Women In Transition...Where Change Begins

Women In Transition...Where Change Begins

Friday, March 6, 2015

The Greatest Story Is Your Own

"I believe that a person's greatest story is their own life experience, all wrapped up in the good, the bad and the ugly.  I always teach those that I mentor, to 'never be a hypocrite' by hiding who you are. Be yourself, think for yourself.  You never know, that by telling your story and expressing who you are, how effective you can be by touching the life of another."-Patricia McKinney

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lord Give Me Strength

By Karen Ricketts

When this road gets rough
When life demands you be tough 
Get on bended knees and call on your Father
Lord give me strength

When trouble invites problems to your door 
Threatening to overtake and pull you under
Turn to your one and only Savior 
Lord give me strength

When you suffer persecution, false accusations & adversity
Know that Jesus said it would be so
Thank Him for His blood that was shed for you 
Lord give me strength

When it seems the enemy himself
Glares from the cubicle right next to you
Sleep in your house or even fathered your kids
Lord give me strength

When joy forgot to show up in the morning
But sorrow & pain made themselves comfortable
Give God thanks always
Lord give me strength

When you struggle to even
 Get out of bed and face another day
Know that Jesus died so you can have life
Lord give me strength

You wake me with the Breath of life each day
To not forfeit the victory you already gave me
But to fight the good fight of faith even in affliction
Lord give me strength

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Wolf In Sheep Clothing

By Keesah Pelzer

Has anyone ever came to you friendly and smiling, and you guys seem to have a few things in common, so you hit it off? Perhaps you guys have some mutual friends on Facebook, or have gone through some of the same personal trials in life, or maybe even practice the same religion. Naturally, those are some of the leading reasons why one would feel a connection to a potential wolf.

When you think of a wolf in sheep clothing, automatically, we connect it to being someone of a suspicious nature, kind of like Little Red Riding Hood's "grandmother", but rarely  do we stop and think that while these predators are in sheep clothing, they actually look just like the part they are playing. Its easy to get sucked in by the wolf's debonair ways. He's charming, courteous, persuasive, confident, and smooth, but yet so sharp. It only takes one wrong turn to get you off course, and before you know it, you'll be wondering off to somewhere that you have no business going.

People appear to be normal, and have a kindred spirit, but underneath it all, they are deadly, and venomous, and we need to stay far away from them. While this trick never seems to gets old, it also takes God's spirit to sharpen us, and keep us on our toes, and our eyes opened, so that we can discern and be on guard against their tactics, because no matter how genuine or authentic they appear to be, he'll always give us some sort of sign so that we can identify the spawn.      

A wolf in sheep clothing does not always necessarily come in the form of a neighbor, a stranger, a relative, or a spouse. It can be applied to situations that we think are harmless, but really serve as a trap to kill, steal, and destroy everything that we have, and the things that are to come.

Its a major problem when we're easily lead to follow the ungodly footsteps of something or someone that we really don't know, or even someone that we do know . Through some personal experiences of my own, I had to learn that the hard way though. So trust me when I say every sheep that baa's, can easily be a wolf in disguise. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Compassion Goes A Long Way

"Many people are wearing shoes that they cannot fill.  Anybody can wear a title, or go to college and get a Masters degree in Psychology, but it's not until you've been through something yourself that you can truly help someone else and identify with them.  People usually draw to and give an attentive ear to someone that's "been there and done that." People give ear and respond more quickly to those with common ground. You set a better example before people if  you've walked a life in their shoes and became a conqueror, and mastered challenges. Compassion goes a long way, and you get more bee's with honey.  People are more willing to share with you if give off the energy of love and understanding."- Angela Cox

Monday, March 2, 2015


By Karen Ricketts
I know I need to stand
Stand no matter the weather
Planting each foot firmly against the storms of life
Staying awake and alert no matter

Eyes, ears and heart open wide to you each day
Seeking a wind of change to blow my way
To stand when my tomorrow is uncertain
Knowing your love is steadfast and unchanging 

Stand I must on His Word and promises
Discarding disobedience and denial - hindrances
Truth is, the fight is internal as well
But always in faithfulness and truth, seek to excel
Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord
For by your strength I can do all things
Though I often stumble and waver
With just a mustard seed size of faith oh the wonders

Friday, February 27, 2015

How To Distinguish The Real From The Counterfeit

By Patricia McKinney

When you never truly tap into who you are in God, its easy to become a counterfeit, but its not until you allow him to cleanse you and place his glory upon your life then you, as well as others will be able to distinguish the counterfeit from authenticity. When you're authentic you don't have to try to duplicate someone that you wish to become, it'll just flow. You wont have to pretend that you're happy, and live a successful life just to prove to others that you are a somebody. 

When people look at you, they have to be able to identify that God is within you. Your walk has match who you are; you cant contradict yourself. God is always evolving, as we shall also evolve, but continuing to do what you've done in the past is also a sign of being fraudulent. There has to be evidence of newness in your life. You cant continue to operate from the past, and live the remainder of your life off of your glory days. There needs to be some sort of sign that you're moving forward. 

When you're a fake, its easy to bluff, and hide behind the image that you've hijacked from someone else, persuading innocent people that have the slightest idea as to who you really are, and leading them down your own constructed path of destruction. These type of people are eminently dangerous, because their minds have been distorted, and they truly believe that they're not in the wrong. They have somehow along the way become accustomed to their repulsive state of mind.

Being credible is a way of living. You cant buy, nor paint on legitimacy. It doesn't come through a new hairstyle, a new outfit, or the alluring of words. When you're the real deal, you don't have to explain yourself or your lifestyle, and nor will your actions be questionable.

The fictitious will always be among you, but you have to be able to differentiate the real from the counterfeit. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Take Care

By Keesah Pelzer

We've all heard the saying "You can take them out of the hood, but you cant take the hood out of them". In simpler terms that just means you can take someone out of a place of poverty (naturally) and put them in a much nicer setting, but ultimately, their way of thinking is going to remain the same as if they were still living in that old place.
Most of the time when we're taken from a setting mentally, where there isn't any structure, rules, morals, and no one to show us how to do things, we go about life thinking that the way we operate is just fine. We don't see the dysfunction that we're living in, and when we're granted with an opportunity to step out into something that's better than what we're used to getting, we show our true colors, and because of our lack of experience, we don't know how to maintain it.
I remember when I got my first apartment. I was about twenty one years old, and when I moved in, I had no idea how to keep it up. I would let the garbage outside pile up and get messy, and not pick it up, And anyone could come over and just plop on my couch and make themselves at home. Though I was excited about gaining some sort of independence, I didn't take care of my apartment. I figured since I didn't own the house I shouldn't have to treat it like I did. As a child, our home was always spic and span, but when I came into my own, I was in a place mentally where I wasn't stable enough to carry on those morals. Of course that sounds insane now, but what was common sense to someone else, wasn't common sense to me.
It takes God to come in and show us how to do things, and give us the simple tools that we're lacking. Or in my case, he used a Women Of Noble Character to teach me the ropes about how to maintain in everyday living. She taught me how to grocery shop, how to shop and take care of my children, and how to conduct myself like a woman, among may other things. Although I was legally grown in age, there were essential  keys to life that I was missing that made me infantile.
Needless to say, that's only one of the area of life that that most of us had to learn how to maintain. A lot of us don't take care of our bodies as well. We eat a mass amount of unhealthy foods, and indulge in habits like drinking, smoking and taking all types of other drugs and medications that were designed to bring harm to our bodies, and not to mention engaging in all types of activities that wear us out.
When God blesses us with things it would be in our best interest to handle them with care, whether its a four by four room with a bed on the floor, or a strong and healthy body. We have to allow him to come in and do a work in us so that when its time to move on to something bigger and better, we'll be equipped with common sense, and the means to know how to take care of everything he has in store for us.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


"Though enemies are a part of the "bitter" side of life among other things, they come to make us  mentally sharp and wise, and they help us become stronger emotionally and spiritually (by keeping us  prayerful and restrained from retaliating to the point where we do something that we'll regret). They keep us on our toes so that we not only learn to take precautions when dealing with people, but to learn about ourselves so history doesn't repeat itself and we whined up making the same mistakes, or worse. Even God can us our enemies as a tool for our growth.  They're like stepping stones that lift us on a higher plateau, by making us wiser, sharper, and stronger. God can also set you on a pedestal and bless you openly while bringing your enemies to shame, if you aim is to do what's right in his eyes and keep the peace with others."-Angela Cox

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Its Up To You

"When you’re in the struggle, struggling to pay the bills, struggling to get along in your relationships, struggling to stay focused and keep your sanity, and struggling to find or keep a job, it gets heavy and takes a toll on you. Jesus is the only one that can give you the strength to make it through tough times without being heavy and weary. It’s up to us to continue to allow the Lord in our lives, and while life will still sends curve balls, Jesus can guide you in hitting them out the park"- Karen Ricketts 

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Only Way

By Keesah Pelzer

Have you ever felt as though everything is hitting you like a ton of bricks, one after another? Nothing is going as planned, everyone around you has lost all their marbles, the kids are acting like English isn't their primary language, and "stop" & "no" seem to be going in through one ear and right out the other. Your money is beyond funny, and you feel like everyone that's doing evil is getting the "pass go and collect $200" card, while you're praying that you get lucky and roll doubles so perhaps you can get out of jail for free. 

Much like Monopoly, life is a game that no matter how much you play by the rules, and how hard you play the hand that you've been dealt, it's not promised that you're always going to win, or that things are going to turn out your way. I'm totally speaking for myself on this one, because sometimes I think that since I'm trying to live right in God, and trying to cross all my T's and dot my I's, that certain things he'll just never put me through, or he'll never allow to happen to me. 

I felt like some how I was excused criticism and people telling lies on me because I'm a sweet person, and I don't bother anyone with drama, but not all trials are off limits when it comes to his plans. You know how we say, "God will never put more on us than we can bare"? Well, that was my excuse so that I wouldn't be challenged beyond what I wanted to endure. 

Internally, things do get hard, and I do get frustrated, because its kind of like learning how to walk and talk all over again after you thought you already knew how to walk and talk on your own. 

In my frustration and tears, I sometimes catch myself thinking about what would happen if I gave up, but then I snap back into reality, and realize that I don't want to give up. I want to hang in there. I'm so used to just throwing in the towel when all four walls seem to closing in on me, but where would my children be all because I want to be selfish, and where would I be? Right back doing the same thing I was doing before. I don't want to go back to the craziness that I was waddling in not too long ago. No structure, no morals, and no God. 

Through it all I'm realizing that its not always about winning, but more so about learning, growing, enduring and moving forward, I'm also realizing that to get something that we've never had, we have to do something that we've never done, and in doing so we have to keep going and allow God to deal with us...It's the only way!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Beauty & Spirit Extravaganza..

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Friday, February 20, 2015

The Prodigal Son

"There is a Heavenly Father we can turn to that cares. He knows that we like the prodigal son, lack wisdom or think that we know what's best when in actuality we don't. He knows that we are flawed beings in need of change from within. But he also gave us a free will and allows us to go through things to teach us life lessons (without taking them away from us). He allows it so we might learn from being anxious and making poor decisions. Sometimes it's not until we've lost everything or squandered good things away that we acknowledge our need for him, and that our way may not be the right way, but He knows what's best for us." -Angela Cox 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happiness Defined

By Karen Ricketts 

Happiness is defined individually in today's society where it seems like every and any type of behavior is tolerated or accepted. In other words, to each his own as long as it makes you happy. Most of society see's happiness as being tangible, something you can hold, touch or attain, including people. Some chase material possessions and the finer things in life. 

Happiness to them comes in owning the newest, sleekest, hippest and shinny-est version of anything put out on the market. They are in hot pursuit of anyone and anything that can contribute to their thirst. It's like a happiness pill they hunt, scratch and scrape for, but once swallowed wears off with a quickness that leaves them wanting more. 

It is so easy to get tangled up in things that seem to satisfy your craving for happiness and fulfillment. Some fixate on having and finding a partner, because not having a man or woman attached to them leads to sadness. Others seek happiness in a certain car, job, house, or anything conceived in their mind as happiness. 

The pursuit of happiness in this manner is like a dog chasing after its own tail, going around and around in circles, getting tired and dizzy but still somehow believing. Once in a blue moon he might catch it, but only momentarily as he loses grip and has to start all over again, tired and unfulfilled. That's because real happiness is intangible, related to your mental and psychological state and is not acquired and measured by your possessions, status, or who you know. You can start by changing your definition and view of happiness from the tangible to the intangible. 

The roadway or path to real happiness starts when we begin to address the internal hurt, pain, rejection, and failures we endured in life. I've been one of those women chasing practically all of the above mentioned, only to end up winded with added hurt and pain along the way. Getting older slowed me down, but age didn't change the intangible or physical things I held up as my idea of happiness. The Light that came to show me the error of my ways and thinking was Christ. The attainment of things will only bring you temporary gladness. Christ can lead you to that roadway to heal all your wounds. The healing process does take time, but in the mist of it you can experience real joy, contentment and satisfaction as well.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What Do They See?

Do They See A Different Person?
By Patricia McKinney

When people look at you, what do they see?  Do they see a broken down fence, tattered and worn, or do they see a woman scorn?  

Do they see a masked face hiding scars underneath, or do they see a liar and thief? Do they see strong willed determination, or leadership qualities that can move a nation?

When people look at you, what do they see? Because change is evident, and it shines from within. What goes on inside of you shows on the outside, in the form of appearance and attitude.  

When change has happened within it shines like the sun from the inside out.  It shines like the sun in the form of inner healing, it shines in the form of love, peace, and wisdom, it shines in the form of self respect, and respect for others.  Change within exudes in a confidence and assurance from God on high, and it illuminates like a light in a dark world of despair, bringing hope to those that need it.

You see, true change is evident, and it provokes a reaction when people see you, either good or bad, especially if they've known you for years.  Change within doesn't come because you've moved away or have a position, because there's plenty of fools with money.

It takes God and seeking him for change to begin.  He alone can open blind eye's and allow one to see that they're more than they''ll ever know, and it takes him to restore that "tattered fence, broken and worn, and heal that woman scorn". 

The change in you will cause a stir among your peers, causing them to see that God performs miracles, and compel them to call upon His amazing grace to change them too.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Race

By Karen Ricketts

A Glorious end promised to the finishers
An extra-ordinary race this is

A race unlike any other you've experienced
This is a race of endurance

Not a sprint or even the long distance
More like a marathon in unfamiliar terrain

It's not for the swift but for who can endure
Watering stations are miles and miles apart

No cheering crowds here, but an encouraging word along the way 
Driven you have to be with the strength of God to carry you through

Many casualties along the way
Runners get weary and tired

Others change their mind
Still others are overcome by injury

This race is a race for Life & Life with Christ
The most difficult race of our lives 

But only those who endure till the end
Receive the Glorious gift of Salvation