrary to what my beliefs are.
When the Lord looks at us, he see's no color, but instead looks at the heart, and the problem with society today is that they do the complete opposite, yielding decades and decades worth of mayhem. Those that look to the system for understanding, refuge and truth in the time of need are being hoodwinked. In order for us to find true and everlasting peace, and all the solutions to all our problems, we must first seek the face of God.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

True Happiness


By Keesah Pelzer
Ever see someone that claims to be so happy that its utterly annoying? You know, the type of person that thinks the grass couldn't be greener anywhere else except for where they're located at.
From what I've experienced, people try to convince others that they are happy when they're really not, and even if they are, its momentarily, and changes with the weather. They put up a front and hide behind social media and show others what they want them to see, which consists of all smiles, them being deeply in love, and them trying to convince the world that life for them is good.
These type of people flood your timeline with happy-go-lucky quotes all day, and really don't even believe the things they post themselves, because behind closed doors its a completely different story. They're stressed, crying, abused (mentally, physically, and emotionally), oppressed, and unable to let go of the past. 
Often we spend so much time trying to prove to others that we're doing just fine without them, that it becomes our main focus. I totally understand that type of behavior, of course, because I've done it, but I've learned quickly that there is no future in fronting. It is impossible to be truly happy when God is not the main source in your life and when you're not in right standards with him. He is the creator of all things, so it makes no sense what-so-ever to be able to obtain lasting happiness from anywhere else. Only he can fill those voids and gaps in our lives, we cant fill them ourselves with material things that are perishable.
I've been on both sides of the fence, meaning, I've experienced a habitual unhappy life for a long time because of where I was located spiritually, but now I'm getting a significant amount of peace and joy which is only coming from above. Of course I have bad days, but I kid you not, I didn't find tranquility until I realized that laying up with men, and having a bunch of money and designer clothes wasn't getting the job done for me. 
You can take all the trips you want to tropical islands and resorts, purchase the latest gadgets, get the job you've always wanted, and marry your high school sweetheart right before you build your dream home, but if all of that isn't built on the foundation of God, and you don't have his blessings, then chances are you will never, ever experience true happiness. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Women That Abandon And Neglect Their Children

By Angela Cox

What does it mean to abandon and neglect? Abandon means, to leave completely and finally; forsake utterly; desert, to give up; discontinue; withdraw from, and to give up the control of .  Neglect means to pay no attention or too little attention to, disregard or slight, to omit, as through indifference or carelessness, to fail to carry out or perform, an act or instance of neglecting; negligence.

This is my story:

At the age of fifteen, I met and later married my teenaged boyfriend that I met through by a group of friends. Prior to our marriage we dated for several years and by the age of seventeen, I got pregnant, dropped out of high school,  and work full time to prepare for our beautiful daughter.  Or relationship although it was dysfunctional, and I tolerated disrespect and abuse, we were both young with issues, but we stayed together in spite of that. Almost two years later I become pregnant with our second child,  and we got married.  I married because I was raised as a child with the value of being married first, then you have children and if your weren't married, you'd be condemned. After the birth of my second child, I got pregnant with our last daughter and by this time, our marriage became very abusive and we went our separate ways.  By the age of 21 years old, I  took on full responsibility of our three children and moved out, stayed at a homeless shelter for four months and then started life all over again single with children in my own apartment.  Things seemed very difficult raising three small children on my own without family support, so I did the best I could  as a young mother and found that it could be done.

Eventually, my children got a little older, more independent and ready for school, so I began to make slow, steady strides of my own.  I went back to school, got my GED, and drivers license, and made preparation to go to college. After several years of being single,  I met a young man through a mutual friend, he was single and very smart, a college student at the time. He was very charming and took an interest in me with children.  This was like a dream come true since my background was full of abuse,  and my self esteem  low, I didn't like my own life, and had no family bond, I thought to myself I can't let lose this one. I think I've got my self a winner. So we dated, and the relationship seemed promising. While this occurred, my ex-husband and his family would spend time with my children and take them for weekends. In my immature mind, this worked out perfect because  I felt that I had a lot of responsibility and needed a break.  Meanwhile, the man that I dated began to expose me to things that I never experienced, a more exciting side of life.  We talked of our relationship and marriage.  Although I didn't even heal from the last one, I paid that no attention.  I met his family and came to his hometown while my children spent time with my ex-husband and his family.  My new relationship seemed promising and I had my head in the clouds daydreaming, living in a fantasy, wanting a better life for myself (SELF), instead of enduring the responsibility that I created by having children.  I slowly but surely began to escape from the responsibility of parenting and began to reason within, telling myself that"my children are in safe hands".   I was like an addict wanting a man to fill the emptiness I felt inside.  So the months I was suppose to spend away from my children become a year and another year with only sporadic visits to see my children and I had forsaken the responsibility of raising them. I had abandoned them by leaving them with their father and his family to take the responsibility.

By doing this I left my children to endure stress, pain and rejection issues while I dealt with regret, guilt and trouble myself. Some mistakes we make in life have long term effects and we effect others by making them. No child ever asks to come into this world, and should be treated with love and respect.  I've learned that when you have children, no matter what you've experienced in your own life, even if you are young,  your children should be first priority before yourself, and God first. It's the responsibility of the parent to provide a home in which it is a controlled, loving and healthy environment.  (All scenarios are not the same, rape etc.) 

I've also witnessed women that have their children living with them, but exposed them to  drugs and alcohol, arguments and abuse, rape, or their children are not monitored. Children have also experienced molestation or rape because of their parents negligence, and by the carelessness of  keeping bad company. 

Through my mistakes, I've learned to come to grips with and accept the error of my own ways, and moved forward to make amends with my children.  I've also learned that the decisions you make in life effect other people either for better or worse.
I hope by sharing my own story this can help you look within yourself and find your own story to share with someone else and that you may help them go down the right path.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Mental Slavery

By Karen Ricketts

"Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery". Bob Marley popularized this phrase with the tune Redemption Song, but it was actually taken from a speech given by Marcus Garvey. I'm only just beginning to gain a better understanding of what mental slavery is as I look at what's going on around the world, and in my life and home as a 43 year old single Black mother with Black children.
Mental slavery is damaging, devastating, long reaching, and long lasting, having psychological effects on the mind, and on people of all races. Though free to move around, even to migrate to different countries to improve our standing morally and economically in society, we're  unable to break free from the chains that keep our minds in bondage, because we ourselves, don't have the key. 

The black community is especially brain washed to where people will wake up before the dew falls to go stand in line for the latest sneakers, clothing, and phones, all to make other people richer. How sad is it that so many of us depend on the government to house, and feed us while we chase the name brand things in life, never pausing to contemplate getting out of the cardboard box lifestyle we live in? At any moment a rainstorm (circumstances in life), can come and wash everything away, yet some of us are more concerned about looking good, than we are with living better.

The cycle of mental poverty is what keeps generations of individuals going around in the same circles, thinking, reacting and doing the same things because the mind is still in chains being controlled by the unknown, and because we can't recognize it, we fall prey to it time and time again. It takes willingness and the hand of God to open our eyes to see the different ways that we're being held back through mental slavery and programmed thinking.

For myself, the phenomena of mental slavery hit home when I realize my children were getting caught up in the hype. The hype is the negative messages that they receive each day, at school, the internet, and TV that tells them they need to believe this and not that, and in order to be accepted they have to be trendy. As teens they just want to fit in, but I have to continuously remind them that they can't get everything they see. Even if they are bringing in their own money, it's still vital to teach them to prioritize.

Needless to say, those rules also apply to myself as well. I had to come to grips with the fact that I couldn't continue to kill myself trying to keep up with the joneses, and today I thank God for opening my eyes more and more to see how mentally enslaved I really was and for the opportunity to be truly emancipated and set free.  

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Change Begins On The Inside.

 CEO & President
Patricia McKinney
Before the transformation can began, you have to seek God and ask for help to change old habits that are naturally hard to break, and strength to separate from those things, or people that prevent you from arriving at your purpose. You also have to watch, and be cautious of those you allow in your personal space, because everyone that we're so comfortable with, may not have the right motives and intentions concerning you, or be a positive influence in your life.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

We Celebrate You!

CEO & President, Patricia McKinney truly believes that as women, we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. "It's easy for us to give so much and receive little in return. That's why it's important to celebrate yourself for the beautiful woman that you are." So today, we at Women In Transition would like to celebrate you, Mrs. McKinney for all of your hard work and dedication. You continuously give in ways that can never be repaid, and the essence of your beauty and strength will never go unnoticed. Thank you for all that you do and all that you've done. We love you to infinity and beyond! -Your team at Women In Transition