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Women In Transition...Where Change Begins
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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Rose Colored Glasses

By Karen Ricketts

There was a period of time in my life when I painted everyone with the rose colored glasses I wore. I assumed everyone was inherently good deep down inside. When I experienced betrayal, hurt or pain from friends, lovers or family, I would explain away their treatment towards me by pointing out the good times we had, or one of a few times that they did something nice for me. 

After all, I was far from perfect myself. This was a perfect set-up for tolerating abuse and someone treating you less than. Sometimes we find ourselves in friendships that span years, even decades that weren’t built on mutual love or respect, only to end up feeling betrayed by the actions of the one you thought were your friend, lover, or family member, explaining away, ignoring or just putting up with how they talk down to you, use you and take you for granted. 

Often times we tolerate this behavior because we lack confidence, suffer from low self esteem, fear being alone, or of losing a "so called" friend or family member, placing a higher value on those things rather than having relationships built on integrity and mutual respect.

In the past few years, I’ve learned that people aren’t inherently or naturally good, with good intentions towards you. I’ve learned that some people have the capacity to be transformed in their hearts, but it requires the power of God to accomplish this and work in them. Then there are others who like who they are and aren’t looking for change. That means that if that person isn’t looking for change, then change will never find them and they'll continue to demean and use you no matter how nice and accommodating you might be to them. 

Family is not exempt from this type of behavior, in fact it’s the family members closest to you that often mistreat you. I’ve been the perpetrator and the victim, experiencing both sides of the fence. Like the saying goes, hurt people will hurt other people.

I thank Christ for plucking me off the hamster wheel of ignorance and futility. Going around and around in circles attracting the same and going back and forth to a family that deep down resented me.

It’s sometimes hard to accept truth and the reality of what a situation really is, because it will requires you to deal with it and make some tough decisions. The rose colored glasses have to be removed so you can progress in life and in God. He is the revealer of truth, and though it may cause hurt or discomfort in us, Christ can give us the strength to separate and to do what needs to be done. He is also the healing balm for all our deepest wounds.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Trials And Setbacks

By Patricia McKinney

What are trials?  Part of the meaning of the word in relation to my topic refers to an affliction or trouble, subject to suffering or grief and distress, the state or position of a person being tried or tested, the act of trying, testing or putting to the proof. (Random House Webster's Dictionary)

The trials of life can take an unequivocal toll on your faith, and you never know where you'll end up or how things will pan out. Especially if there's nothing tangible to hold onto or any visible sign to provide the proof that things will go as planned.

Over the past ten years, I've had my share of ups and downs, set backs and disappointments. In the process, I've learned to live and be grateful with a little as well as alot, and I gained a wealth of knowledge as a result. There were many postponements, trips I had to cancel, purchases that I couldn't make, people that I had to separate from, business set backs, and those that supported me before, decided that they wanted to march to the beat of a different drum and do a 360 degree turn.

One of the hardest parts of my trial was dealing with people that fit the bill perfectly to the Proverb of Solomon 25:19, "confidence in an unfaithful man in a time of trouble is like like a broken tooth, and a foot out joint", causing pain instead of pleasure, while others were around for a brief period of time. Many successful entrepreneurs and business owners can identify with set backs. You know how the story goes, when you have to revamp with new ideas, and you discover that people were not as reliable as you thought, when bills mount up like Mount Everest, and your funds and plans don't align up, so you have to be resourceful, sound familiar? No one ever starts off at the top.  Even the most prestigious business moguls know that to be a fact. (example Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Donald Trump)

Remember the poem by Langston Hughes, "A Raisin In the Sun?" At times I felt like my dream had been deferred. Especially when it seemed like it was right at the brink of success, only to have things come to a complete halt.

In all these things I've learned  to never give up, but to be persistent. Just because your dream is deferred, does not mean that it's been denied. But the key is to be persistent, and keep the faith. Don't give up because you don't see things materialize right away. I'm glad, I kept moving and didn't let the visual of what seemed bleak, keep me from pursuing my blessing. I've learned to reflect on things that happened for me before, and how things worked out when I thought they wouldn't. I've learned to keep my focus on God and how he never let me down.  I'm glad I did, because now, I've made a come back.  Opportunity presents itself when you keep going. You have to continue to develop new relationships, and meet new people, while maintaining a positive attitude, stay prayerful, and notice the blessings in small things. Now I'm able to do the things that I had to put off before, and go places where I've never been. Remember that a dream deferred does not mean that it's been denied, but you have to be persistent.

Our trials are there to give us wisdom and make us resilient, they give us staying power. Have you ever thought that when things don't work out right away, or go as planned that there's more knowledge to be gained, or lessons to learn? So many people make the mistake of wanting to own a corporation without the footwork, and are not willing to start off small and work their way up.  Have you ever met a person that wouldn't be caught dead working  as a cashier at a grocery store, but they claimed they wanted to own their own business? The best things start from humble beginnings, and you're more appreciative if things aren't handed to you on a silver platter.

So think before you throw in the towel, I did.  Sometimes things may not happen right way and are deferred because God has another plan in store for you. It can also mean that things need restructuring to provide you with longevity? Longevity is usually stemmed from time invested and cannot be compared to an overnight sensation that doesn't last long. Anything worth having is cultivated over time, and doesn't happen overnight. If it does, watch out! You can bet your bottom dollar it won't be around for long. You'll end up like a one hit wonder, here today, and gone tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Simple Word Of Wisdom

By Angela Cox

"When you're stuck between a rock and a hard place, it's easy to reason away all common sense and make rash decisions that will cost you later down the line. Especially if that rock or hard place presents discomfort, or you've allowed your emotions to take over the situation in so much that you'll try to put together pieces to a puzzle that just don't fit. It's important in this life to have a teachable spirit, and learn to listen to those that God has placed in our lives that are presented as a voice of reason. Sometimes God can give you a simple word of wisdom from a total stranger, and we'll know when it's right, because it will also make logical sense, and bring peace within, causing you too look at things from a clear perspective, and not your emotions.  They'll tell you to slow down, and pace yourself even if it means that you have to face life's difficulties. I believe it's best that way, so you don't find yourself pulling out your hair later."

Monday, April 25, 2016

A Mental Shift

By Keesah Pelzer 

Have you ever hear the phrase, "You can take them out the hood, but cant take the hood out of them"? This phrase holds truth in so many aspects of our lives. You can remove someone physically from a place or position, but mentally they are still located in an old position.

The other day at work, while filling in for my boss, I had the not so terrific pleasure of doing all of her paper work. I don't do this on a daily basis but when I do, it requires a lot of brain power. As I continued to make my way through the the stacks of paper work I went from doing her job, back to managing and fulfill my title as well. Though I struggled a little, I eventually found myself making the necessary mental shifts in order to execute the task. Now in no way am I trying to make myself "look good" (so to speak), but when you hail from a place where you have been suppressed mentally for years, to the point where you move place to place, and job to job physically, but have never reached that milestone mentally, that speaks volume. 

When we don't use our minds and don't allow God to do a work in us we become rusty, making it nearly impossible for us to change gears in our thinking, which translates into how we move throughout the day. It's extremely easy to get stuck in one mode because of comfort and complacency, which enables us to move and keep up with time. Being fearful can also stagnate you from making a mental shift. Think about all the times we thought of making a move, or had an awesome idea, but because our minds couldn't comprehend the out come we missed out on an opportunity to broaden your way of thinking. 

As Gods people we should be able to maneuver from one transition to the next.  Not just when it comes to our work environment, but in everyday life. Whether we've moved to a new location, or just stepping into something that we've never done before, it's imperative for us to make that shift. We are constantly faced with different situations and scenarios on a daily basis, and one thing I know is that God is forever evolving, and when we're connected to Him we must do the same. Growing in an old place is unheard of, because it's the shifting and that keeps our minds up and running and sharp. When we make a physical transition, our minds have to follow suit. When we don't make the proper transition in our minds, we miss out on so much that God has in store for us. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Kepy By God

By Patricia McKinney 

The increase in criminal activity, sexual crimes and other wrong doings, along with ethic violations from both organizations and individuals alike indicates how deep morality continues to decline in today's world. Whatever region of the world you're from chances are that you have developed and practiced the same moral standards and guidelines based on how you were raised. 

We adopt the cultural practices of our ancestors and are influenced by what we observe from others around us. The vast majority of people for generations have strayed away from the way the Lord truly intended for us to live our everyday life. I realize from the many things I've done in my life both the good and bad, that my decisions were guided and influenced by my culture, experience, emotions, and everything else devoid of Godly influence. I went to church infrequently, but I knew there was a God and heard about his commandments many times. However, there were no righteous role models that I saw. What I did see were people doing good some of the time and doing wrong some of the time as man continued to tweak, bend and break God's rules to suit his own purpose. 

It wasn't until I came into the knowledge of The Most High and began to believe his word that I was able to see how deep in sin I was. I stole, lied, cheated, fornicated, drank, partied, was in adulterous relations, and the list goes on and on. All I did was indicative of even deeper internal issues and a messed up internal dialogue. Without Yeshua I would have continued to live my life how I deemed fit, making decisions I wanted to make, without realizing there is a right and a wrong way to live. 

Even some of the decisions I made, might be right in man's eye but to the Lord they completely went against his laws, ordinances and teachings. God kept me in my ignorance, and even while I was deliberately sinning in so many different ways, and he continues to keep me today. He strengthens me to fight against the cultural and internal wrongs or darkness that seeks to lead me astray. 

The Most High can and will keep you regardless of whatever cultural or personal moral standards you were once a part of when you truly seek to live his way and to do your best to uphold and follow his laws. He will strengthen and guide you through life's issues, giving you hope, peace and joy that no one else can give you even in tough times.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

A True Believer

By Kate Ricketts 

As individuals we all grow up believing in a myriad of things. Some of us were made to believe when we were small children, in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, only to eventually find out we were lied to. What we believe as individuals shape our everyday lives in how we think, what we give ear to and the things we take part in. 

Some live by a moral code and the code of their affiliations. For example, there's a street code, (eg. no snitching) jails have their own codes, gangs have their codes, organization and even companies have codes set in place for their employees. These codes serve to control and restrict your thoughts and behavior whether good or bad. You'll even find these codes spoken or unspoken in families as well. Observation and adherence to these codes denotes your allegiance, trustworthiness and loyalty to that person or organization. These same principles also apply to the Word of God and to the body of Christ. 

Believing in Christ is much more than lip service. Being a believer, a "true believer" requires everyday action in the individuals life. If you're proclaiming to be a vegetarian for example, people should see your lifestyle lined up with what you proclaim. Is it cruelty to animals, or the health benefits of a meat free diet you're defending. Whatever the case, if someone sees you eating a beef burger, they're gonna question your commitment, your integrity, and your seriousness about what you proclaim. 

This is also true for those of us who profess to be believers in Christ, even going to church faithfully, but then people see us saying and doing things that go against who we are claiming loyalty to. I've been guilty of this myself too many times to count. We know that God is forgiving and merciful, but God also holds us accountable, especially when we know the truth and even so when you're in a leadership position and a position of influence. 

A true believer to me, will always strive to do good in God and not just sit back and accept the status quo. When you stumble, you get back up and work your way back on track. To be a believer is an action word, where you have to work to commit yourself daily to the Lord and to do what is right in His sight. This is the hard part. Like the person claiming vegetarian and eating meat, you can't claim Christ and do everything under the sun. At some point you have to demonstrate your faith, allegiance and loyalty to Christ if He's who you're claiming, even in the small things. 

Being a "believer in Christ", are not words to be taken lightly. I've experienced in my life how easy it is to be a hypocrite and believer in Jesus. His moral code, his teachings and inspired words recorded in the Bible are tough to live by. It is the complete opposite of who we are used to being, even if society considers us "good people". Our flesh and the world are not his allies. That's why it takes his Spirit and strength working through us and us putting our faith and loyalty in practice to even make it day by day.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


By Patricia McKinney

Most of us at some time in our life have experienced rejection on one occasion or another, but it usually doesn't have a long lasting effect unless it's continual and inflicted by those that play an important role in our lives. Usually when someone we're close to rejects us, it leaves scars that require internal healing.  

Rejection comes in many forms, and it's best described as being shunned or pushed away, excluded, denied, or refused. Sometimes it's expressed through cold hearted treatment towards someone, or even acts of spitefulness. People usually reject someone because they lack understanding for the other party, or they don't feel good about themselves. People experience rejection for various reasons including their race, sex, complexion (light skinned/dark skinned), size (too fat/too skinny), facial features, their class status (rich or poor). I've even witnessed parents that reject their own child because they're a "spitting image" (have a strong resemblance) of an absent parent that caused them pain.  The damage that rejection has can last a lifetime, depending on the severity of it, and it normally causes a person to have a negative outlook on how they feel about themselves or their own self worth. Unfortunately it's inflicted in the early developmental stages of a persons life, and it leaves long term scars that can only be dismantled by the love of  Godand those around us that accept us for who we are
Many women that experience rejection  seek love in all the wrong places because they want to feel love and acceptance, even if it means receiving negative attention. They'll compromise their core beliefs just to fill the void, or do things within a relationship that's humiliating just to please the other party, only to have their wounds deepened by them. I've learned that people that don't have a healthy measure of self love or acceptance (good/bad/or indifferent) allow others to overstep boundaries that should be adhered to.  They'll either become a "doormat" for people to walk on, or a "terror" that prey's on the weak, seeking to inflict the same pain that they've endured. Some even turn to drugs and alcohol, partying, and unhealthy associations just to fill the emptiness.  

But I've learned through my own experience, that you don't have to live with this internal issue for the rest of your life, and the cure is not found in people, or a temporary fix  used as a substitute to numb the pain.  The cure comes by seeking the face of God through prayer, and by finding out through his word the love and approval that He has for you as your creator. His word says " Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore with loving-kindness have I drawn you and continued My faithfulness to you". Jeremiah 31:3

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Worth The Struggle

By Keesah Pelzer 

Struggling is a part of everyday life,  no matter if you're rich, poor, black, white, or in between. Some people struggle with saying no, while others may struggle to stay consistent. Whatever the case may be, there's always a lesson to be learned given the circumstances. 

When we are faced with challenges, many of us tend to let the discomfort of what we're dealing with (at the moment) get in the way of us seeing the bigger picture. We forget that though we may feel like this now, things are not always going to be as bleak further down the line. When we can't comprehend the things of God, we think its unnecessary to have to go through the things that we go through. We can't understand why on earth would God allow all of these things to happen to us. Why would He allow us to get hurt the way we did? Or why He allows us to lack certain things for an extensive amount of time? Though these are valid questions, we may never fully understand until we make it out of our situations. Sometimes things just aren't made clear to us until years later, and what we experience may not even be for us, but for someone else to have that example before them. To know that whatever it's is  they are facing, can be overcome with the help and direction of God, no matter how big or small the situation is. 

I was always taught that through anguish comes the birthing of greatness. So in other words all of the pressing, shaking and fiery trials come to build us up, especially in the areas that we lack, which is all apart of Gods plan. When you look back on life and can distinctively see where you were then, and where you are now , especially when you've been through it all, that's when you know the struggle was worth it. No it doesn't seem fair or easy when we're living in the moment, but to able to make it out alive with an awesome testimony about how God did it for you, is immeasurable. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Who Wears The Pants Around Here Anyway?

By Angela Cox

After a long day at work, I headed toward the parking garage to ease my way into the rental car so I could start enjoying the weekend. About half way there, I glanced over at the parking booth and noticed one of our security guards sitting with his head down,like he was in deep thought.  Mind you, this person is normally a social butterfly that strikes up conversation with everyone that frequents the building.  Its normal to hear him say, "Have a good evening", or "Enjoy your weekend",  but this day was different. He didn't say anything, but had a look of frustration on his face, so I kept walking. Plus, during the work week,  some of my co-workers got on my last nerve so bad, I could only look forward to the Glory of getting out of the building. So I continued to go about my merry way, but before I could completely pass the parking booth where the security guard was, he looked up at me and said,  Hey!! Let me ask you something!? Thinking it was going to be about something work related, or that I parked my car in the wrong spot, I stopped short to hear what he had to say. 

He stepped out of the parking booth, walks toward me, then tilts his head to the side, looks at me dead serious, and asks me "Whats Wrong With Black Women!?"  I guess he was so fed up that he had to ask somebody, so he figured he'd go straight to the source. Beside, he probably thought who could be a better candidate to ask than another Black woman?

Seeing his frustration, I kept my mouth shut and ears opened (with eyebrows raised), to see where he was going with his question. I felt that it was  a smart move to be quiet and listen at the time, plus I wouldn't have gotten a word in edgewise anyway because he started to RANT right  after his first question.

He started by running down a grocery list of mistakes that our women make when it comes to being married or in relationships period. The list was so long it should of been in the Guinness Book of World Records.  What prompted him to speak on it was the garbage that he dealt with in his personal life with his female family members and sadly his own spouse.  He mentioned how woman are never satisfied, and never see their faults, but are quick to blame the man for everything.  How they emasculate the man by trying to  be his "Momma", or being critical or abusive with their words.  How they don't have boundaries, no regard for his needs, spend up everything, expect too much and give too little. They tell everybody what goes on in their relationships, and household, talk too much, nag, bicker,  don't take care of home, when they get someone good, they don't appreciate it, making a man feel as if they're not really needed. (His Role of Headship is not needed) The list went on....Unfortunately, what he said was true and to hear it from a man's perspective was good, but shameful at the same time. I even heard other black men say that they have no incentive to be married when there's so many women available that throw every thing out there (that's not promoting the bond of marriage either). The old saying goes, why Buy the Cow...if...well you know the rest.   It shows clearly why alot of our Black women are single.  We've also adopted this way of liberation about ourselves to where a man can feel like we don't need them.  Now days, you see women as construction workers, driving forklifts, truck drivers etc, with their own football team. Some of this mess is ridiculous.  Society telling us to "Think like a man".  Yet we think that this is the right way to go....WRONG! Don't get me wrong,  there are many men that have made mistakes too,  but if all the blame goes on the man, we women will never learn anything and see where we come up short, or take accountability for our own actions.

For starters we don't respect ourselves or each other, so we're not going to do better in a relationship. We're incomplete within before going into a relationship, yet we look for the man to pick up the broken pieces  and put them back together. Only God can do that, by spending time with Him. Alot of the time He can use others to show us where we come up short, so we look at ourselves and work to correct our own flaws.  We also build confidence within when we take an ample amount of time by ourselves to get to know who we are, and apply ourselves in different areas to see  the qualities and capabilities we possess.

Friday, April 15, 2016

God's Creation

By Patricia McKinney 

When God created the heavens and earth and all of it's splendor, He also created mankind.  After created mankind he formed the most unique and wonderfully made being, the woman.  When God created the black woman, he used a diverse hew of complexion, from bistre colored brown, to mocha, caramel and vanilla.  He used a plethora of colors to describe the black woman.  Some he detailed with high cheek bones, and round faces, while some are more narrow in structure. He made them big and tall, short and curvaceous, and tall and slim.

God placed within them the nature of sensitivity, emotion, and a motherly instinct  to care for their young and others.  He made woman to be delicate like a flower, yet strong enough to bare children and endure the pain of labor. A woman that has matured is like a well watered garden, where the young can go to seek nourishment, by gleaning from her wisdom and knowledge. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016


By Patricia McKinney 

A jazz orchestra (also known as a Big Band) is comprised of many different instruments that come together in harmony to make one melodious sound. No matter how loud the bass or how smooth the sound of the saxophone, each instrument compliments the other, and serves it's own purpose. Each has a part to play in the orchestra.

It's the same way in life. Like the instruments of the orchestra, each person or circumstance has a part to play or a purpose to fill to touch the life of another in some significant way, either good or bad, and God himself is the conductor of the orchestra, that brings all things together in perfect harmony.

Have you ever questioned why we experience people or situations in life that seem out of harmony, and don't carry a beautiful melody? Even they serve a purpose to help us become fine tuned as a person. To know the difference between love and hate, to develop good character, and make us wiser, to teach us the art of forgiveness, and strengthen us when we are weak, making us fit for our Master's (God's) use, fine tuned and giving off a harmonious sound, that will touch the life of another.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wisdom & Understanding

By Keesah Pelzer

Everyone wants something for the price of nothing. So When you look around, all you see are people looking for a handout, be it financially, or some just desiring to use up your time. Though it may sound appealing, I'm finding that nothing in life is free, which makes me give a little more thought to the value of things, especially when it comes to wisdom and understanding.

When we lack wisdom it plays out in so many different ways in our lives. We make hasty decisions without counting the cost, and when it comes to deciphering truth from fiction, we are incapable of doing so. When we lack understanding we also lack the ability to know how to deal and interact with people who don't necessarily look like we do, by brushing them off and pushing them to the side. Not even giving them a standing chance.

Obtaining wisdom and understanding will cost you all that you have. In other words, all the things that we thought we knew about how to live, human nature and even about God, all has to be flushed from our own perceptions, and our minds have to be renewed daily. 

In life there's a myriad of things we lack due to the dissociation of these key components, and although obtaining wisdom and understanding may cost us everything that we have, it's still imperative to get it. In Proverbs 1:7 it says "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge but fools despise wisdom and instruction".

God is the one who grants that to us, giving us the ability to make proper decisions, and how to apply it in every single aspect of our lives, which will ultimately be a life saver. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Double Standards

By Angela Cox

Have you ever been in a position where you've worked your fingers to the bone or tried your hardest to do things right, only to be reprimanded for your slightest mistakes? All the while you sat back and watched "Slackers" receive accolades and be esteemed while their mistakes go unnoticed, and unchecked? Better yet, have you ever sat back and listened to someone give you advise, but yet they did not stand by or even live by the very thing that they told you? Unfortunately this is the world we live in, and it happens all the time. In the workplace, among peers, and in relationships. It doesn't matter. Very few people are able to own up to their own errors, or even admit that they've ever erred in their own life, but expect perfection in you. 

That's what you call a "Double Standard".  A double standard is defined as any code or set of principles containing different provisions for one group of people and not the other. It functions in an imbalanced, and unfair way.  It's like penalizing someone that's innocent but letting the guilty go free.

Several years ago, I watched a talk show host that also acted as a Psychologist/Counselor by profession. He'd invite troubled celebrities, families, and couples on his show, and they'd discuss many personal issues on television "for all the world to see".  I'd sit back and witness how the talk show guest would spill information about their private life in front of a studio audience, and watch this psychologist/counselor intrusively asked them personal questions, and follow up by pin-pointing their wrong doings and how they planned to fix it. I notice that he never really provided them with a real resolution to their problem or even compassionately, place himself in their shoes to show them that , yes we are human and are capable of making mistakes, but he aired their dirty laundry instead. He seemed to be the epitome of perfection to some, he seemed like he had his act together with me too, until I stumbled upon a documentary about him, and saw that he had just as many issues as the people that were on the show.  It wasn't so much that he had the issues that was the problem, because we all make mistakes, but he was hypocritical and he didn't even try to fix his own, but went on with life as usual,  arrogantly dealing with others. He didn't practice what he preached himself.  

As I continued to follow him, I noticed that many of his fan base became his critics, and instead of applauding him, they're were turned off by him instead. He lost popularity because of how he dealt with others, and some saw that he didn't care a bit about those he used to make himself look good. He demonstrated fully that he didn't have a clue about looking in the mirror himself so he could identify with others, and deal more compassionately with them.  Too many times people operate out of double standards, and no matter how hard you try to please them, it's all in vain. Too many times we're like the guest on the talk show pouring our hearts out, explaining ourselves, even beating ourselves up, and putting forth all this effort while dealing with people that arrogantly, deal with us (whether its in the workplace, among peers/family, acquaintances), but the same thing can happen with us if we operate with others that way.

Remember God is always watching, and it's mentioned in the scripture that He does not approve of double standards either, so nor should we (Proverbs 20:10) . But just like the talk show hosts fan base became his critics, the same thing happens to those that arrogantly and unfairly deal with others. It's important to guard your heart in the process  when dealing with this kind. Ask yourself the question, when I come away from this person or group, do I feel worse now, than I did before? Do I always feel sad, guilty, ashamed, after dealing with them? Do I have a clearer sense of direction, even if its uncomfortable for me? It's important to guard your heart in the process, and check those that you entrust yourself with. What and who you allow in, will affect everything about you and around you.

Monday, April 11, 2016


By Karen Ricketts 

Sometimes it seems like there is not enough hours in the day to get done all that we need o do. There is a difference between prioritizing your responsibilities by deciding what is most important and necessary as oppose to those tasks that are not time sensitive and can wait.

Procrastination is an inhibitor to personal and professional growth and well-being, and it happens when our priorities are not in order. Those things that should be a priority gets pushed back or don’t get done at all. When we procrastinate about doing something it can throw everything else in our lives out of sequence and order, sometimes to the point where it becomes overwhelming. When you put off doing what you know needs to be done it can alter your mood where you become easily agitated and anxiety begins to set in. The act of procrastinating can end up costing you more time and effort in an attempt to catch up and get back on tract. This negative impact is in turn felt by those around you in one way or anotherwhether, on the job or in your personal life.

Like the saying goes don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination robs you of a fresh start each day if you’re constantly trying to catch up on task that should have been completed yesterday. As a former habitual procrastinator I have experienced all of these. There is also a saying that says if at first you don’t succeed try and try again. have improved in some major areas and still working on improving in others. Goal setting is important, but most important is to not give up if you fall short. Learn to forgive yourself and to know that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Continue To Strive

By Karen Ricketts

In this world, if you're not persistent about what you want or what you'll stand for, you won't get anywhere. In life I learned People will say no to you just because they can, and it doesn't matter if your existence depends on it or not, and it doesn't matter if it's someone you know or a complete stranger. It takes courage to be persistent in any situation, and in doing so, it can take you a long way. That's how it is in life and that's how it is in God as well. Seeking God and serving Him requires us to keep moving forward in spite of difficulty and opposition. Don't allow anyone to block or stop you because you never know what doors can open in your life when you continue to strive.